Gold Price in Euro - Today Gold Rate per Gram in EUR (€)

Gold Price in Europe today

    1 Gram Gold Price = €48.635 EUR

Gold Price per Gram in EUR

Current Price: €48.640 EUR
Today Low Price: €48.455 EUR
Today High Price: €49.353 EUR

Today 1 USD:

€0.826607 EUR
Today 1 EUR: $1.20976 USD
gold price per gram in eur 7 days exchange rate

30 days gold price chart 30 days exchange rate

1 year gold price chart 1 year exchange rate

Historical gold price chart Historical exchange rate

Today Gold Prices in Europe

Gold UnitGold Rate in Euro
Gram 24K €48.635 EUR
Gram 23K €46.608 EUR
Gram 22K €44.582 EUR
Gram 21K €42.556 EUR
Gram 18K €36.476 EUR
Gram 16K €32.423 EUR
Gram 14K €28.370 EUR
Gram 12K €24.317 EUR
Gram 10K €20.265 EUR
Gram 9K €18.238 EUR
Gram 8K €16.212 EUR
Gram 6K €12.159 EUR

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What is gold/Gram and EUR?
1 Gram Weight: 0.03215 Oz
Today 1 USD: €0.826607 EUR
Today 1 EUR: $1.20976 USD

This Year (i.e, in 2021) Gold Rates

DateGold Price in Euro
Today €48.635 EUR
Yesterday €48.814 EUR
Wed, 13th Jan €49.028 EUR
Tue, 12th Jan €48.830 EUR
Mon, 11th Jan €48.833 EUR
Sun, 10th Jan €48.582 EUR
Sat, 9th Jan €48.582 EUR
Fri, 8th Jan €48.571 EUR
Thu, 7th Jan €50.258 EUR
Wed, 6th Jan €50.210 EUR
Tue, 5th Jan €50.989 EUR
Mon, 4th Jan €50.951 EUR
Sun, 3rd Jan €50.170 EUR
Sat, 2nd Jan €50.170 EUR

Information of Euro

DaysUSD Rate
Today €0.827 EUR
Yesterday €0.823 EUR
Wed, 13th Jan €0.823 EUR
Tue, 12th Jan €0.82 EUR
Mon, 11th Jan €0.822 EUR
Sun, 10th Jan €0.818 EUR
Sat, 9th Jan €0.818 EUR
Fri, 8th Jan €0.819 EUR
Thu, 7th Jan €0.815 EUR
Wed, 6th Jan €0.813 EUR
Tue, 5th Jan €0.813 EUR
Mon, 4th Jan €0.816 EUR
Sun, 3rd Jan €0.824 EUR
Sat, 2nd Jan €0.824 EUR


Welcome to the gold price in Europe, and today's gold price is 48.635 Euro per Gram. We are also providing different charts of gold in Euro (EUR), where you can track the price information over different periods of time (e.g., Weekly, Monthly, Yearly and Historical). This page is about the gold price of all karats or purities (e.g., 24K, 23K, 22K, 21K, 18K, 14K, 10K, 9K . .1K). Moreover, you can also find the updated gold price information in any currency, unit (or weight), and quantity of gold. Let you know that the gold price is being updated every minute, while EUR rate is updated every hour, and the above price information was last updated at 07:18:01 pm Europe (Brussels) time (GMT+02:00). The gold and currency (i.e., EUR) details retrieved from the main marketplaces continuously 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week.

What is the Price of Gold in Europe today?

Today Gold Price in Europe = 48.635 EUR per Gram. 10 Grams Gold Rate = 486.349 EUR. For more information about the gold rates in Euro, read the following details. Gold Price in Europe

Karat Gold Types

24 Karat gold is 99.99% pure. The standard gold type that is trading in the international market.

22K gold comprised of 91% pure gold while 9% impurities that are added to make it capable of making jewellery of various designs and shapes. 22k gold products are often stamped using 916 seals.

20K gold is 83% gold while 17% other metals. 20K products contain 833 Stamp.

18K gold contains 25% non-gold materials, jewellery of such type is stamped with 750 seal, and are cheaper than other karats of gold due to the low quality.

16K gold products are sealed with 666 stamp. Its gold quality is lower than above types. It has 34% other materials.

Similarly, 14K contains 58% gold and rest other materials.

Gold Karat or purity can be calculated using formula: (Karat / 24) * 100
e.g., to calculate 22k gold, plug 22 in the formula
(22/24) * 100 = 91.6% pure

Historical chart of Gold Price vs Euro

Historical chart of gold price and Euro of last ten (10) years. Euro is a flat currency, introduced in 1999, managed by the European Central Bank (ECB), that is located at Frankfurt. It is the world second most used and traded currency. There is always a positive link between Gold and Euro. If we examine the following chart of previous 10 years historical data. Then we can observe a negative (and imperfect) correlation between gold price and Euro. Historical chart of Gold Price and Euro
In the chart, vertically on the left side gold rates are displayed, and on the right side EUR/USD is displayed. While on the horizontal axis, years are displayed. Both, the gold and euro rates (in the chart) are taken on 31st December of each year. From 2008 to 2012, the correlation looks negative. From 2012 to 2017, appears positive correlation. In the graph, initially, the gold rates were increasing while the euro was decreasing. Later, the euro is increasing while the gold price is decreasing.

In which Countries Euro is using as Official currency for Gold Rate?

According to Wikipedia, 19 out of 28 member states in the European Union using the Euro as official currency for Gold Prices. These states are Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Spain

Gold Price per Gram in Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Spain

This page shows the gold price in Andorra (AD), Austria (AT), Belgium (BE), Cyprus (CY), Estonia (EE), Finland (FI), France (FR), Germany (DE), Greece (GR), Guadeloupe (GP), Ireland (IE), Italy (IT), Latvia (LV), Lithuania (LT), Luxembourg (LU), Malta (MT), Martinique (MQ), Mayotte (YT), Monaco (MC), Montenegro (ME), Netherlands (NL), Portugal (PT), Réunion (RE), Saint Barthélemy (BL), Saint Pierre and Miquelon (PM), San Marino (SM), Slovakia (SK), Slovenia (SI), Spain (ES). Important cities of these countries for gold business are Andorra La Vella, Vienna, Brussels, Tallinn, Helsinki, Paris, Berlin, Athens, Dublin, Rome, Pristina, Ryga, Vilnius, Luxembourg, Valletta, Monaco, Podgorica, Amsterdam, Lisbon, San Marino, Bratislava, Ljubljana, Madrid and Vatican City. This page present gold rate in English language and the different languages are speaking in the mentioned countries like Swedish, Catalan, German, Dutch, French, Luxembourgish etc. The Currency of mentioned countries is Euro (EUR).

Gold Price in Germany and Frankfurt.

Today gold prices in Germany in Euro (EUR). In Europe, Germany is the second largest country by population, its capital is Frankfurt and important city. The country code is DE and German is the official language, the country comprises of many cities and towns, the most prominent are Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne, Dresden, Leipzig, Heidelberg, Düsseldorf, and Stuttgart. Like other countries of the world, jewellery made of gold is widely used and it is exicting hub of gold ornaments. There are many shops in the mentioned cities where one can buy gold materials. Among many brands the Wellendorff, Meissen, Pforzheim, Schreiner, Zobel, Cada, and Luxury gold Jewellery are famous in the country. Moreover, according to Wikipedia, Germany holds seconds larges gold reserves in the World.

Gold Price in France in Euro

Today the gold worth in France (FR) in Euro. Currency of the country is CFP Franc and EUR. It is a beautiful and 3rd largest country by population in the European Union. Gold prices are available in French cities like Paris, Mont Saint-Michel, Versailles, Fontainebleau, Lourdes, Chambord, Lyon, Aix-en-Provence, and Strasbourg. In 2017, France gold reserve reached 2435.94 Tonnes. The gold was using as currency in the ancient time e.g., French Franc Coins. It was was the official currency of the country from 1360 to 1999. Currently, many gold coins are using as physical gold reserve, some of them are Franc Louis, French Marianne and French Rooster gold coins. There are numerious gold jewllaries in the french market, made of yellow and white gold.

Gold Price in Austria and Vienna

This page provides latest gold prices in Euro, that is an official currency of Austria. The international gold prices are the same in all nine states of Austria, they are Burgenland. Carinthia. Lower Austria. Upper Austria. Salzburg. Styria. Tyrol. Vorarlberg, and Vienna. The capital i.e., Vienna is also called as Wien, which is a metropolitan area. The gold coins in Austria is very popular and available in various sizes and shapes, that is issued by the bank of Austria. While the Austrian gold Jewelry also is very attractive and unique, which is excellently crafted with fine decorative art and coloured precious stones. It is available in many designs like Skrein, Schullin, A. E. Köchert, Frey-Wille. Swarovski, Anita Münz etc. They are colliers, great pearl, rings, ear wear, cufflinks, and coral.

Gold Price in Italy

We provide gold prices per gram, ounce and tola etc in Euro. In Europe, Italy is the largest gold market and jewellery, it alone covers around 70% jewellery of the whole Europe that is made of precious metals of different colour e.g., yellow, pink, white and green. This is why around 500 tonnes of 24k gold is processed each year by more than 10,000 companies in Italy. The gold industry is mainly located in Veneto, Lombardy, Piedmont, Tuscany, and Campania. While Arezzo, Valenza, Vicenza, and Torre del Greco are main districts for designing the gold jewels.

Italian luxurious gold ornaments of all kinds are very familiar and well-known in the world. Milan and Turin comprised of skilled Goldsmiths and Design Institutions. The Jewellery designing skills of Italian professionals are traditional and are passing generation to generation. Here, gold products are mostly stamped with different numbers (e.g., 999, 916, 750, 666 and 475) that indicates the purity or fineness of gold. For example, the 999 is finest standard gold which is also called 24 karat gold, that is widely trading in the international market. While jewellery stamped with 916 is 91% pure that is called 22K gold. Similarly, 750 is 18K gold that is 75% pure gold compositions.

Netherlands (Holland) Gold Rates

Today live gold rates in the Netherlands and Amsterdam in EUR. Dutch is a flat landscape country in northwestern Europe. Amsterdam is the capital and Euro is official currency. While Dutch, English, Frisian, Papiamento are spoken languages. Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Eindhoven, Tilburg, Groningen, Almere Stad, Breda, Nijmegen, and Enschede etc are cities of Holland where gold is widely used in different shapes. In 2017, 612.45 Tonnes gold reserve were recorded. Some of well-known gold bullion coins in Holland are 1788 Gold Ducat Coin VF, William III 10 Gulden, Utrecht Gold, 1760 Gold, Wilhelmina I, 10 Gulden 1933.

Today Gold Rates in Luxembourg per Gram in Euro (EUR)

Today gold rates in Luxembourg in Euro (EUR) per Gram. It is country in the Western Europe that shares borders with Belgium, Germany, and France. Luxembourg, Esch-sur-Alzette, Differdange, Dudelange, Ettelbruck and Diekirch are prominent cities. There are many jewllery shopes of different types and brands like Goeres Horlogerie, Bijouterie-Horlogerie Jean Hardy, Bijouterie Hofacker, Bijouterie Wagner, Bijouterie Huberty, Pomellato Boutique, Wellendorff Boutique, Atelier de Bijouterie - JoaillerieAlexandre Rosenberg, Graal Joaillier, Poiray Joaillier, Hermès.

Gold rates in Euro(EUR) per Gram in Finland

Gold Prices in Finland and Helsinki in Euro(EUR) today per Gram. The same gold rates in all cities like Helsinki, Tampere, Turku, Oulu, Jyväskylä, Lahti, Pori, Kuopio, Vaasa, Joensuu etc. There are different Artistic design of gold jewelry made in Finland. Different brands and types are Paio Earrings (Design Björn Weckström), Frozen Amethyst Earrings (Design Liesbeth Busman), Ciria Gold Bracelet, Gold Sung Ring, Styks Ring, Shuttle Ring, Nile Ring, Kauris Ring, Lapp gold ring, Moonlit Eve Necklace, Nugget Charm, Promise of Spring necklace, Memory of Summer Necklace etc.

Today Gold in Spain

Today Gold Rate in Euro (EUR) per Gram in Spain. Latest Prices in Euro (EUR) per Gram in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Zaragoza, Málaga, Murcia, Palma, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, and Bilbao. It has traditional history of gold business and its Jewelry is very famous, and available in many top brands like MAGERIT, VINCENTE GRACIA, RAMON, BAGUES MASRIERA, CARRERA Y CARRERA etc. While Damascening is also a popular around the country. Some top Damascening types are Gold Bird 28mm Round Drop Earrings, Damascene Gold with Red and Green Enamel, Gold Bird Pocket Notepad Agenda, Gold Bird Bangle Bracelet Oval, Damascene Templar Cross Pendant, Gold Jesus Rosary Purple Beads, Gold Star of David Round Brooch and Gold Watch 3503-Star etc.

Today Gold in Portugal

Current Portugal gold rates per gram 22k, 24k, 20k, 18k in Euro(‎€‎). Lisbon (Lisboa), Oporto (Porto), Braga, Amadora, Gaia, Queluz, Funchal, Coimbra, Setubal, Agualva-Cacem and Almada are the most populous Portuguese cities. While Lisbon is the capital of the country. Centro Colombo, Vasco da Gama Shopping Center, Forum Aveiro, Almada Forum, Algarve Shopping, Palacio do Gelo, Forum Algarve, Norte Shopping, Forum Madeira etc are most popular and largest malls and market to buy and sell gold in Euro. Traditional jewellery are curved hearts (Viana hearts), filigree. While brands are Mater, NUUK and Omnia.

Greece Gold in Euro (‎€‎)

Today Greece gold price in Euro(‎€‎) per gram 22k, 24k, 20k, 18k in Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras, Piraeus, Larissa, Heraklion, Volos, and Chalcis. While the Athenian Capitol, Athens Heart, Athens Metro Mall, Attica Departement Store, Avenue (Mall), The Golden Hall (Mall), The Mall Athens, McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Athens, River West (Mall), SmartPark, West Plaza Shopping Centre are top destination for buying and selling physical gold. Ancient Bracelet-Bangle, Ancient Greek Brooch, Byzantine Filigree Cross, Greek Key bracelet – Meander bracelet of different karats e.g., 14k, 16k, 18k, 22k etc. are famous ancient Greek gold jewelry.

Today Gold in Cyprus in Euro (‎€‎)

Current gold price in Euro(‎€‎) in Cyprus per gram 22k, 24k, 20k, 18k in Nicosia. The largest cities in Cyprus are Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca, Famagusta, Paphos and Kyrenia. Here, you can buy and sell gold in Kings Avenue Mall, MY MALL Limassol (Limassol), The Mall Of Cyprus (Nicosia), Rose Petal Boutique (Polis), The Mall Of Engomi (Nicosia), Rose Petal Boutique (Polis), and Airport Mall (Nicosia).

Gold Price in Different Quantities

Units of GoldPrice in EUR
1 Gram Gold Price €48.635 EUR
5 Gram Gold Price €243.175 EUR
10 Gram Gold Price €486.349 EUR
20 Gram Gold Price €972.7 EUR
40 Gram Gold Price €1945.4 EUR
50 Gram Gold Price €2431.75 EUR
100 Gram Gold Price €4863.49 EUR
1000 Gram Gold Price €48634.9 EUR

Which time the gold price and EUR rate were last updated?

Gold price updated today on 15-Jan-2021 at 07:18:01 pm (GMT+02:00) according to Brussels Europe time Flag of Europe
EUR updated on 15-Jan-2021 at 07:05:00 pm (Brussels Europe time)