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Horror Brawl is an upcoming multiplayer horror game for mobile devices (iOS/Android). Closed Beta Summer 2021! By and .

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    Apr 17

    🤗 The Character Reveal Trailer #2 for HORROR BRAWL is now live! 😱 Find out the next two characters joining the game!

  2. Apr 22

    😱 Are you ready to confront Sister Madeline in Horror Brawl? 🤔 Will you fight or flight?

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    Apr 20
    Replying to
  4. Apr 20

    🎁 We have more free Horror Brawl wallpapers for your PC or mobile device! 🤗 Now you can also be Team Rebecca or Team Charlie! ➡️ Download the free wallpapers:

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    Apr 17

    Second premiere of the day 🤯 The team playing for the first time! 🥳 Watch it now! ➡

  6. Apr 17

    😱 The Character Reveal Trailer #2 is dropping in 30 minutes! 🤔 Who do you think will join the game?

  7. Apr 16

    😱 J is cornered! Maybe he'll need some help to survive in Horror Brawl... 🎬 Find out what happens next in the CHARACTER REVEAL TRAILER #2, premiering tomorrow! ⏰ Set a reminder and you'll get notified before the trailer airs at 11:00 UTC! Click here:

  8. Apr 14

    🤫 You can run from , but can you really hide? 🎬 Find out what happens next in the CHARACTER TRAILER #2 for this saturday!

  9. Apr 13

    ➡️ Did you see the latest Keplerians News? 🎬 A new Horror Brawl trailer is coming soon!

  10. Apr 9

    💀 There's a skeleton in the classroom! Is it a model for anatomy classes or... something else? 🤔 What skull do you think fits best with this skeleton: 1, 2 or 3?

  11. Apr 7

    🤫 Don't make noise, J is hiding from 🤔 Wait, where is J now? What's the name of this school?

  12. Mar 31

    😱J from has found a new room in escaping from Sister Madeline ! 🤔Does this place feel familiar to you?

  13. Mar 30

    Check this amazing piano cover of the theme from the Character Reveal Trailer #1 by Thank you for your great !

  14. Mar 26

    🤔What do you think J will find inside this chest?

  15. Mar 24

    🧐Take a closer look at J's early design, he has changed quite a lot since then! 🤔Also... why do you think J wears a uniform in Horror Brawl instead of his usual clothes?

  16. Mar 19

    🎬In the first trailer you saw J holding a stone... 🤔What do you think this stone will be used for in Horror Brawl? 🗣️We want to hear your theories!

  17. Mar 11

    🥳The first Horror Brawl trailer has over 30k views! 🎁We have prepared a small treat to thank you: a free Wallpaper Kit for your PC or mobile device! 🤔Are you Team J o Team Sister Madeline? Let us know! ➡️Download the free wallpapers:

  18. Mar 6

    😱The first HORROR BRAWL trailer is here! 👉Watch the CHARACTER REVEAL #1!

  19. Mar 5

    ⏰The first CHARACTER REVEAL TRAILER for Horror Brawl will be out TOMORROW!😱 🔔Follow us on Youtube and click on the Bell to get notified when it goes live shortly after 13:00 UTC / 14:00 CET / 05:00 PST / 08:00 EST!

  20. Mar 3

    ⏰ In 3 days we will publish the first CHARACTER REVEAL TRAILER! 😱 🗣️ Follow the official channels and be the first to get new info on Horror Brawl! ➡️FB ➡️Instagram ➡️TikTok ➡️YT


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