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RockSim v10.0 Trial Edition Features

  • YES! You can save your designs.
  • YES! You can print your designs and simulation graphs.
  • YES! You can export data to be used in spreadsheet programs.
  • YES! You can view all the different graphs.
  • YES! You can perform optimum mass calculations.
  • YES! You can see RockSim Cd prediction.
  • YES! You can add motors to the database.
  • YES! You can add parts to the databases.
  • YES! You can view the awesome 2D Flight Profile.

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What is the catch? The trial edition software is free, but after 30 days, it will stop working. At that point, I hope you see how much of a bargain RockSim really is, and will consider investing in a full copy.

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Windows Instructions for Installing and Activating:

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RockSim 10 will install in a NEW directory during installation. If you have a previous version, you do not need to delete it. The download you just completed is a FULL installation of RockSim 10. 


Mac Instructions :

Minimum Requirements: (see system requirements here)

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I'm new to Model Rocketry!I'm new to Model Rocketry!
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I want more info on RockSim Software!I want more info on RockSim Software!
Trial version and tutorials for our simulation software.
I'm a student or educator!I'm a student or educator!
Teaching resources.


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