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You can use WhatsApp on your Xbox One

You can now get WhatsApp on your Xbox One! Thanks to a recent update to Microsoft Edge you can now use WhatsApp Web. It even works snapped!

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XanderZane1726d ago

Had never even heard of this app until now. Is it some kind of text message app that you can use on your computer? There are so many apps out now, who can remember them all?

OC_MurphysLaw1726d ago

Its actually a really good messaging app. The community I run with has gamers in US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand. All of can communicate via what's app with no additional long distance charges or texting charges. We coordinate game nights regularly with it.

kennyg37391726d ago

nobody is trying to remember them all, this is very popular app and now its available on the Xbox which is nice for people who used the app.

XanderZane1724d ago

I had never heard of it. There are millions of apps, so yes, it can be hard remembering them all. Don't understand the disagrees, when what I've said is a fact. I'm glad it's available on the XBox. Now I get to try it out and see what it's about.

RaTaTaT1726d ago

My clan uses this app. It will be great to use it right on the xbox

Christopher1726d ago

Anyone used this and know if you can have the app on your phone and on XBO and use the same groups with the same number? That's my one issue with Whatsapp, it doesn't work across multiple devices. At least not the last time I've tried it.

cell9891726d ago

Whats app is amazing for mobile devices, not sure how practical it can be for home console, but cool

1726d ago
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