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The Filipino word for ‘dictionary’ is diksyunaryo, also now formally spelled as diksyonaryo, as the current preference of the Philippine Language Commission is to follow more closely the original Spanish word diccionario.

Several Tagalog words have been coined to translate the word ‘dictionary’ into the native language — among these are talatinigan, talahulugan and talahuluganan. A related word is talasalitaan, now taken to correspond to the English word ‘glossary’ or ‘vocabulary.’

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The root word tala- means a list or a record. The word hulugan means ‘meaning’ while salita means ‘word’. The word tinig means ‘sound’ so in effect a talatinigan is a list of pronunciations, i.e., a pronouncing dictionary. Most Filipinos simply use the English word ‘dictionary’ though they may pronounce it dik-sho-ne-ri or dík·syo·ná·ri.

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We are currently working on two online dictionaries. The first one is an English-Spanish-Tagalog dictionary of words from the early 20th century. Many of the words, their meanings and spellings, have changed, but it serves as a reference for Filipino students of Philippine literature and documents from that time period.

The other is a Tagalog-English dictionary that is slowly being built based on frequently searched terms on Tagalog Lang.

Since 2007 when we started keeping track, until the year 2009 when the volume so skyrocketed that we gave up tracking every single entry, this site received 150,000 unique searches. Many of the words were not even Tagalog! But they have provided great insight into what our visitors are interested in.

This is not an academic project, so you won’t be seeing every possible definition or conjugation of a word. Instead, we present the most common meaning used in Tagalog conversation with examples, and we mention alternative spellings, misspellings and slang. We have also been adding pronunciation audio to the entries.

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