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  • 2018-01-09T18:30:00Zs at 2018-01-09T18:30:00Z on TF1
  • 2015-10-19T17:30:00Z
  • 26 mins
  • 1 day, 10 hours, 45 mins (89 episodes)
  • France
  • French
  • Method Animation + 1 more, Toei Animation
  • Animation, Superhero, Action, Adventure, Romance
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Normal high school kids by day, protectors of Paris by night! Miraculous follows the heroic adventures of Marinette and Adrien as they transform into Ladybug and Cat Noir and set out to capture akumas, creatures responsible for turning the people of Paris into villains. But neither hero knows the other’s true identity – or that they’re classmates!
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145 episodes

Special 1 A Christmas Special

  • 2016-12-11T18:30:00Z — 26 mins

Parisian teen Marinette transforms herself into superhero Ladybug to find her lonely secret crush Adrien when he runs away from home at Christmas.

During a school field trip, Ladybug and Cat Noir meet the American superheroes, whom they have to save from an akumatized super-villain. They will also discover that Miraculous exist in the United States, too.

1x01 Stormy Weather

  • Series Premiere

    2015-10-19T17:30:00Z — 21 mins

Marinette is babysitting a child named Manon, when her best friend Alya visits her. Alya tells Marinette that Adrien is having a photoshoot nearby and takes the three of them to watch him. Meanwhile, Aurore Beauréal has just lost to her competitor, Mireille Caquet, to become the next weather forecaster. Infuriated, she becomes influenced by Hawk Moth and turns into 'Stormy Weather', a villain who controls the weather.

1x02 The Bubbler

  • 2015-10-20T17:30:00Z — 21 mins

Armed with his magical bubble-wand, Nino becomes The Bubbler, a villain who wants to rid the city of all parents who get in the way of kids having fun. Can Ladybug & Cat Noir avoid his bubbles and save the day?

1x03 The Pharaoh

  • 2015-10-21T17:30:00Z — 21 mins

Marinette makes the mistake of leaving behind a history notebook while she was out fighting as Ladybug. When Alya is the one to recover it, Marinette freaks out and, with the suggestion from her kwami Tikki, takes Alya out to a Pharaoh exhibition in order to get the notebook back from her. As they arrive, Alix's brother Jalil is discussing with his father about how one of the exhibitions on display is a resurrection spell. He believes that it could work, but Jalil's father gets angry and says it's a waste of time. Angry that his father doesn't believe him, Jalil becomes influenced by Hawk Moth and turns into the Pharaoh, a villain who can become any Egyptian god.

1x04 Lady Wifi

  • 2015-10-22T17:30:00Z — 21 mins

Alya is out to find Ladybug's true identity for her blog and stumbles upon promising evidence that shows that Chloé Bourgeois, the school's mean girl and the mayor's daughter, might be Ladybug. When Alya attempts to take a photo of Chloé's locker for evidence, she is caught and wrongfully suspended by the principal. Angry at Chloé for getting her suspended, Alya becomes influenced by Hawk Moth and turns into 'Lady WiFi', a villain who can manipulate cellphones.

1x05 Timebreaker

  • 2015-10-23T17:30:00Z — 21 mins

Marinette's parents celebrate their 20th anniversary, leaving Marinette to take care of one of her father's special cake orders. However she gets a call from Alya to bring a banner she made for a race between her two classmates, Alix and Kim. Meanwhile, Alix is celebrating her 15th birthday when she receives a family heirloom as a present: a pocket-watch. She arrives to the race and gives her watch to Alya to protect it, however during the race multiple situations occur and the watch ends up broken. Angry at her friends, Alix becomes influenced by Hawk Moth and is turned into 'Timebreaker', a speedy super villain who can travel through time.

1x06 Mr. Pigeon

  • 2015-10-23T17:30:00Z — 21 mins

There is a fashion competition being held at Marinette's school and it says that winner of the competition will have their hat worn by none other than Adrien. Excited, Marinette is determined to win in the hope that Adrien will then notice her. Meanwhile Xavier Ramier, a pigeon-loving man, is told off by a policeman not to feed the pigeons and is told to leave the park. Feeling dejected, Xavier becomes influenced by Hawk Moth and turns into 'Monsieur Pigeon', a villain who has control over pigeons.

1x07 The Evillustrator

  • 2015-10-26T18:30:00Z — 21 mins

Nathanael is dreaming in class that he saves his crush from super villains when he is woken up by the teacher. Before he leaves the classroom, Nathanael trips and some of his drawings fall on the floor. They're picked up by Chloé, revealing to everyone about his crush on Marinette. Feeling angry and humilated by Chloé, Nathanael becomes influenced by Hawk Moth and turns into 'The Evillustrator', a villain whose drawings can come to life.

1x08 Rogercop

  • 2015-10-27T18:30:00Z — 21 mins

It's Parent's Show and Tell Day at school and Chloé comes to school with an expensive bracelet given to her by her father. After showing it off to her lackey Sabrina and putting the bracelet back in her bag, Adrien's kwami Plagg mistakes it for cheese and gets stuck inside it. When Sabrina's father Roger comes up to talk about being a policeman, Chloé exclaims that her bracelet is missing. She accuses Marinette for stealing it (since she tripped over her bag earlier) and demands that she gets arrested for it. Chloé's father, the Mayor, pressures Roger to do as his daughter says, but Roger says he can't without proper evidence. The Mayor threatens Roger to leave. Angry at the Mayor, Roger becomes influenced by Hawk Moth and turns into 'RogerCop', a villain who wants to bring justice to those who break the law.

1x09 Copycat

  • 2015-10-28T18:30:00Z — 21 mins

After she attempts to ask Adrien out to the movies over the phone, Marinette accidentally leaves behind an embarrassing voicemail and rushes out to delete it before he listens to it. Meanwhile, an artist named Theo is releasing a statue in honor of Ladybug and Cat Noir. He happens to be in love with Ladybug and is excited to see her at the unveiling event, but only Cat Noir ends up coming. After the event, Cat Noir insinuates to Theo that he and Ladybug are in 'that' kind of relationship, leaving Theo envious. Sensing his envy towards Cat Noir, Hawk Moth influences Theo and turns him into 'Copy Cat', an exact replica of Cat Noir.

1x10 Dark Cupid

  • 2015-10-29T18:30:00Z — 21 mins

It's Valentine's Day and love is in the air! After reading a love poem thrown away by Adrien, Marinette comes to the conclusion that the poem is about her, making her ecstatic. Meanwhile one of her classmates, Kim, is planning to ask his crush to be his Valentine. Marinette, in her love-sick daze, encourages Kim to go for it. When Kim sees his crush, he is humiliated and rejected cruelly. Heartbroken, Kim is influenced by Hawk Moth and turns into 'Dark Cupid', a villain whose arrows can replace true love and friendship with pure hate and mean-spiritedness.

1x11 Horrificator

  • 2015-10-30T18:30:00Z — 21 mins

Nino is making a movie in class for a film contest but Mylène, one of the students, isn't sure about being the lead actress since she is easily frightened. After many failed attempts of shooting a particular scene, Chloé makes fun of her fright and Mylène flees the classroom in tears. Disappointed in herself, Mylène becomes influenced by Hawk Moth and turns into 'Horrificator', a monster who feeds on the fear of others.

1x12 Darkblade

  • 2015-12-06T18:30:00Z — 21 mins

After finding out that Chloé has been blackmailing people to not run against her for class president, Marinette ends up nominating herself for the position. Wanting to ruin the competition, Chloé sends Sabrina to Marinette's home to find some humiliating evidence to use against her. Meanwhile, Mr. D’Argencourt, the school's fencing teacher, has lost the elections to become the next Mayor of Paris to Mr. Bourgeois, Chloé's father. Bitter over the loss, Mr. D’Argencourt becomes influenced by Hawk Moth and turns into 'Dark Blade', a Parisian dark knight who plans to dominate all of Paris.

1x13 The Mime

  • 2015-12-13T18:30:00Z — 21 mins

Alya shows Marinette a video of Ladybug, but Marinette accidentally deletes it. Before Alya finds out, Marinette steals her phone and frantically tries to re-create the footage. Meanwhile, Mylène's father, Fred Haprèle, is getting his first major performance at the Eiffel Tower. However, his partner Chris deliberately makes him late, forcing their manager to make Chris take the lead role instead. Hawk Moth transforms the disheartened Fred into The Mime, a supervillain who can pantomime anything to make it reality.

1x14 Kung Food

  • 2016-01-10T18:30:00Z — 26 mins

Marinette’s uncle, the world-renowned Chinese chef Wang Cheng, visits Paris to participate in a cooking show called The Greatest Chef in the World. Before the competition begins, Marinette and Adrien run into Chloé, who is on the judges' panel. Chloé mocks Chef Cheng for being a foreigner, and in retaliation, Marinette fires back with her own insults. Chloé sabotages Chef Cheng’s famous Celestial Soup in anger, wanting revenge for Marinette's comebacks, causing Cheng to lose the competition, failing horribly. Confused and upset, Chef Cheng becomes influenced by Hawk Moth and turns into Kung Food, a villain enslaves those who had eaten his ruined soup and who plans to cook Chloé in soup.

1x15 Gamer

  • 2016-01-17T18:30:00Z — 26 mins

Collège Françoise-Dupont is sending two students to represent them at a video game tournament, where they will compete with other schools in a fighting game known as Ultimate Mega Strike III. After Marinette notices that Adrien is one of the potential candidates, she participates in the selections in order to be able to team up with Adrien. She manages to defeat another candidate, her classmate Max, who has been training for the tournament for a whole year and was looking forward to participating. Angry about all his gaming training gone to waste, Max becomes influenced by Hawk Moth and turns into the Gamer, a villain who uses a pyramid-shaped mecha-like ship, from the Ultimate Mega Strike III game, that zaps people and objects, turning them into green "experience point" balls, which upgrades his ship.

1x16 Animan

  • 2016-01-24T18:30:00Z — 21 mins

Nino has a crush on Marinette, and so Adrien tries to help him by asking her out to the zoo. Marinette thinks Adrien is asking her out and happily accepts. However, when at the zoo, Nino and Marinette are the only ones to show up; Adrien and Alya, meanwhile, are hiding out in bushes nearby, helping the two talk to each other by instructing them via earpiece. Meanwhile, Marinette's classmate Kim mocks the new black panther in the zoo, claiming to the zookeeper that he can run faster than it. Enraged by his remarks, the keeper becomes influenced by Hawk Moth and turns into Animan, a supervillain who can shape-shift into any animal.

1x17 Antibug

  • 2016-01-31T18:30:00Z — 21 mins

Chloé is being harassed by something invisible, and Adrien and Marinette are immediately on the case. After talking with the concierge of the Grand Paris hotel, where Chloé lives, they discover Chloé had a fight with Sabrina, and had claimed that Sabrina is no longer her friend and is completely invisible to her. Heartbroken over her words, Sabrina was influenced by Hawk Moth, turning into the Vanisher. As Ladybug and Cat Noir fight the Vanisher, who has just shown up, Chloé decides to join in, donning a fake Ladybug costume. However, this only causes the fight to get more difficult and Ladybug forces Chloé to leave, claiming that she is endangering everyone by staying. Chloé tries to tell Ladybug that the akuma is in Sabrina's rose brooch, but Ladybug does not listen, thinking that she is lying. Only when Chloé has left the scene does Ladybug realize that Chloé was right all along, but despite this, Ladybug

1x18 The Puppeteer

  • 2016-02-21T18:30:00Z — 21 mins

Marinette is babysitting Manon. They are playing with hand-crafted dolls that Marinette made herself, Marinette playing as Ladybug and Cat Noir and Manon playing as Lady Wifi, Rogercop and Evillustrator. Because Marinette always plays as the Ladybug and Cat Noir dolls, Manon laments that Marinette always wins and bursts into tears. Feeling guilty, Marinette allows Manon to borrow her Ladybug doll. However, Nadja Chamack, Manon's mother, does not want her to borrow it, as she complains that Manon already has too many toys; they get into a dispute, resulting in the Ladybug doll getting torn. Despite that, Manon still wants to borrow the Ladybug doll, so she asks Marinette for it behind her mother's back. Marinette hesitates and decides on a compromise instead, allowing her to borrow the Lady Wifi doll instead. Chamack notices Manon plays with the doll, and angry that Manon had defied her instructions, she confiscates it from her. Upset, Manon becomes influenced by Hawk Moth and turns into the Puppeteer, a villain who can control the people Marinette's dolls are based on.

1x19 Reflekta

  • 2016-02-21T18:30:00Z — 21 mins

At class picture day, Marinette's classmate Juleka is hesitant about participating, as she believes that she is under a curse where any picture she is in will have her face covered. Wanting to be closer to Adrien in the photo, Chloé has her friend Sabrina lock Juleka in the bathroom while she takes her place in the centre of the photo, beside Adrien. Believing that she'll always stay cursed and unnoticed, Juleka becomes influenced by Hawk Moth and turns into Reflekta, a flamboyant villain who can zap people into making them look exactly like her.

1x20 Guitar Villain

  • 2016-02-28T18:30:00Z — 21 mins

Rock musician Jagged Stone has problems with his manager, who wants to change the look of his new album's cover and make him record a duet with XY, a hot new music artist who replaced Stone at the number-one position on the music charts. Although they agree on a compromise on the cover by having Marinette design it, Stone is later offended when he watches a interview given by XY, who claims that technology matters more than music, rock 'n' roll is no longer in style, and that Stone was no match for him. Enraged, Stone becomes influenced by Hawk Moth and turns into Guitar Villain (a reference to the title of "guitar hero" given to legendary guitarists in France[87]), a wild musician with a pet dragon, who influences people into headbanging and dancing uncontrollably by playing his guitar.

1x21 Pixelator

  • 2016-03-13T18:30:00Z — 21 mins

Marinette's class is visiting the Grand Paris hotel, as part of a program to try out some of the jobs that the staff do in the hotel on a daily basis, when rock idol Jagged Stone arrives. While Jagged is checking in, an overly-obsessed fan named Vincent Asa sneaks in behind him and tries to take a picture with Stone, but he is swiftly kicked out of the hotel by Jagged's assistant, warned to never approach Stone again. Angry at being shunned by his idol, Vincent becomes influenced by Hawk Moth and turns into Numéric, a supervillain who uses a head-mounted telescopic camera to take photos of people, making them vanish and trapping them in a white empty space by "digitising" them into living portraits that appear on his apartment wall.

1x22 Princess Fragrance

  • 2016-03-20T18:30:00Z — 21 mins

Marinette's classmate Rose is excited about Prince Ali's visit to Paris, but is caught at school spraying perfume on her fan letter and using a cellphone in class. Tikki feels ill, so Marinette plans to take her to a healer, but when Marinette trips on the stairs, Tikki is picked up by Chloe, who plans to give Tikki as a plush toy gift to Prince Ali. Chloe tears up Rose's letter, telling Rose that Prince Ali has no interest in her. Hurt, Rose is influenced by Hawk Moth and becomes Princess Fragrance, a villain whose perfume spray makes people serve her, and who desires to have Prince Ali for herself. The untransformed Marinette must recover Tikki and stop Fragrance from taking over all of Paris.

1x23 Simon Says

  • 2016-03-27T17:30:00Z — 21 mins

Nino is a contestant in a game show called The Challenge, where he has to get Mayor Bourgeois to dance. Despite being invited to see Nino, Marinette is grounded by her parents for missing too many classes at school, not knowing that she had been working as Ladybug. As Nino completes his challenge, the next contestant, a hypnotist named Simon Grimeau (Jacques Grimeau in French version), is given the challenge to hypnotize Adrien's father Gabriel Agreste. However, Gabriel refuses to participate in the challenge, causing Jacques to fail. Angry that he was not given the chance to at least try, Jacques becomes influenced by Hawk Moth and turns into Simon Says (Jackady in French version), an extravagant villain who can hypnotize someone by throwing playing cards at them.

1x24 Volpina

  • 2016-04-03T17:30:00Z — 21 mins

Adrien discovers a book in his father's safe with pictures of the different Miraculous heroes and steals it to learn more. Later, a new student named Lila arrives who claims to be good friends with Ladybug in order to wow Adrien. Jealous and upset by Lila's lies, Marinette begins to tail her, during which time she watches Lila steal the Miraculous book from Adrien. Tikki notices the cover design and insists upon taking the book for further study. Lila then tells Adrien that she is descended from the Miraculous holder Volpina, prompting Marinette to transform into Ladybug and call Lila on her lies in front of Adrien. Embarrassed, Lila runs off and becomes influenced by Hawk Moth, who transforms her into Volpina, a superhero with the power to create illusions, with the hope that she can gain Ladybug and Cat Noir's trust and betray them. The plan fails, though Hawk Moth is not concerned, proclaiming that his "big day" is at hand. Afterwards, Tikki's suspicions about the book are confirmed: it is the long-lost book of lore that contains coded secrets about the Miraculouses. She then brings Marinette to meet the Great Guardian, Master Fu.

A prequel of the series. It's Marinette's first day of school. Hawk Moth captures a butterfly kwami named Nooroo and forces his allegiance. Hawk Moth's butterfly brooch allows him to give someone a superpower they desire and to make that person obey his will. He plans on using his new powers for evil purposes, intending to create villains to lure the heroes out to fight them, so he can steal their Miraculouses and gain absolute power.

The next morning, Marinette brings her earrings to school and slips them into Alya's bag, still upset for forgetting to purify the akuma and convinced Alya would be a better Ladybug. Adrien sneaks to school, desperate to leave his house and make friends.

2x01 The Collector

  • Season Premiere

    2017-10-26T17:30:00Z — 21 mins

Master Fu and Marinette believe that the owner of the Miraculous book is Hawk Moth, but that suspicion leads to either Adrien or his father, Gabriel.

2x02 Despair Bear

  • 2017-10-27T17:30:00Z — 21 mins

Trying to learn how to be nice, Chloé throws a party but loses her temper and fires her butler, who becomes akumatized into the vengeful Despair Bear.

2x03 Prime Queen

  • 2017-10-29T18:30:00Z — 21 mins

During an exclusive interview, a reporter trying to trap Ladybug and Cat Noir into confessing feelings for each other is akumatized by Hawk Moth.

2x04 Befana

  • 2017-10-30T18:30:00Z — 21 mins

When Marinette elects to hang out with her friends on her birthday instead of her grandmother, grandma is akumatized into a candy-gun-wielding baddie.

2x05 Riposte

  • 2017-11-01T18:30:00Z — 21 mins

A fencing opponent who loses a duel against Adrien gets akumatized and goes after him for a rematch while only Ladybug is around to protect him.

2x06 Robostus

  • 2017-11-03T18:30:00Z — 21 mins

Hawk Moth akumatizes Max's best friend and pet robot, Markov, into Robostus, a raging techno-threat with the power to bring inanimate objects to life.

2x07 Gigantitan

  • 2017-11-26T18:30:00Z — 21 mins

Marinette's plans to ask Adrien out on a romantic walk are foiled when Hawk Moth akumatizes a frustrated child into a giant, lollipop-seeking baby.

2x08 The Dark Owl

  • 2017-12-10T18:30:00Z — 21 mins

After school principal Damocles is akumatized into Dark Owl, he traps Ladybug and Cat Noir in a warehouse and tries to uncover their true identities.

2x09 Glaciator

  • 2018-01-14T18:30:00Z — 21 mins

Marinette meets Alya and friends for a treat at André's, a legendary Parisian ice cream maker, but André is akumatized into the villain Glaciator.

2x10 Sapotis

  • 2018-01-21T18:30:00Z — 21 mins

During a sleepover with Marinette, Alya punishes her twin sisters, Etta and Ella, who get akumatized into monsters that multiply when they eat.

2x11 Gorizilla

  • 2018-05-13T17:30:00Z — 22 mins

Marinette must rescue Adrien from a group of overzealous fans and from his own bodyguard, who has been akumatized into the hulking Gorizilla.

2x12 Captain Hardrock

  • 2018-05-20T17:30:00Z — 22 mins

Hawk Moth akumatizes Juleka's mother into Captain Hardrock, a pirate whose indestructible ship blasts loud music to destroy a music festival.

2x13 Zombizou

  • 2018-05-27T07:00:00Z — 21 mins

Sweet and lovely Miss Bustier gets akumatized into Zombizou. Armed with an evil black lipstick, she wants to spread love in the city, by force.

2x14 Syren

  • 2018-06-03T17:30:00Z — 22 mins

Talented swimmer Ondine gets akumatized into Syren. She has feelings for Kim and wants to turn Paris into an underwater kingdom for her prince.

2x15 Frightningale

  • 2018-06-10T17:30:00Z — 22 mins

Marinette is cast to play Ladybug and Adrien as Cat Noir for a music video honoring the heroes, but the star gets akumatized into a musical monster.

2x16 Troublemaker

  • 2018-06-17T17:30:00Z — 22 mins

A rock star is scheduled to visit the bakery owned by Marinette's parents, but his overwhelmed personal assistant is akumatized by Hawk Moth.

2x17 Anansi

  • 2018-09-23T17:30:00Z — 22 mins

Alya's older sister Nora becomes akumatized by Hawk Moth into Anansi, an enormous spider-woman hybrid named after an African folktale.

2x18 Sandboy

  • 2018-09-30T17:30:00Z — 22 mins

The supervillain Sandboy uses his powers to turn the nightmares of Parisians into reality, forcing a Tikki-less Marinette to intervene.

2x19 Reverser

  • 2018-10-07T17:30:00Z — 22 mins

Angry over his perception that Marinette and Nathaniel humiliated him, fellow student Marc becomes Reverser, who is determined to get revenge.

2x20 Frozer

  • 2018-10-14T17:30:00Z — 22 mins

A figure skater gets akumatized by Hawk Moth into Frozer, a villain armed with powerful skates who tries to turn Paris into a frozen wasteland.

When she is humiliated by Gabriel, Chloe's mother becomes Style Queen, who possesses a magical scepter and aims to exact her revenge on Adrien.

In an attempt to impress her mother, Chloe tries to become the superhero Queen Bee but is instead transformed into the supervillain Queen Wasp.

2x23 Malediktator

  • 2018-10-28T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

When Chloe considers leaving Paris, her father, Mayor Bourgeois, turns into Malediktator, a powerful villain who wants her to stay at any cost.

2x24 Catalyst: Heroes' Day (1)

  • 2018-11-18T18:30:00Z — 24 mins

Marinette lies about preparing a good deed to perform for others on the Day of Heroes and quickly finds her untruth spinning out of control.

2x25 Mayura: Heroes' Day (2)

  • 2018-11-18T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Ladybug and Cat Noir face one of their most fearsome opponents when Hawk Moth sets a sinister plan into motion by akumatizing his assistant.

3x01 Backwarder

  • Season Premiere

    2019-04-14T17:30:00Z — 26 mins

After Marinette mixes up some messages, an old love of Master Fu becomes Backwarder, who wields a magic wand that can steal time from others.

3x02 Weredad

  • 2019-04-21T17:30:00Z — 26 mins

Disappointed that Cat Noir doesn't return his daughter's love, Tom becomes Weredad, who locks Marinette in a magic prison to protect her from hurt.

3x03 Chameleon

  • 2019-04-28T17:30:00Z — 26 mins

Marinette and Adrien confront Lila with her lies, so she asks Hawk Moth to akumatize her into Chameleon, a new villain determined to destroy Ladybug.

3x04 Animaestro

  • 2019-05-05T17:30:00Z — 26 mins

Humiliated at the premiere of his new Ladybug and Cat Noir movie, the director becomes Animaestro, forcing the real superheroes to act fast.

3x05 Bakerix

  • 2019-05-12T17:30:00Z — 26 mins

Marinette meets her grumpy grandpa for the first time, leading him to akumatize into a villain who wants to destroy everything modern in Paris.

3x06 Silencer

  • 2019-05-19T17:30:00Z — 26 mins

Marinette and Kitty Section record a music video, but an unscrupulous producer, the father of XY, steals their ideas and inspires Luka to seek revenge.

3x07 Oblivio

  • 2019-05-26T17:30:00Z — 26 mins

When they enter the Montparnasse Tower, Ladybug and Cat Noir lose their memories and transform back into Marinette and Adrien in front of each other.

3x08 Stormy Weather 2

  • 2019-06-02T17:30:00Z — 26 mins

Chloé picks on Aurore after her grades slip due to her job as a weather girl, angering her and allowing Hawk Moth to transform her back into Stormy Weather, but this time with her powers much stronger than before. After defeating her, Marinette works up the courage to deliver some schoolwork Adrien missed due to a photoshoot.

3x10 Oni-Chan

  • 2019-10-21T17:30:00Z — 26 mins

Kagami becomes jealous when Lila manipulates her way into the Agreste mansion and turns into Oni-Chan, a masked villain who can teleport.

3x11 Miraculer

  • 2019-10-22T17:30:00Z — 26 mins

Sabrina, angry at Chloe for the attention she gives to Ladybug, becomes Miraculer, who can steal powers away from superheroes.

3x12 The Puppeteer 2

  • 2019-10-23T17:30:00Z — 26 mins

Marinette tries to arrange some alone time with Adrien at the wax museum, but she's supposed to be babysitting Manon, who becomes Puppeteer again.

3x15 Kwamibuster

  • 2019-10-27T08:00:00Z — 26 mins

Mrs. Mendeleiev gets akumatized into Kwamibuster. She wants to capture Tikki and Plagg to prove to the world that these magic creatures are real. Ladybug and Cat Noir will have to protect their secret at all costs.

3x19 Party Crasher

  • 2019-10-31T18:30:00Z — 26 mins

After Adrien tells his friend Wayem he's not allowed to have friends over, Wayem discovers an impromptu party at the Agrestes that makes him jealous.

3x20 Gamer 2.0

  • 2019-11-03T18:30:00Z — 26 mins

When he can't find anyone to test his video game that pits formerly akumatized villains against one another, Max again becomes one himself: Gamer 2.0.

3x21 Cat Blanc

  • 2019-11-10T18:30:00Z — 26 mins

When Marinette makes a serious mistake, she has to facethe consequences by fighting the last person she ever imagined would get akumatized.

3x22 Félix

  • 2019-11-17T18:30:00Z — 26 mins

When Félix, Adrien's cousin, visits Paris and sows discord between Adrien and his friends, Alya, Rose and Juleka get akumatized into the Trio of Punishers. Can Ladybug and Cat Noir stop the three villains and reason with Félix?

3x24 Chris Master

  • 2019-12-01T18:30:00Z — 26 mins

Marinette babysits Nino's little brother, Chris, who akumatizes into Chris Master and wields a magic snow globe that can make giant toys.

Ladybug and Cat Noir confront Mr. and Mrs. Bourgeois, who have become "Loveater", a two-headed Cerberus that devours all the love in Paris.

Hawk Moth akumatizes Chloé into Miracle Queen to make her take control of all Miraculous holders. Will Ladybug and Cat Noir be able to escape this fatal plan?

4x01 Truth

  • Season Premiere

    2021-04-11T17:30:00Z — 26 mins

Since becoming the new guardian of the Miracle Box, Marinette has been overwhelmed. She doesn't see her friends anymore, abandons Cat Noir, and misses all her dates with Luka. Luka senses that Marinette has a secret, but she can't tell him that when she leaves, it is to become Ladybug and save Paris. Deeply hurt that Marinette doesn't trust him enough to confide her secret, Luka is akumatized into Truth. Helped by his sentimonster, Pharo, a giant eye capable of forcing people to tell the truth, he not only wants to know Marinette's secret... but also Ladybug and Cat Noir's secret for Shadow Moth!

4x02 Lies

  • 2021-04-18T17:30:00Z — 26 mins

Adrien's relationship with Kagami begins to fall apart when he is forced to ditch several of their dates to protect Paris as Cat Noir. In the latest of these incidents, Adrien transforms to protect Ladybug from Truth, and later lies to Kagami that he had to retrieve the lucky charm he received from Marinette, unaware that he had actually dropped it earlier and Kagami had found it. She confronts him over his constant lying and, heartbroken, is akumatized by Shadow Moth into "Lies", a ghost-like villain with the ability to paralyze anyone who has ever lied. After her defeat, Kagami, understanding that Adrien wasn't being malicious but still hurt by his behavior, breaks off their relationship.

4x03 Gang of secrets

  • 2021-04-25T17:30:00Z — 26 mins

Following her break-up, her growing responsibilities as the Guardian, and having to shut-out her friends and family to protect her secrets, Marinette becomes increasingly overwhelmed and depressed. Worried about Marinette hiding from them how she feels now about her friends come to her house to talk and give her a friendship bracelet made with beads and almost discover the Miracle Box, forcing her to lash out at them and denounce their friendship to get them to leave. Devastated, Marinette's friends are akumatized back into Lady Wi-Fi, Reflekta, Princess Fragrance, Timebreaker, and Horrificator as the "Gang of Secrets", who want to force Marinette to reveal her secrets so they can renew their friendship. Ladybug successfully helps Alya resist her akumatization and recruits her as Rena Rouge to help defeat the others. After the victory, Marinette reconciles with her friends. In private with Alya, unable to shoulder her secrets alone, Marinette reveals her identity as Ladybug.

4x04 Mr. Pigeon 72

  • 2021-05-23T17:30:00Z — 26 mins

Now aware of Marinette's secrets, Alya assists her with Ladybug's duties. Later, Marinette drags Kagami to the pool, in an attempt to console her after her break-up. There, Bob Roth is filming a new commercial for Gabriel, starring Adrien and Mr. Ramier's pigeons. Marinette's efforts inadvertently disrupt the commercial, making Bob unfairly lash out at and fire Mr. Ramier. Shadow Moth re-akumatizes Mr. Ramier into Mr. Pigeon for the 72nd time, with the power to turn people into pigeons. Adrien is transformed by the pigeons, making Ladybug enlist the help of Plagg and Rena Rouge to defeat Mr. Pigeon. Once he has been de-akumatized, Rena Rouge approaches Ladybug, using her new findings to inspire Ladybug to unlock the ability to create "Magical Charms", which prevent their holders' re-akumatizations. Soon after, Kagami tells Marinette that she is the one who is really made for Adrien, and the two of them share a moment together in the rain (calling back to "Stoneheart").

4x05 Furious Fu

  • 2021-05-30T17:30:00Z — 26 mins

Ladybug and Cat Noir face someone they know well, and never imagined they would have to fight someday.

4x06 Sole Crusher

  • 2021-06-06T17:30:00Z — 26 mins

A newcomer to Marinette's circle of friends gets akumatized into Sole Crusher, a humongous supervillain who can absorb people.

4x07 Queen Banana

  • 2021-06-13T17:30:00Z — 26 mins

Chloe is akumatized into Queen Banana; Ladybug decides to entrust a Miraculous to help her stop a supervillain.

4x08 Guiltrip

  • 2021-06-20T17:30:00Z — 26 mins

When Reflekta becomes entangled in a bottomless abyss of guilt, Ladybug calls an ally for help with unshakable optimism.

4x09 Crocoduel

  • 2021-08-29T17:30:00Z — 26 mins

Marinette has avoided Luka at all costs since she broke up with him, because she likes Adrien, but the situation is affecting her friends. They decide to help the two talk on Juleka's birthday. The plan goes wrong and two people are akumatized.

4x10 Optigami

  • 2021-09-05T17:30:00Z — 26 mins

Shadow Moth creates a fearsome supervillain while Marinette and Adrien can't transform into Ladybug and Cat Noir.

4x11 Sentibubbler

  • 2021-09-12T17:30:00Z — 26 mins

Shadow Moth creates Sentibubbler, a fearsome sentimonster that will only stop if Rena Rouge betrays Ladybug and Cat Noir.

4x12 Rocketear

  • 2021-09-19T17:30:00Z — 26 mins

As Guardian of Miraculous, Ladybug must make difficult decisions which affect the people around her; but not everyone is ready to live in permanent hiding like her.

4x13 Wishmaker

  • no air date — 26 mins

A supervillain comes to Paris and interrupts Marinette’s attempts to think about her future as the villain transforms people’s childhood dreams into nightmares.

4x14 Mega Leech

  • no air date — 26 mins

When Marinette and her friends go to protest against the deforestation of a square in Paris, Mayor André Bourgeois is enraged and is akumatized. Now Ladybug will have to defend not only the square but all of Paris.

4x16 Hack-San

  • 2021-09-14T17:30:00Z — 26 mins

When Marinette needs to leave Paris for a day for her aunt's birthday in London, the fear of something happening in Ladybug's absence makes her super nervous. Shadow Moth manages to infect Max's robot with an evil virus to akumatize it again. What will happen?

4x17 Rocketear

  • no air date — 26 mins

As Guardian of Miraculous, Ladybug must make difficult decisions which affect the people around her; but not everyone is ready to live in permanent hiding like her.

4x18 Wishmaker

  • no air date — 26 mins

A supervillain comes to Paris and interrupts Marinette’s attempts to think about her future as the villain transforms people’s childhood dreams into nightmares.

4x19 Episode 19

  • no air date — 26 mins

4x21 Episode 21

  • no air date — 26 mins

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