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by Zoelius

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Guide and Walkthrough by Zoelius

Version: 0.24 | Updated: 02/25/2016
FAQ of the Month Winner: June 2015 | Highest Rated Guide

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright and Other Information
  2. About Bravely Second
  3. Playable Characters
  4. Prologue
    1. City of Gathelatio
    2. Pilgrim's Grove
    3. Eternia City
    4. Gravemark Village
    5. Frozen Hollows
    6. Eternia Central Command
  5. Chapter 1
    1. Return to Gathelatio
    2. Al-Khampis, Land of Learning [Istantar = JP]
    3. Side Quest I: Thief or Red Mage Asterisk
    4. Ba'al Crater
    5. Side Quest II: Summoner or Swordmaster Asterisk
    6. Harena Seacaves
    7. Ancheim/Lakrika
  6. Chapter 2
    1. Eisen Region
    2. Hartschild
    3. Side Quest III: Merchant or White Mage Asterisk
    4. Old Aqueduct
    5. Yunohana Hot Springs
    6. Side Quest IV: Ranger or Black Mage Asterisk
    7. Geyser Grotto
    8. Side Quest V: Knight or Ninja Asterisk
    9. Yunohana Castle
  7. Chapter 3
    1. Florem
    2. Side Quest VI: Monk or Valkyrie Asterisk
    3. Sagitta Forest
    4. Village of Sagitta
    5. Side Quest VII: Performer or Pirate Asterisk
    6. Old Sagitta
    7. Water Temple
    8. Side Quest VIII: Dark Knight or Time Mage Asterisk
  8. Chapter 4
    1. Skyhold
  9. Chapter 5
    1. New Game+
    2. Side Quest IX: Asterisk Redux
    3. Compass of Time and Space
    4. Florem Garden
    5. Skyhold Revisit
    6. Geneolgia Mausoleum
  10. Chapter 6
    1. Last Kingdom Caldisla
    2. Side Quest X: Templar Asterisk
    3. Lontano Villa
    4. Side Quest XI Part A: Yokai Asterisk
    5. Side Quest XI Part B: Seven Deadly Sins
    6. Last Dungeon
  11. Post Game
    1. Post Game Power Leveling
    2. Bonus Dungeons
  12. Moon Base Construction
    1. Bridge and Obstacles
    2. Pharm-Lab
    3. Munitions Factory
    4. Bioplant
    5. Parts Lab Alpha
    6. Parts Lab Beta
    7. Parts Lab Gamma
    8. Parts Lab Delta
    9. Special R&D Lab Alpha
    10. Special R&D Lab Beta
    11. Trigger Lab
    12. Ba'al Buster Ship
  13. Special Move
    1. Special Move List
    2. Special Parts
  14. Chompcraft
  15. Job Classes and Abilities
    1. Freelancer
    2. Wizard
    3. Charioteer
    4. Bishop
    5. Fencer
    6. Astrologian
    7. Red Mage
    8. Thief
    9. Summoner
    10. Swordmaster
    11. Catmancer
    12. Hawkeye / Tomahawk
    13. White Mage
    14. Merchant
    15. Black Mage
    16. Ranger
    17. Knight
    18. Ninja
    19. Patissier
    20. Exorcist
    21. Monk
    22. Valkyrie
    23. Pirate
    24. Performer
    25. Time Mage
    26. Dark Knight
    27. Guardian
    28. Kaiser
    29. Templar
    30. Yokai
  16. Magic and Skill List
    1. Holy Magic (Bishop)
    2. Spirit Magic (Wizard)
    3. Spellcraft (Wizard)
    4. Astral Magic (Astrologian)
    5. White Magic (White Mage)
    6. Black Magic (Black Mage)
    7. Summon (Summoner)
    8. Time Magic (Time Mage)
    9. Cat Skills & Cat Mastery (Catmancer)
    10. Diablolism (Yokai)
  17. Equipment List
    1. Swords
    2. Axe
    3. Spear
    4. Rod
    5. Staff
    6. Dagger
    7. Bow
    8. Katana
    9. Knuckle
    10. Gun
    11. Greatsword
    12. Shield
    13. Armor
    14. Helmet
    15. Accessory
  18. Achievements
  19. Credits

Copyright and Other Information

This guide was written by Chao Min Wu (Zoelius) or previously known as Zoel Giradel in Gamefaqs. This guide cannot be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal private use. It may not be published on any website or otherwise distributed publicly at all, no exceptions. This guide shall only be allowed for public display on, and; any other use is strictly prohibited and is a violation of copyright laws.

If you have any questions, tips or concerns relating to this game, my contact email is and be sure to put "Bravely Second" in the subject title.

*Please don't send me flames and spam via email, as it will be immediately deleted and your email address will be blocked.

Donation: If you want to make a small contribution to this guide, you can donate it to my paypal account at ""or Amazon Gift Cards under the same Email Address. Any amount is very much appreciated.
FAQ Version
0.01 (April 23, 2015) Initial Faq version. Covers roughly about 75% of the prologue chapter.
0.02 (April 24, 2015) Added new sections and added more maps.
0.03 (April 27, 2015) Finished Prologue Chapter
0.04 (April 30, 2015) Added Chapter 1, added more Job Information.
0.05 (May 4, 2015) Chapter 1 is nearly done, added more Job abilities.
0.06 (May 12, 2015) Completed Chapter 1.
0.07 (May 14, 2015) Added Moon Base section.
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0.09 (May 24, 2015) Expanded and added more information to existing sections.
0.10 (May 27, 2015) Nearly finished Chapter 2.
0.11 (May 31, 2015) Completed Chapter 2.
0.12 (June 3, 2015) Added Magic and Skills section. Also names are changed to English version as official English screenshot surfaced.
0.13 (June 8, 2015) Completed Chapter 3, added Chapter 4. Expanded other sections.
0.14 (June 9, 2015) Revised certain areas, and added Chapter 5.
0.15 (June 11, 2015) Completed Job List.
0.16 (June 12, 2015) Finished Chapter 5.
0.17 (June 15, 2015) Added Chapter 6.
0.18 (June 18, 2015) Finished Chapter 6, Guide is marked as complete.
0.19 (June 22, 2015) Finished Moon Base Reconstruction
0.20 (June 25, 2015) Added Chomper Maker Mini Game section.
0.21 (July 02, 2015) Added Accessory section.
0.22 (July 06, 2015) Completed Post Game.
0.23 (September 11, 2015) Fixed some grammar issue, completed Magic and Skill list.
0.24 (February 25, 2016) Changed some of the descriptions to localized names.

About Bravely Second

Bravely Second is the direct sequel to the popular RPG, Bravely Default. Bravely Second is developed by Silicon Studio and published by Square Enix for the 3DS. The original game is a successor to Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light, and plays more similar to traditional Final Fantasy Games.

Playable Characters

Yew Geneolgia


The main protagonist of Bravely Second. Yew is the young leader of the Three Cavaliers and was assigned to protect the pope, Agnès of the Crystal Orthodoxy.

Magnolia Arch


A mysterious girl that claims to have come from the moon.

Edea Lee


A returning protagonist from Bravely Default. Edea is part of a group of Holy Templars, after the events of Bravely Default, she became the captain of a newly reformed group of Imperial Knights and tries to bring peace to her kingdom along with the Crystal Orthodoxy.

Tiz Arrior


The original protagonist from Bravely Default. Tiz having accomplished many feats, he is now known as the "Man of Miracles". After the conclusion of Bravely Default, Tiz went into a coma. His body was then kept in a stasis chamber and was experimented on.


Disclaimer: This guide is based on the Japanese version of Bravely Second. This guide will be edited and changed to the International Version when it's released.

The Introduction movie will give you a summary of the events from Bravely Default. When starting a new game, the game will ask if you wanted to link your game account with Square Enix members. By linking your account, you can carry your save data over as well as obtaining items for completing achievements.

Note: In order to use the Street Pass function, you must link your account to the Square Enix Members.

Demo Data: If you have cleared save data from the Demo, you will get a bonus item to start: The Three Cavaliers Set.
File Transferring: If you link your account to Square Enix Members, and have *Cleared save data from Bravely Default, it will add the Freelancer Costumes to your game.

*Cleared Save data involves seeing the true ending from Bravely Default.

Set the difficulty level, which is Casual, Normal or Hard. If you manage to beat the game from the beginning to end on Hard mode, you can get the strongest shield in the game from the achievement rewards *Japanese version only. If the games is too difficult, you can always adjust the difficulty level and save Hard mode for New Game Plus. The game will also ask if you want to turn on the Autosave feature.

Watch the introduction battle. You won't have any control over the fight. Eventually your entire party will be defeated by Kaiser Oblivion.

City of Gathelatio

Yew will wake up inside the Geneolgia mansion. Once the conversation is finish, you will have control over Yew. Leave the mansion.

Basic Controls

Analog StickMovement
D-Pad (Left & Right)Open Touch Screen options
A Button Confirm
B Button Cancel
Y ButtonTurn off Auto Battle
X Button & Start Open Status Menu

Note: You can now save the game by speaking to the Adventurer. They wear a red set of clothing and highlighted with a S symbol on the map. If you link your data with Square Enix Members, you could obtain free items from her.

Equipment ShopPriceItem ShopPriceMagic ShopPrice
Rapier50 pqPotion20Heal*Bishop200 pg
Spear80 pqPhoenix Down100Antidote *Bishop200 pq
Buckler30 pqAntidote10Frost *Wizard200 pq
Leather Gloves10 pqEye Drops20Lightning *Wizard200 pq
Pilgrim's Hat15 pqEcho Herbs25
Chain Colf20 pqTeleport Stone100
Pilgrim's Robe35 pq
Padded Armor50 pq

You will notice on the map, that there is an area that is highlighted in yellow with the text that said Main!. These are main storyline objective areas, so head to the Church on the west side of town. Inside the chapel, examine the altar. Janne and Nikolai will show up and explain the situation to Yew. After the event, they will join your party.

Note: You now have access to Party Chat. By pressing the Y button when the Party Chat icon appears, you will see your party members engage in a conversation to talk about things that doesn't deal with the main storyline.

Leave the Church, the game will also pop in the Quest menu. To access it, simply hit the yellow icon at the left side of the touch screen, and touch the icon that looks like a bulletin board. Finishing these task can earn you bonus items if you link your account with a Square Enix Member.

Quest NameDescriptionReward
Find a Hidden Item!There are items hidden within game, that are not in a treasure chest. As of right now you can find a hidden item on Yew's Desk inside the Geneolgia Mansion next to his bed. Another location would be near the docks, you can find an Antidote there.Phoenix Down
Save at the World MapSimply open the menu and save your game when you're at the World Map.Eye Drops
One Hand Controls!

This is used during battles, where you are suppose to be play with one hand. This mean pressing up and down to select commands, pressing left for Cancel, right for Confirm. First go to the strategy menu, and then config and adjust the settings.


Head to Geneolgia Mansion and speak to your butler, Alfred. Alfred will then hand you over Yew's Diary (U's Diary for short). You can access Yew's Diary under the touch screen menu,Yew's Diary will document the current plot summary, monster data, will also let you watch previously viewed events and a whole bunch of miscellaneous info. This is similar to D's Journal from the original game.

Leave town. You will most likely end up encountering your first battle very soon. Here are some of the basic commands and the functions you can do. If you have no idea how to read Japanese, a way of navigating through the menu is look at the icon besides the words. If you see a sword icon, that right there is the attack command and etc. This also applies for items too.

AttackUse your equipped weapon to perform a physical strike.
AbilityUse your equipped job abilities.
BraveConsume Brave Points (BP) to take an extra turn.
DefaultPuts character into defensive stance and as well as gain 1 BP in the process.
Friend SummonRecord or Summon a Friend attack.
ItemUse items from your inventory.
RunLeave battle.
HelpOpens a window that shows you the basic controls.
Sleep PointsActivate Bravely Second at the cost of SP (Sleep Points).

Not all functions are available immediately. Once you get the basics of battle, head to the forest that is located in the North East Area.

Pilgrim's Grove

Tutorial Quest

Quest NameDescriptionReward
Page through Yew's DiaryAccess Yew's Diary by touching the Diary icon on the touch screen menu. Then go to the second choice to read items descriptions, then go to the weapon section. Read the description on the Rapier, and press the R button to flip through all the pages.Phoenix Down
Read the BestiaryDefeat a goblin, and then go to Yew's Diary and read all the pages in the Goblin description.
Unlocking Condition: Finished, Read Yew's Diary
Echo Herbs
Use Help CommandDuring battle, touch the ? icon on the touch screen.Teleport Stone
Use Examine

Freelance can use an ability call Examine in battle. Use that command to finish this quest.

4x Brave Attack

Use Brave three times, and then launch attack four times in one turn.

Unlocking Condition: Finished, Use Examine

Travel to the east exit to head to the next map. From there you can take the south west exit to grab a treasure chest or travel to the east area to your next objective. You will also find an adventurer here, speak to him if you want to save your game. Go to the yellow mark to start a boss fight.

Boss NameHP (Difficulty)ResistanceWeaknessStolen ItemsDrop Items
Troll150 HP (Casual)
200 HP (Normal)
300 HP (Hard)
N/ALightN/APhoenix Down
This is the first boss fight of the game. It isn't really much of a fight, this is actually more of a tutorial battle. Listen to Nikolai's instructions at the beginning and use the Default command. The Troll will attack you, and Nikolai will explain the benefits of Default. This is used for guarding attacks and in return you gain Brave Points. Brave Points are used for getting an extra turn. Now use the Brave command and counterattack the Troll. If you use the Brave Command, you will not have your turn back until your BP has reached back to 0 or higher. The boss will go down after suffering a few turns of attacks. If you are playing on Hard mode, it is only recommended that you attack the Troll when it's in negative BP, or else the troll will strike you really hard.

Now take the exit, if you go to the next destination marker, you will find a group of knights there.

Author Note: You should unequipped everything from Janne and Nikolai right before talking to the NPC. You can use the equipment for Yew.

Speak to the knight on the center. Watch the event scene, at the end of it, Yew will hear a loud scream. Head out of the tent and take the west exit, you will find Janne standing there all by himself. Speak to him. After the event scene, you will be back to the entrance of Pilgrim's Grove, exit out to the world map.

Friend Summon Tutorial: You will now have access to Friend Summon. With this you can record attacks, and when other players find your data in Street Pass, they can summon the attack that you recorded. If they recorded a skill, you can summon theirs as well. The game will then let you try the Friend Summon Command on a goblin. Use it and finish the battle.

Head back to Gathelatio, Alfred will speak to you. Afterwards, head to the Church. Go to the Altar and speak to Nikolai. After all the events, you should have control over Yew again. Now leave town. The game will let you know about Auto Battle. By Pressing Y during battle, your party members will automatically perform the exact same command from your previous turns. You can have different Auto Battle settings by adjusting them outside of combat with the R button.

Now go back to Pilgrim's Grove in the northeast area. You will notice this time the bridge is broken. Take the north exit this time. This path is actually a detour from the previous trip, you will need to travel up top then to the southeast exit, eventually you will reach back to where the tent is. Examine the tent to start an event scene. Yew will get scared and will leave the tent. All the exits will be blocked by ghosts, take the west exit to get the west area. You will notice a doll laying by the tree, examine it. A boss fight will start, anyways you don't need to do anything for this battle, Yew will be too scared to fight and the battle should end after two turns.

Boss NameHP (Difficulty)ResistanceWeaknessStolen ItemsDrop Items
Bella [Ayame JP]525 HP (Casual)
700 HP (Normal)
1050 HP (Hard)
This is the true first boss of the game. Edea also joins your party for this fight. The battle is quite straight forward, just attack Bella like a regular enemy, however if she use the ability Wall. Do not attack her, doing this will cause fire damage to yourself. During this moment, you should use the default command and stack up BP. The effect of Wall should only last for three turns. When Bella's Wall expires, use all your Brave Points and attack her. If you have trouble keeping track of Bella's Wall ability, read the green letters that fade in and out on her name. If the letters are there it means the effects of Wall is still on.

After winning the boss fight, you will obtain the Wizard Asterisk. You can now switch into other Job classes. The Bravely series keeps the job system for your characters listed in two categories, the primary job class, and the sub class. Each job class has a unique passive ability that is always active when you are using that class, while the sub class will only let you use abilities you have mastered. You also get a total of five support slots to equip a variety of different skills from different classes. With the right combination, you should able to win any battle in the game.

Now take the east exit, you can explore and get a few treasure chest. When you're done take the east exit out of Pilgrim's Grove.

Watch the event with Agnès. From now on you can speak to Agnès for advice and other miscellaneous info, simply press the L button and press the talk bubble next to the L icon on the touch screen.

If you head northwest, you will find a Keystone, this is not important for now, but do try and remember this location, because this has to do with a side quest for later. Now head to the north east area to your next destination.

Eternia City

After Yew and Edea are done talking, I suggest you go to the very west end of town to the Magic Shop. Purchase all magic spells, or else your job class will not able to use them for later. Also, remember to pick up new equipment from the shop. When you're done, head to the center pillar. Go upstairs and speak to the old man on the corner. After the old man is done talking, leave the central pillar and take the west exit out of town. Watch the event scene and then take the path east and then north. An event scene will trigger and Yew will notice that there is a village nearby. Head northeast to the village.

Equipment ShopPriceItem ShopPriceMagic ShopPrice
Short Sword200 pqPotion20Heal *Bishop200 pq
Francisca240 pqPhoenix Down100Antidote *Bishop200 pq
Rod150 pqAntidote10Heat *Wizard200 pq
Mace150 pqEye Drops20Frost *Wizard200 pq
Dagger140 pqEcho Herbs25Lightning *Wizard200 pq
Iron Knuckle220 pqTeleport Stone100
Round Shield120 pq
Knitted Cap40 pq
Mystic Hood60 pq
Barrel Helm80 pq
Tunic160 pq
Manarobe140 pq
Lamellar Armor200 pq
Mittens20 pq

Gravemark Village

Yew and Edea will decide to rest at the house for the night. Afterwards, a huge noise will cause Yew to wake up. Head outside, the adventurer is also nearby, so save your game if you need to. Go to the right side of the map, you will see a crashed space ship, examine it. Go inside the ship and examine the girl. Leave the ship and then go to the tree next to the house, examine it to get a Magnolia flower. Go back to the ship and bring the flower to the girl.

After the event scenes, Magnolia will join your party.

Moon Base Reconstruction: You now have access to the Moon Base Reconstruction. This feature is basically similar to the Norende Reconstruction from the original Bravely Default. You can get villagers by updating your street pass data. The villagers can then be relocated to rebuild a certain area of the moon. Each location has different rebuilt times, having more villagers towards one area will reduce the reconstruction time. When a location is completed, you can get a whole bunch of bonus that adds a huge advantage to your game. The key aspect to this is that when you put your 3DS in sleep mode, the time still counts towards your rebuild time.

Exit the village, on the World Map, take the path to the west, it will lead to the Frozen Hollows.

Frozen Hollows

Watch the event scene, Magnolia will hand over an hourglass to Yew. This hourglass unlocks the Bravely Second feature in battle. By Pressing start you can freeze time.

Bravely Second Tutorial: With this feature you can freeze time by pressing the start button during battle by consuming SP. During Bravely Second, all damage will grant you a critical hit and as well as the ability to break the 9999 damage limit. If you need to replenish SP, you need to put the 3DS into Sleep Mode, for every 8 hours, it will refill 1 SP. If you need SP instantly, you will have to purchase SP by paying with real money.

Now take the north path, it will eventually lead you to the west exit. An event scene will trigger. After this you can now access Tent Events by speaking to the Adventurer.

Tent Events: Tent Events are side events that are not related to the main story. You can access it by talking to the Adventurer and selecting the Rest option (Third Choice).

Once you find the adventurer, save your game. As you about to approach the exit, you be ambushed by Kaiser Oblivion's Asterisk Holders.

Boss NameHP (Difficulty)Resistance WeaknessStolen ItemsDrop Items
Bella600 HP (Casual)
800 HP (Normal)
1200 HP (Hard)
Cu Chulainn1125 HP (Casual)
1500 HP (Normal)
2250 HP (Hard)
N/ALightningN/A Hi-Potion
This is very similar to the previous battle with Bella except this time Cu Chulainn joins her. If you have a Wizard in your party you can dish out tons of damage on them. Bella has really low HP, if you have someone that is still using physical weapons, attack her with your melee fighters. If she cast Wall on her party, use magic on them. Once you finish Bella, spam your Lightning skills to Cu Chulainn and the battle should be over in no time. If you are playing this on Hard Mode, try to keep your HP over 100, if your HP gets less then that, use default immediately and heal up.

Once you have defeated the bosses. Take the west exit out of the cave, the game will then let you know that you can access Special Moves from now on.

Special Move Tutorial: Special Moves are unique commands that require a certain condition before you can use them in battle. Most Special Moves are hard hitting skills that also raise your character status temporary in battle. If you want to use a Special Move, you will need to win 10 battles or more to activate it. As you progress further in the game, you can unlock different conditions to activate Special Moves and new Special Moves from the Moon Base. You can customize Special Moves with additional properties when you unlock them.

Now you can either head to Eternia Council Headquarters or you can backtrack to Eternia City using the shortcut on the west. This way you can rest up or restock on supplies. When you're ready, head to the Eternia Council Headquarters.

Eternia Central Command

As soon as you enter, the front entrance will be blocked, so take the path the east. Watch the event scene in the White Magic Circulation Hub, leave the room and head to the south east corner where the objective marker is. Edea will lead you a secret shortcut to her bedroom. After the events, you will watch a short 3D movie. For those that cleared Bravely Default and obtain the true ending, this was the secret bonus movie that was shown after the credits.

Tiz will now join your party. You will now have access to the Abilink function.

Abilink Tutorial: Ablinks is a function that works by adding Friend Codes to your 3DS. You can link with their current job abilities. For example if your friend has a level 10 Wizard and you only have a level 2 Wizard at the moment, by linking it with your friend, you can use all the functions of a level 10 Wizard. To turn on Abilink function simply go to the Tactics menu and put the Mii Icon of your friend to your party members.

Return to Edea's bedroom. You can rest on Edea's bed to fully recover everyone's HP. Once you're done exit out of Edea's room through the southwest door. You will notice that you're in the 48th floor. After the watching the event scenes with the soldiers, you can now adjust the encounter rate from the setting options and as well the option for extended battles.

Extended Battles: From now on there is an option to extend battles. Doing Extended Battles will net a higher reward bonus from battles. You can trigger this by wiping out all enemies within a single turn and pressing the L Button during the Victory screen. However during this phase, your BP will not reset. So if your BP is at a minus, it will be a huge disadvantage to start extended battles, so take caution. *Extended battles is the key to quickly level your character.
Encounter Rate: With this setting, you can now adjust the encounter rate by pressing the R button when you're outside of battle.
*Note there are a few places in the game where you cannot adjust the encounter rate.

You will also notice there is a blue treasure chest in this map, you will not able to open them until much later in the game, so skip that treasure chest for now. Now from here you will need to go the staircase located to the southwest corner, this will lead to 47F, now head to the east side of the building, this will take you back upstairs leading all the way to the 49F. Head to the center of the map, an event scene will occur. Save your game by the adventurer then take the elevator. Watch the event scene, afterwards, you be thrown into a boss fight.

Boss NameHP (Difficulty)Resistance WeaknessStolen ItemsDrop Items
Nikolai1125 HP (Casual)
1500 HP (Normal)
2500 HP (Hard)
N/AN/A N/AEther
Janne1500 HP (Casual)
2000 HP (Normal)
3000 HP (Hard)
This boss fight is pretty straightforward. The fight starts with only Janne. Attack him normally, eventually, when his HP gets low, Nikolai will come out of nowhere. Now you should focus on defeating Nikolai first, he's the healer of the group. And for Janne he usually like to stock up bravely points before he launches his strikes. If you see Janne is saving his BP, use Default when he's attacking. If you have trouble with healing for this fight, a good alternative for this point of the game is to use the Freelancer ability, Halfsies. This ability lets you use any item at 50% power without consuming it at the cost of 8 MP.

Chapter 1

Return to Gathelatio

Once you have control, you need to head back to Gathelatio. The game will also let you know about the Net Friend invitation option.

Friend Invitation: When you update your street pass data from the Adventurer, you can obtain a street pass data from another player. Doing this will increase the population of the Moon Base and as well the ability to summon their attacks. If you the a friend through friend codes, you can use Abilink with them as well.

You need to back track all the way back to Gathelatio. The first thing to do is head south back to Eternia and then travel through Pilgrim's Grove, the game gives you the option to instantly skip through the forest, just pick the second choice. Head to Gathelatio. Watch the event scene and afterward, the game will lets you know that you about the, My Set function.

My Set: This is a new function with the Bravely series to instantly change your entire party's set instead of doing it manually. First, you need to go to the menu and in the Tactics option, you can build your set and save it. Then you can instantly switch to it when you need to.

Go to the harbour to trigger an event scene. Then go to the Church and speak to the knights by the altar. Leave the Church and watch the event and then head to the Geneolgia Mansion. After the events, head to the harbour and speak to Edea's master, Kamiizumi. Kamiizumi will then give you the most ghetto boat to travel with. Now you will need to travel southwest of Gathelatio. The boat can only travel through shallow waters, so you only go through where the water is light blue. Once you reach to destination marker, an event scene will occur. Get off the boat by the shore nearby. Then head to the town located in the objective marker.

Al-Khampis, Land of Learning [Istantar = JP]

Equipment ShopPriceItem ShopPriceMagic ShopPrice
Broad Sword500 pqPotion20 pqAero *White Mage400 pq
Broad Axe600 pqHi-Potion150 pqFire *Black Mage400 pq
Glaive450 pqPhoenix Down100 pqBlizzard *Black Mage400 pq
Wizard Rod375 pqEther500 pqOpen Eyes *Bishop400 pq
Staff300 pqAntidote10 pqHoly Night *Bishop400 pq
Oak Stick300 pqEye Drops20 pq Tornado *Wizard200 pq
Magic Dagger350 pqEcho Herbs25 pq Soil *Wizard200 pq
Steel Bow425 pqRemedy500 pq
Nodachi475 pqTeleport Stone100 pq
Large Shield300 pq
Desert Cap100 pq
Academia Hat150 pq
Legion Helm200 pq
Nadalan Sleeves400 pq
Academia Gown350 pq
Ring Mail500 pq
Red Glasses500 pq

Watch the event, Magnolia will bump into a snob. Once you're done, head to the building northwest and speak to Martha behind the counter. Leave the building and another event will occur. Go to the east area of Al-Khampis, an event will occur with that same snob again. Enter the School Tower on the east side. Go to the northeast corner and watch an event with Rifa. Leave the building, and as you are about to cross to the west area, a scene will occur. A Owl Sage will frighten Magnolia and will give her an item. This item lets you access the "Chompcraft" Mini game. Leave town through the north exit. The game will also let you know that you can do your first side quest. Side quest is marked with a blue objective icon.

Side Quest I: Thief or Red Mage Asterisk

As you leave Al-Khampis through the north exit, you can find a desert oasis located northwest. You will encounter Jackal, the Thief Asterisk holder. The game will also provide you with his backstory for those that haven't played the original Bravely Default. Once you're done with Jackal's event, head back to Al-Khampis, on the east side of town, you can speak to the man dress in red. This man is Fiore DeRosa, captain of Bloodrose Legion. *DeRosa does not appear during night time.

Watch the events, and then head inside the School Tower of Al-Khampis to see another event. Leave town and then head to the Desert Oasis to trigger an event with Jackal. Head to the ruins located to the north.

Harena Ruins

You need to be careful in this dungeon. There are statues that can spray gas when you press a switch near them. This will cause blind for your entire party, so you need to be careful. There is two path downstairs on the north side. The one in the northeast leads to a treasure chest. Take the stairs on the northwest side to head forward. In the next area, you can find the next set of stairs in the south corner. From here head all the way south and then go east to the next area. In the Thief's Hideout, examine the center, Edea will trigger a switch to a secret passage. Head inside, from here you can find the adventurer located all the way near the bottom. Save your game, and then examine the object to your left.

Eventually, Jackal and DeRosa will come into the picture and will argue on who should get the Water Crystal. Once they're done, speak to them again. You will be forced into a dilemma on who to side with. Pick the first choice if you want to ally with DeRosa, this will cause Jackal to be your enemy. If you defeat him you will obtain the Thief Asterisk. The second choice will force you to fight DeRosa, who carries the Red Mage Asterisk.

Boss NameHP (Difficulty)Resistance WeaknessStolen ItemsDrop Items
Jackal2250 HP (Casual)
3000 HP (Normal)
4500 HP (Hard)
Jackal's Vigilantes
(x2 on Hard Mode)
712 HP (Casual)
950 HP (Normal)
1425 HP (Hard)
Focus on defeating the Vigilantes that are with Jackal, they can hit pretty hard on a single user. Once you have defeated them, use everything on attacking Jackal. Jackal is actually pretty fragile, though he can hit pretty hard. Using the Wizard's job ability, Damage Dispersion works pretty well for this fight. As this boss mostly focus on hard single target attacks.
Boss NameHP (Difficulty)Resistance WeaknessStolen ItemsDrop Items
Fiore DeRosa2250 HP (Casual)
3000 HP (Normal)
4500 HP (Hard)
Magic Student F
(x2 on Hard Mode)
712 HP (Casual)
950 HP (Normal)
1425 HP (Hard)
N/AN/A N/A Ether
This is a pretty straight forward fight. Focus on getting rid of DeRosa's underling first. DeRosa usually has a pattern of using Brave which will make him heal himself and then casting hard hitting magics at you. I would suggest bringing in more physical fighters for this battle as DeRosa and company seem to have a stronger magical defense.
Note: You can obtain the Asterisk you're missing in New Game +
Author's Tip: For players that decided to get the Red Mage Asterisk, you will miss out on the ability to steal items. But you can still steal items by using the Thief's Knife as an item. Thief's Knife can be found in Harena Ruins on B1F, on a hidden pathway.

Once you have defeated the bosses, the game will bring you back to Al-Khampis.

Ba'al Crater

Leave Al-Khampis, and then go to the shore, and get on your boat. Now travel all the way, there is a small island there that is shaped like a crescent. Land there and head to the crater area marked with an objective marker.

Head east to the next area, Now try to find the path southwest to head to the last area. Right there, you can find the adventurer, save your game because there is going to be a big boss fight right ahead.

Boss NameHP (Difficulty)Resistance WeaknessStolen ItemsDrop Items
Ba'al V; Urchin3750 HP (Casual)
5000 HP (Normal)
7500 HP (Hard)
N/ALightMythril SpearAntarctic Wind
This is the first Ba'al fight of the game. There is quite a difficulty spike with this between the previous boss, so be a little prepared for this fight. This boss likes to hit your party really hard along with blindness, which can be a real nuisance for your party. if you have melee units. If you have picked up any Silver Glasses, equip them now to prevent from being blind. If you manage to pick up the Mythrill Bow on your way, it could be a deadly weapon against this boss other then that, I would suggest bringing in a team of all magic class and hit this boss as hard as you can. This Ba'al can also create shadow replicas of your character, which would cast Dark against your party members. If the character of the replica gets K.O. the shadow will also disappear. If you're playing on Hard mode, you need to watch out for the attack when he release his spikes, that can be fatal against and damage is reduced drastically if you have all your party members alive.

Once you have defeated the boss, leave the area, use a Teleport Stone if you want to leave immediately.

Ba'al Buster Battleship: From now on, you'll have the chance to fight Ba'als invading the moon. This is basically the Nemeses feature from the previous game under a new name. These are basically very strong optional boss that you can fight for the sake of challenge or to get some rare items. At the same time, the game will also be provided you with your own Ba'al Buster Battleship. The Ba'al Battleship can be used for reducing invading Ba'al's level. The battleship can also be upgraded using street pass villagers to further improve it's efficiency.

Watch the event scene, after they are finished, hop on the boat and head all the way back to Al-Khampis. Watch the event scene and then leave the town through the north exit. Travel north, you will notice a city that is trapped in a sandstorm. Head inside to see an event. Return to Al-Khampis. Speak to Malmaar, the snob guy that mistreated Rifa. After you're done talking to him, head to School to see another event. Before you trigger the next event, I would suggest saving your game first, because there is a boss battle very soon. Anyways you will need to come back at night time. When it's dark, head inside the Al-Khampis School Tower and examine the locked gate to see another event. Speak to the old man.

Note: To move the Day and Night cycle, simply wait at the World Map screen.
Boss NameHP (Difficulty)Resistance WeaknessStolen ItemsDrop Items
Norzen3750 HP (Casual)
5000 HP (Normal)
7500 HP (Hard)
N/ALightRed GlassesPotion, Stardust
Norzen has a really simple fighting pattern. He will start the battle by casting Physical Boon on himself and then would melee one of your targets. It will hit really hard on a single target, but what you really need to watch for is his Tornado skill. Norzen would do that right after buffing himself with Magical Boon followed with Magical Mirror. If you're playing on hard mode there is a high chance of an instant game over the moment when Norzen cast Tornado, so my suggestion is either all default right after he cast Magical Mirror, or spam your Special attacks to defeat him before he can do anything devastating.

Once you're done with the events, you now have access to another side quest.

Side Quest II: Summoner or Swordmaster Asterisk

Head back to Al-Khampis and then go to the Inn on the northwest corner. Speak to Martha behind the counter. Leave town through the north exit and then head to Ancheim/Lakrika. There is also a pig added in town that lets you teleport to other cities you have been to before. Once you're in Ancheim/Lakrika, head to Administration Office located to the very east corner. Enter that building and speak to the man near the office. Leave and head inside the Windmill located next to the magic shop. Speak to the man on the right to trigger an event scene. Leave town and travel northeast to Miasma Woods.

Miasma Woods

This area is filled with poisonous swamps, so be careful traveling or else you might get your entire party poisoned. If you have a Freelancer that is level 4 or higher, you can equip the ability Dungeon Master to avoid getting poisoned from the swamp. Travel north to the next map, and then travel northeast and then take the northwest exit. This will be the last map of Miasma Wood, once you find the Adventurer on the west side, save your game, because there is going to be a boss fight ahead. After they're finished talking, you need to choose a side. Aligned with Mephilia if you want the Swordmaster Asterisk. Side with Kamiizumi if you want the Summoner Asterisk.

Boss NameHP (Difficulty)Resistance WeaknessStolen ItemsDrop Items
Mephilia 3750 HP (Casual)
5000 HP (Normal)
7500 HP (Hard)
N/AN/AMythril RodTurbo Ether
Legion Impaler600 HP (Casual)
800 HP (Normal)
1200 HP (Hard)
Legion ArcherHP: 700 (Normal)N/AN/AN/ARemedy
Legion MageHP: 700 (Normal)N/AN/AArmandeEther
Start the battle by getting rid of Mephilia's underlings. If you have a Special attack ready, you should use one that hit all targets to removed them quickly as possible. If not then I would suggest going after the Archer or the Mage first due to their lower HP. Once you have taken care of them, you can focus on attacking Mephilia. Mephilia usually cast a summon attack every second turn. Just focus on keeping full HP and attacking her at the same time.
Boss NameHP (Difficulty)Resistance WeaknessStolen ItemsDrop Items
Kamiizumi3750 HP (Casual)
5000 HP (Normal)
7500 HP (Hard)
N/AN/AOsafuneDrop Items: CATCH ME
Black Blades x3600 HP (Casual)
800 HP (Normal)
1200 HP (Hard)
N/ALightningDried RemoraDrop Items: Hi-Potion
Start the battle by getting rid of the Black Blades first. They can cause the confusion status on your party which can be a real nuisance. A Wizard would be very handy for this fight because the Black Blades are weak against the Lightning element, so you can probably wipe them out by using Brave. Kamiizumi is a very tough foe, if he uses one of his abilities, he will counterattack you for tons of damage, so you can't go all trigger happy on him. If he uses his Brave command, he will attack you party as hard he can. This is probably his most vulnerable state, other then that, fight Kamiizumi very cautiously.
Author's Note: It is recommended to get the Swordmaster Asterisk first. The reason for this is because the final summon is only available for the player if you defeat Mephilia on Chapter 5 or later. if you decided to get Summoner Asterisk now, you won't able to get the final summon unless you want to miss out on the Swordmaster Asterisk. This way it will save your multiple playthroughs.
Note: Many players that have obtained the Summoner Asterisk, seems to have encounter random game crash when using Summon under certain conditions, avoid using them if you don't want to lose your game progress. (Japanese version 1.00 Issue)

Harena Seacaves

If you have taken the Summoner Asterisk, from the earlier side quest, you can go back to Ba'al Crater, to get one of the Summons, Deus Ex. Deus Ex is located in the last area at the southeast corner.

Now go back to the main quest, go to Al-Khampis, and take the north exit, to be in Ancheim/Lakrika region and then travel south through a forest. From there, head southwest, you will find the Harena Seacaves.

Start traveling east, use the green switch to lift the platform. Cross over and then go northeast, and go all the way to the end. You will find a Hi-Potion and a Sage. If you have the Summoner Asterisk, you can speak to the Sage beside the treasure chest to obtain the Water Summon. Now go west to the northwest corner and hit the pink switch to lift the platform up so you can cross over to the east side. In the next map travel north until you reach the center area, and go north and press the green switch and then travel back south and hit the pink switch. Gather the treasure chest here, and then head back northwest side of the map, to cross over to the east of side map. Once you in the next map, hit the green switch right near the beginning, to raise a platform, head over and pick up the Zweihander from the treasure chest. Now travel northwest to find a pink switch, this will lift the platform up down south to let you pick up the Thief's Glove. Now head south are of the map, and the just under there you can find a blue switch, this will raise the platform up on the east side of the map. Cross over there, and speak to the adventurer to save your game. Head to the next map, press the green switch and cross over, it will trigger an event scene and if you will fight a boss battle shortly after.

Boss NameHP (Difficulty)Resistance WeaknessStolen ItemsDrop Items
Minette5250 HP (Casual)
7000 HP (Normal)
10500 HP (Hard)
N/AWaterMythril AxeCat Food
Bismarck3750 HP (Casual)
5000 HP (Normal)
7500 HP (Hard)
Resistance: N/AFireRemedyCat Feather
Make sure you have Clothespin for this battle it will make your life much easier. Bismarck hits really hard, but Minette is annoying because she can cast sleep against your entire party. So having the Clothespin will come extremely handy for this battle. If you are using Wizards for this battle, Bismarck is weak against fire attacks and Minette is on water element. Just spam your strongest attacks on Bismarck first, once you get rid of Bismarck, Minette should be a cakewalk.

When you have defeated Minette, leave the Seacaves and head back to Ancheim/Lakrika.

Note: Equipping the Catmancer job class lets you talk to Cats.