2019 Grand Rapids mayoral election

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2019 Grand Rapids mayoral election
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Candidate Rosalynn Bliss Daniel Allen Schutte
Party Nonpartisan Nonpartisan
Popular vote 23,717 4,476
Percentage 83.88% 15.83%

Mayor before election

Rosalynn Bliss

Elected Mayor

Rosalynn Bliss

The 2019 Grand Rapids mayoral election took place on November 5, 2019 to elect the mayor of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Incumbent Rosalynn Bliss faced a challenge from Daniel Allen Schutte, a local pastor and candidate for the 75th District of Michigan House of Representatives.[1] Bliss defeated Schutte in a landslide, thus securing 2nd term as the mayor.[2]


2019 Grand Rapids mayoral election results[3]
Party Candidate Votes %
Nonpartisan Rosalynn Bliss 23,717 83.88
Nonpartisan Daniel Allen Schutte 4,476 15.83
Write-in Write-in 82 0.29
Turnout 28,627 20.58


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