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Season 1

E8 · Good Cop, Bad Cop

After Saperstein's death, Harlee realizes there are no lines Wozniak won't... more

Harlee cries as she watches over Saperstein as hes taken off of life support; Wozniak goes to Ms Saperstein's home to deliver the news; Wozniak drinks and cries at home when Linda comes in.
Michael goes inside of a bar and starts a fight Austin and Tristan to lore them out back where the gang awaits; outback of the bar the gang gives them a firm warning for their course of actions.
This song is playing in the background when Michael Loman walks into the bar to confront officers' Hollister and Trestman, which leads to them fighting outside of the bar.

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What comes up on Amazon.com is not the song. It is something my Disturbed. Where is the actual song by Nouela? I tried iTunes.
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