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17 The Family Stone Trivia Questions & Answers

Family Stone, The
This category is for trivia questions and answers related to The Family Stone, as asked by users of FunTrivia.com.

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1 The Stone family consists of a pair of parents and their five very different but equally loved children. The matriarch of the family is Sybil Stone, a strong, outspoken woman. What veteran actress charmingly pulls off the role of Sybil?
Answer: Diane Keaton

Diane Keaton, who has appeared in everything from 'The Godfather' to 'Father of the Bride', is her usual, excellent self in the role as the dying Sybil. Keaton was nominated for four Oscars prior to this film, and won a Best Actress award for her role in 1978's 'Annie Hall'.
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What is Everett allergic to?

2 Who is the youngest Stone child?
Answer: Amy

"The Family Stone" is a movie about Christmas with the Stone family; parents Kelly and Sybil, as well as children Everett, Ben, Susannah, Thad and Amy. The oldest brother, Everett (Dermot Mulroney), brings home his girlfriend, Meredith (Sarah Jessica Parker), for Christmas to meet the family, and youngest sister Amy (who had met Meredith a few months prior) seems to lead the revolt against her.
3 What town is Meredith from?
Answer: Bedford

Meredith is meeting the Stone family for the first time, as she comes home with her boyfriend Everett. However she's a little more uptight than the laidback Stones and they dislike her immediately. At one point in the movie she mentions that she comes from Bedford.
4 Everett has four siblings, two brothers and two sisters. Which of his siblings is by far the most aggressively antagonistic to poor Meredith?
Answer: Amy

Amy Stone, played by the lovely and talented Rachel McAdams, is clearly from a different planet than Meredith. While Meredith is prim and proper, Amy is adventurous and provocative. Rachel McAdams makes the most of her role as Amy, injecting it with her usual sassiness, but pulling back when circumstances require it. If you like her in this movie, check out 'Mean Girls' and 'The Notebook', she is a wonderful actress!
5 What is Everett allergic to?
Answer: Mushrooms

When Meredith attempts to make strata for Christmas morning breakfast, she includes mushrooms but all the Stones remind her that Everett (Dermot Mulroney) is allergic. At this point the Stones, and Meredith all begin to question if Everett and Meredith are right for each other, given that she doesn't know basic information about him, like his allergies.
6 What physical impairment distinguishes Everett's brother Thad from the rest of his siblings?
Answer: Deafness

Thad is the youngest boy, and happens to be deaf. Each member of the family has learned how to sign adeptly, and they regularly use sign language in group discussions. Apparently, based on the commentary from the actors, the two worst actors at learning sign language were Craig T. Nelson and Luke Wilson.
7 What clue does Meredith attempt to act out during Charades?
Answer: The Bride Wore Black

Meredith is not very good with charades. First she includes the song clue "Billy Don't Be A Hero" which everyone agrees is a terrible clue. The Meredith tries to act out "The Bride Wore Black", but Amy does not make it very easy for her when she accuses Meredith of pointing to Thad's boyfried Patrick (Brian White), who happens to be black.
8 Youngest brother Thad is unique in several ways. He also happens to be the only gay child of the Stone clan. What is the name of Thad's loving partner?
Answer: Patrick Thomas

Thad Stone is played by Hollywood newcomer Tyrone Giordano, a real-life deaf actor. His partner, Patrick, is played by actor Brian White, who you may have seen previously in movies such as 'Mr. 3000', 'Brick' and 'Dirty'.
9 What piece of tableware does Sybil throw at the dining table?
Answer: Fork

After Meredith makes some unintentionally, derogatory comments about Thad (Tyrone Giordano) at the dinner table on Christmas Eve, Sybil throws a fork at him to get his attention.
10 What store does Ben's jacket come from?
Answer: Filene's Basement

Susannah (Elizabeth Reaser) buys Ben (Luke Wilson) a jacket from Filene's Basement for Christmas. He then asks if it is Houndstooth. Later on he wears the jacket as he and Everett race around the house, and he warns Everett not to hurt his new jacket.
11 Everett asks Sybil for his grandmother's ring so that he can propose to Meredith, but who ends up wearing the ring?
Answer: Julie

When Meredith has a difficult time relating to the Stone family she asks her sister Julie (Claire Danes) to join her for Christmas. Everett asks Julie to try on the ring and it gets stuck. This seems to be a little foreshadowing, because in the end, Everett and Julie end up together.
12 In a local bar, Meredith meets a man named Brad who was once dating Everett's younger sister Amy. What does Brad do for a living?
Answer: Paramedic

Meredith and Ben settle in at the local bar, where Brad appears. Immediately, Meredith begins insisting that Brad sit with them, as she has plans to embarrass Amy by inviting him over to the Stone house.
13 What is Brad's partner's name?
Answer: David

While out at a bar on Christmas Eve Meredith and Ben run into Amy's old boyfriend Brad (Paul Schneider) and his EMT partner David (Robert Dioguardi) and invite them to join them for a drink.
14 On Christmas Eve, sisters Amy (who falls asleep) and Susannah watch a classic film, namely 'Meet Me in St. Louis'. What classic film star appears on their television in that film, singing 'Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas'?
Answer: Judy Garland

Susannah, whose husband is away, enjoys a very sentimental moment on the television while other members of the family are either sleeping or out on the town. Like 'Meet Me in St. Louis', 'The Family Stone' could be remembered by fans as a Christmas movie.
15 What is the name of Susannah's husband?
Answer: John

A very pregnant Susannah and her daughter Elizabeth (Savannah Stehlin) arrive at the family home all alone, because her husband John (Jamie Kaler) has to work. Susannah seems very lonely during Christmas Eve without her husband, and she stays up late waiting for him, while watching Judy Garland sing "Have yourself a Merry little Christmas" in the movie "Meet Me in St. Louis".
16 What family member has passed away by the end of the film?
Answer: The mother, Sybil

Sadly, Sybil reveals to her husband and a few other family members that she is sick. It is never specifically mentioned, but she is clearly suffering from breast cancer and has had a breast removed. She passes away by the end of the film, but not before Everett finds love with Meredith's sister Julie, and Ben falls for Meredith.

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17 In the final scenes (the second Christmas), Amy is seen wearing something that Sybil wore the previous Christmas. What is it?
Answer: Her Ring

The square black ring that Amy wears while decorating the Christmas tree is the same ring her mother wore the previous year. Smart viewers will catch this (it's also mentioned on the DVD commentary) as it infers a strong bond between the youngest Stone child and her now-deceased mother.

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