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Cherished By Seven Sisters by Melvin Houle Chapter 620

Cherished By Seven Sisters by Melvin Houle Chapter 620

Chapter 620 The Supposed Traitor 

This young man dared to step on the head of the statue of the Empyrean Lord, an act of blasphemy that trampled on the dignity of the people of Chanaca

They began to loudly berate, Traitor!” 

Emrys, who appeared to be Chanacan, committed an act of extreme disrespect towards the Empyrean Lord. It was clear to the crowd that he was nothing but a traitor to the 


Cillian was also cursing

He realized he had been mistaken. Someone like that was simply not worthy of being his friend

Alex, along with the hundred Divinity cultivators of the Deity Slayer Alliance, wore complex expressions. They couldn’t help but wonder, What exactly is this young man from Chanaca up to? Is he a friend or foe

Soon, they had the answer

Suddenly, a loud noise echoed through the air. Emrys stomped his foot right on top of the stone statue’s head. Following this, a crack appeared, running down the statue’s forehead like a bolt of lightning, all the way to its base


The stone statue of the Empyrean Lord split in two, crashing to the ground with a thunderous thud

In an instant, there was dead silence

D*mn it

D*mn it

D*mn it

That despicable traitor

Countless cultivators from Chanaca, their eyes red with rage, roared in anger. They wished they could immediately execute Emrys and parade his corpse through the streets

Chapter 620 The Supposed Trattor 


Who would have thought that what ultimately shattered their last vestige of faith was not the artificial Divinity cultivators of the Deity Slayer Alliance, but a traitor from Chanaca, a fellow countryman

Even if he were to be killed ten million times, it would not be enough to cleanse his sins

The countless Chanacans were seething with rage. A torrent of curses and insults spewed forth, virtually every conceivable invective that one could think of in Chanaea was hurled 


Of course, all of this was understandable. After all, Emrysactions had provoked an unbelievable amount of resentment

While the Chanaeans were hurling insults, they were also filled with immense disappointment. This was because they saw the thirtysix guardians of Sky Devourer Palace remained surprisingly expressionless

The thirtysix guardians had thoroughly disappointed the Chanacans. They speculated that these thirtysix individuals, like that young man, were all traitors who had undoubtedly surrendered to the Deity Slayer Alliance long ago

This is simply disgraceful. Sky Devourer Palace is no longer the guardian temple of Chanaea, but rather a sanctuary for traitors

And so, everyone began to collectively berate the thirtysix guardians of Sky Devourer Palace

The thirtysix guardians were filled with bitterness in their hearts. Who could have imagined that their leader, so adept at his schemes, would actually destroy his own statue

However, they believed that the truth would soon be revealed

Emrys shattered the stone statue, a sight that left the hundred Divinity cultivators, led by Alex, dumbfounded and cheering in their hearts

Originally, due to the presence of the mysterious energy shield, they faced some difficulty in trying to destroy the statue of the Sky Devourer Lord. Unexpectedly, a traitor emerged from within Chanaea

Is this proof of allegiance

Alex’s face showed a hint of admiration as he said with a smile, My friend, your decision is very wise. Welcome to the alliance. From now on, you will be secondincommand to me, the Supreme Deity.” 


Chapter 620 The Supposed Traitor 

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Alex spoke with an air of selfassuredness. Since the socalled traitor had declared his allegiance, it was only right that he reward him. He decided to grant the traitor a position. of unparalleled prestige, second only to himself and superior to all others

To the astonishment of everyone present, Emrys glanced at him and retorted, Who do you think you are?” 

Alex was momentarily shocked. Although he was not fluent in Chanaean, he could sense from Emrystone and behavior that he was swearing at him

As for the Chanaeans who were hurling insults at Emrys, they also paused in surprise

Upon witnessing Emrys destroy the statue of the Empyrean Lord, they instinctively assumed that he was working with Alex. However, his words made it clear that this was not 

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Cherished By Seven Sisters Novel

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