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Early February 2020 I made a video walking around these exact places to show you what the city was like during the height of COVID. Today, I walked around the same places to show you life after COVID as it hasn't been a concern here for months now.

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Rodolfo Raul, 21 hours ago
I love the Chinese people their culture and admire their history of achievements for the working class. Love from Brazil .


Mark Xia
We love your football player Chinese football is so terrible in my city Beijinga BrazilianRenato Augustois the captain of our teamWe are so missing him

HazzaChinaVlogs, 1 day ago
I feel fortunate to be living in China at the moment too - apart from the fact that I can't physically see my family. By the way, foreigners in Guangdong Province can start receiving vaccines from April 12


Zhuge Liang
Are the vaccines free for foreigners?

Happy Oldman
I am 65 this year and I am from the west but retired and now lived in South East Asia country with my wife also a retiree. We've came to Asia few years ago and have travelled to many Asia countries including many times to China before Covid-19 stated to spread and China is where we loved the most. I always tell my wife that if I have a chance to reborn, I pray to God please let born in China.

selfiesroro Lee, 1 day ago
Westerners are so much politicised, even wearing a mask to protect themselves and others is considered politicised... Crazy!


Eric, 1 day ago (edited)
I'm a French born Chinese, and I never thought I'd love China so much because of the brainwashing western media. My biggest mistake was to leave China after my exchange program. Since then I just wanna come back


西貢Sai Kung, 1 day ago (edited)
Oli you are very lucky to be in China. Chinas response to the outbreak was quick & effective. I hope you dont have to wait too long to see your family in the UK again.


Jordan In China, 1 day ago
Its crazy to think its been basically back to normal here in China for over 1 year now especially when you compare it to the situation in the rest of the world


Bin Liu, 22 hours ago
Barrett , I have to correct U: China is the first country to REPORT coronaries, According to some reports, several countries have cases early than China but they didn't pay attention and ignored them.


FarewelI, 1 day ago
Meanwhile I'm stuck in the Netherlands without any vaccination in sight for at least a couple of months. The situation in the west is ridiculous.


Jxde287 Pjto, 1 day ago
Shenzhen looks beautiful, clean, and no grafities on anything. You are a lucky man.


Clear Mind PAN, 1 day ago
You have made a good choice to stay in China during the Covid. Best time to observe the difference.


Robert A, 1 day ago (edited)
I walked through Huaqiangbei with my wife last Sunday (Qingming day), and it was extremely busy there. Very few people wearing masks, even indoors in the tech stores, except for the metro.


Sunny Day, 22 hours ago
My dad went back to China last year and has been travelling to a lot of cities! Im so jealous!!


Tim Wong, 1 day ago
Thank you. as a Chinese what we want is not praise, but fair and impartial reports. I know we are not perfect, but we are doing well and we are still improving


Lily White, 1 day ago
You are definitely lucky one Oli !! We here fed up with lockdowns again and again! Life & jobs are going down to hell


Qi Liao, 1 day ago
Hopefully one day you will be able to make some videos when you go back to your hometown in the UK, haha, that would be very interesting


Wallace Katini, 1 day ago
Shenzhen is so beautiful, the landscaping & flowers ,wow!


时代精神, 1 day ago
Your thinking is very mature for your age. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.


He Li, 1 day ago
Congrats, Falungong has eyes on your channel now, I have received their ads, which means your channel is quite popular with Chinese now


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