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    Awesome Games Done Quick is a days-long marathon of speedrun games which raises money for a great cause (kickin’ cancer’s butt!)

    I’ve been watching the stream today and doing little drawings of the games! (:

  3. Killer Instinct gets a bonus fighter, Omen

    Killer Instinct announced the fifth fighter joining the game during Season 2, Omen, Herald of Gargos.

    Omen will be a bonus character, meaning he’s not one of the eight characters you’d normally get with the season. At the moment, he’s only available to those who bought the Season 2 pack, and Microsoft said it has no plans to sell him individually.

    “His moveset has some familiar normals from Jago, some new ones, and his specials are either all-new or ones that only the boss version of Shadow Jago used,” Microsoft Studios Creative Director Adam Isgreen said on the game’s official forums.

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  4. danielmackeyy:

    Did something a little different today | Piranha Plant from Mario Bros

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    Grand Theft Auto II

    Image by clement127 || Tumblr


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    Take a look at some brand new Just Cause 3 screenshots

    Developer Avalanche Studios has released a new collection of Just Cause 3 images that flaunt the game’s berserk action sequences.

    In the gallery found below, hero Rico Rodriguez can be seen surfing airborne sports cars, as well as firing rockets whilst balancing on the wings on an airplane, along with grapple-hooking himself onto a propane gas tank that has been fashioned into an improvised missile.

    Elsewhere, the new batch of photos showcases the exotic splendor of Just Cause 3’s fictional Mediterranean archipelago, called Medici.

    Check out the full gallery here.

  7. Paying Your way ahead: Are premium in-game boosts fair or foul?

    As video game consoles have become increasingly online-centric, the games industry has experimented with different ways of making money from the opportunities this has presented. One such example: offering paid boosts that provide players with in-game money or immediate access to unlockables (be it cars, guns, or whatever else).

    Several developers have been implementing these boosts in their games over the past few years. For example, Battlefield 4 has “Battlepacks” for purchase that give you several items and sometimes temporary experience boosts, and even World of Warcraft allows you to pay for your character to automatically level up to 90. Grid Autosport is one of the latest games to offer such a boost, releasing a “Boost Pack” DLC for $3 that makes you earn experience and in-game cash more quickly. This sparked a discussion online about why these kinds of things are offered, resulting in an astonishingly honest explanation from developer Codemasters’ community manager: “It sells.”

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    Excellent font work on this preview disc.

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    “You cannot defeat us”


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