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Season 1

21 Sep. 2018
Who Framed the Good Cop?
A man is found murdered in the park, and only two people in the world could have done it: TJ or his father.
21 Sep. 2018
What Is the Supermodel's Secret?
A man is murdered by a giant white bunny rabbit. Tony Sr. meets a beautiful woman with an ulterior motive. Vasquez has her first case as a detective.
21 Sep. 2018
Who Is the Ugly German Lady?
An old friend of Tony Sr. escapes from prison. A parole officer gets a great deal on a Mercedes. A nice German lady moves into the basement. A wife is beaten to death in a remote cabin.
21 Sep. 2018
Will the Good Cop Bowl 300?
An old parolee of Cora's is murdered at the cops bowling alley. Junior thinks he can bowl, and Tony thinks he can exploit his sons newfound talent. Ryan grapples with a moral issue.
21 Sep. 2018
Will Big Tony Roll Over?
Tony Sr. is asked to testify against an old cell mate. He marries his girlfriend and goes on a honeymoon in the FBI safe-house. The detectives run around New York trying to find a special dollar bill.
21 Sep. 2018
Did the TV Star Do It?
The assistant of a famous late show host is found murdered. The detectives cope with their shameful environmental skills. Tony Sr. gets a new job, briefly.
21 Sep. 2018
Who Killed the Guy on the Ski Lift?
After a cop is stabbed on a ski lift, TJ risks the ire of his fellow police officers--and his dad--to prove the accused's innocence.
21 Sep. 2018
Will Cora Get Married?
Cora gets engaged to a mysterious stranger. Tony Sr. starts to unravel the mystery of his murdered wife.
21 Sep. 2018
Why Kill a Busboy?
A fancy restaurant is robbed and one of the staff is murdered. Tony Sr. decides to buy the restaurant and run it with Junior.
21 Sep. 2018
Who Cut Mrs. Ackroyd in Half?
TJ and Cora get a nightmare of an undercover assignment: pose as husband and wife. Meanwhile, Big Tony closes in on Connie's killer.

 Season 1 

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