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Finger Vein Authentication

BOCHK's "Finger Vein Authentication" provides you with instant access to fast and secure banking services at branches and ATMs. Enjoy signature and password-free authorization to conduct designated transactions now!

"Finger Vein Authentication" incorporates near-infrared LED to scan the finger and identify your unique finger vein pattern. This serves as a secure identity verification method as each person has his/her unique and non-repetitive pattern that does not change after adulthood.

Service Benefits


Finger veins are found beneath the skin's surface, creating a "living password" with blood flow that is difficult to forge.


Finger vein patterns are not altered by sweat, stains or peeling on your fingers, therefore the accuracy of identification will remain unaffected. The system can instantly compare the customer's registered finger vein information to verify the identity.


A customer is required to register for the "Finger Vein Authentication" only once. Afterwards, they can use their finger vein to replace signature or ATM card password to authorize bank transactions with ease.

Applicable Transactions

Applicable Transactions at branch:

  • Cash withdrawal
  • Transfer
  • Currency exchange
  • Bill payment
  • Personal Internet / Phone Banking password or ATM card password reset
  • Re-issue BOC Card
  • Access to Safe Deposit Box
  • Amend statement Information


Applicable Transactions at ATM:

  • Cash withdrawal
  • Transfer
  • Account balance inquiry
  • Bank statement or cheque book application
  • Password reset
  • ATM outside Hong Kong daily withdrawal limit and activation period setting
  • MPF balance inquiry
  • BOC Express Cash loan top up


Reminder: To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!

For the Conditions for Services of Finger Vein Authentication, please click here for details.