Turn-by-turn navigation is great — especially when you're headed somewhere new. It's all too easy to miss your exit while jamming out on a road trip, but with a quick prompt from Google's voice directions, you'll know precisely when to merge into that right lane. The last thing anyone needs while driving is the surprise of an unexpected voice echoing out of their car's speakers, but that's just what's happening with a bug in Maps.

According to accounts on both Twitter and Reddit, some drivers are using navigation on their phones only for the usual speaking voice to be replaced by a man with an Indian accent (via 9to5Google). When looking through various online reports, there doesn't seem to be a pattern explaining why certain devices are affected. Android and iOS users alike have noticed the issue, so it's not locked to just a single platform. Likewise, it doesn't seem to be limited to a single country, affecting people in various English-speaking regions.

Thankfully, Google is aware of the problem, tweeting in response to multiple users that a fix was already in the works. Unfortunately, there's no definitive timetable for when a new update might arrive on phones. If you've been hearing a new voice giving you directions, just know you aren't alone.

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