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free of charge in a sentence

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  • Some communities will set out poison for outdoor rats free of charge.
  • He said Friday that all supplies would be delivered free of charge.
  • The parking bays are free of charge for the convenience of shoppers.
  • The airline offered to fly relatives of those killed free of charge.
  • Women are allowed to leave messages on the system free of charge.
  • British Airways flies the rescued pets to South Africa free of charge.
  • Some access providers allow users to create home pages free of charge.
  • A division chief can make 100 calls a month free of charge.
  • Coyne said of the forest areas users can visit free of charge.
  • It helps patients free of charge in several centers around the country.
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  • The company has printed leaflets for the Yeltsin campaign free of charge.
  • Why would someone walk in and offer their help free of charge?
  • Most sites are free of charge but some have annual subscription fees.
  • Israel has distributed gas masks free of charge for its citizens.
  • The conferences are free of charge for everyone interested in TeX.
  • The videotapes will be shipped to their families free of charge.
  • Both ClamAV and its updates are made available free of charge.
  • Not all information should be provided to anyone free of charge.
  • When the Depression came, he kept teaching her free of charge.
  • Admission was free of charge and Exit got its sixth day.
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