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Passi de Preposulo is an Italian noble family originally from Bergamo, Lombardy.[1]

House of Passi de Preposulo
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Country Italy
Founded10th century (10th century)
FounderHenricus de Preposulo
Current headAlberto Passi de Preposulo
  • Conte Passi de Preposulo
  • Nobile di Bergamo
MottoVince et conosce te ipsum


The first documented history dates back to 973.[1]

The early surname of this noble Bergamo family was “de Preposulo”. It has remained until now in the coat of arms of the Counts Passi di Preposulo in abbreviated form, and was in use, especially in Latin, until the eighteenth century.

They began to be called "Passi" when, in 1307, Ottopasso de Preposulo helped negotiate the peace between the Guelphs and Ghibellines in Bergamo. Since then they have been called "quelli de la pas" from which “I Pas” and then “the Passi”.

The first mention dates back to a Henricus de Preposulo, filius quondam Petri Federici, Sacri Palatii judicis (Archive of the Cathedral of Bergamo).

They distinguished themselves as magistrates, in arms, in letters and, in particular, in the ecclesiastical field. The family was admitted in 1743 to the Council of the Nobility of Bergamo and acquired the comital title.[2]

The family acquired Tiepolo in Carbonera, Veneto in the first half of the eighteenth century.[3]

Villa Tiepolo Passi

One of the properties owned is the Villa Tiepolo Passi in Carbonera, Veneto.[1] Here the Hollywood actress Jessica Chastain married Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo in June 2017.[4]


Marco Celio Passi, di Fermo, di Enrico and di Luca, count, knight and noble, doctor of law, (1828 - 1897), son of Fermo and of noblewoman Elisabetta Zineroni. He married, firstly, Giulia of the Counts Valier, patrician of Venice, and secondly, Carolina of the Counts Passi, with whom he had:

  • Count Alessandro Fermo born in 1860, died 1903, married Giuseppina of the Counts Mozzi, from which:
    • Ippolita (1884 - 1975), married a lawyer, Plinio Donatelli;
    • Giulia, born (1886 - 1971), married the Marquis Francesco Tacoli;
    • Marco Celio (1888 - 1890);
    • Modesta (1889 - 1967);
    • Maria Luisa (born 1891), married three times sequentially to: Marquis Filippo Tacoli; Captain Carlo Cavalli; noble Leone Tiberelli;
    • Benedetta (born 1893)
    • Angelina (1895 - 1977), married the General Giacomo Papi;
    • Livia (1897 - 1982).
  • Count Arduisio Enrico Matteo, doctor of law, Italian official, (1862 - 1945), married Maria dei conti Mappelli Mozzi, (1865 - 1943), with issue:
    • Carolina (1887 - 1968), wed Giovanni Striscia Fioretti;
    • Count Alessandro Fermo, doctor, engineer, cavalry officer, (born 1890), married Maria Anna of the Barons De Zigno, with whom he had:
      • Count Gian Luca, doctor, engineer, with whom he had:
        • Maria Alessandra (born 1945, marries dr. Paolo Bance;
        • Giovanna (born 1947) married Dr. Pasquale Manzi;
        • Count Alberto (born 1949), married Barbara Bruni, with whom he had:
          • Count Gian Luca (born 1982), married Jessica Chastain
          • Gaia (born 1985), married Federico Iannello
        • Count Cesare, born in 1950, married firstly ... Lozano, with whom he had issue, and secondly with Donna Maria Belén Ruspoli dei Principi Ruspoli daughter of Luis Ruspoli, 7th Marquis of Boadilla del Monte, with whom he had three children:
          • Lucia (born 1987);
          • Maria (born 1988);
          • Count Alejandro (born 1998);
          • Carmen (born 2003);
          • Count Luca (born 2006).
        • Francesca, (born 1953), married Alberto Franchini.
      • Emma (born 1920), married Baron Roberto Ciani Bassetti.
      • Count Achille, doctor of chemistry (born 1924), married, with issue:
        • Count Alessandro(born 1951) doctor of letters, married Lynn Maria Pitcher, with whom he had:
          • Count Federico Achille (born 1981).
      • Maria Antonia (born 1927) married Dr. Carlo Perissinotti Bisoni;
      • Count Enrico Matteo, doctor of agricultural sciences (born 1931), married 1965, Donna Caterina Corsini of the princes of Sismano.[2]

Notable members[edit]


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