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Moves for Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath
Tiers for Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath

This man turned a pumpkin into a working arcade stick, plays Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

A very creative streamer who goes by the handle of G-P has successfully brought to fruition one of the most creative arcade fight sticks we've seen yet.

G-P, who has been known to create such devices out of peculiar objects, recently promised his viewers that if he were to gain enough followers on his Twitch channel he'd spend a session attempting to create and play on a controller made out of a hollowed out pumpkin. The goal was met, and he stayed true to his word.

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Three ways to potentially fix Super Dashes in Dragon Ball FighterZ

Super Dashes remain Dragon Ball FighterZ's most divisive mechanic three years in, and even Bandai Namco's recent poll on the matter showed that most of the 33,000 people that voted do not like them as they are now.

Cleary, the advice of get good and 2H them on reaction isn't exactly holding up — especially at a time when the vast majority of the matches are being played online — but what routes could Bandai Namco and Arc System Works try in the future to help fix some of the frustrations Super Dashes can bring?

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Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R's exciting GGPO rollback netcode beta is now live and here's how to access it

Guilty Gear Strive will serve as the first new entry in the franchise to include rollback netcode out of the box once it launches in 2021, but one of the older games has now beat it to the punch in terms of being first overall.

The limited-time open beta for Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R's GGPO rollback netcode test is now available to try out on PC through Steam though there's a few steps you'll need to take to access it.

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Punk releases updated Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition tier list with a fairly surprising pick in the top 5

Street Fighter 5 and other fighting games find themselves in interesting situations this year with all of their players stuck in their home regions for the time being thanks to the coronavirus, yet the metas have continued to evolve and take shape in new ways.

PG|Punk's been consistently at or near the top of the player pool since 2017, and now the competitor has released his tier list rankings for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition as we head towards the end of the season.

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Samurai Shodown Season 3 will feature guest character from another iconic SNK franchise

SNK has quite a bit of content regarding fighting games in the works right now from Samurai Shodown Season 3 to the still surprisingly absent King of Fighters 15, and now there's a nice little update on how things are progressing — there's even a new game out right now.

Producer Yasuyuki Oda released a video to provide some new information for those looking forward to SamSho Season 3 as well as some nice news for fans of The Last Blade.

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Fan-made Tekken X Darkstalkers art is charmingly perfect

It's no major revelation to say that there's plenty of crossover when it comes to character design in fighting games, but to see the similarities between the roster members of Capcom's Darkstalkers and Bandai Namco's Tekken highlighted so vividly has us delightedly chuckling over and over as we appreciate the art of Michael "Michafrar" Azzi.

This Belgian artist has created a Tekken X Darkstalkers series that we simply cannot get enough of as he pairs together similar fighters from each franchise based primarily on personality and identity traits. King and Felicia explain how they perform their respective rolling and pouncing techniques, demon hunters Donovan and Zafina strike poses together, and Unknown and John Talbain appreciate what life is like having been possessed by a wolf.

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Seth has emerged as a monster of a character right now in Street Fighter 5 and we explore why, plus discuss SF4 vs. SF5 in 2020

Street Fighter 5's latest character, Seth, has been growing in popularity at an undeniable rate as we see him pop up more and more frequently in tournaments as well as on CFN, which means we're taking a closer look here on the podcast.

Armed with plenty of strong tools, various ways for players to approach him, and an axe kick that probably needs to be toned down, Seth is proving to be fun for many; but this kind of look usually means the character in question is overpowered and too easy to win with. That, however, might not be the case with Seth.

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Piccolo's Homing Energy Blast and Master Roshi's Martial Spirit are among the top 10 best assists in Dragon Ball FighterZ according to Jmcrofts

Dragon Ball FighterZ is a fighting game where team building at the character selection screen is critical towards achieving optimal play. One can argue that the assist or support characters are even more important than the "point" characters.

A team in Dragon Ball FighterZ is more likely to work if one or more of the fighters have access to a strong assist. As such, it's vital to understand which assists are the best in the game.

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'A million souls cried out for my return' - Mileena's intro dialogue is a clear reference to her fan demand in Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate

Mileena might very well be the DLC character that's secured the most fan support for Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate. Before her reveal, Ed Boon had been poking fun at Mileena fans due to the sheer volume of requests that he was receiving nearly every day on Twitter.

It seems that even Mileena herself is aware of her fan demand. In a clip released by NetherRealm Studios, Mileena seemingly breaks the fourth wall to reference the fans that have been making requests for her return in an intro dialogue with Erron Black.

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Masahiro Sakurai: The biggest crisis yet in our long history of making Super Smash Bros. games was that we weren't allowed to use songs from Minecraft

In Masahiro Sakurai's latest entry for the Famitsu Column, new information about the inclusion of Steve, Alex, Zombie and Enderman from Minecraft in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was revealed. Interestingly enough, Sakurai noted how there were difficulties regarding the music tracks that were included with the Minecraft content.

"The music selection for Minecraft in particular also turned out to be the biggest crisis yet in our long history of making Super Smash Bros. games," wrote Sakurai. "Due to certain circumstances, we were not allowed to use songs from the actual game."

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Rambo's second Fatality makes creative use out of an electric fence and an ammo belt in Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate

During today's Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate Kombat Kast, NetherRealm Studios showed Rambo's second Fatality off. As usual, things get pretty gory as Rambo uses an excessive amount of lethal force against Kano.

Rambo starts by wrapping Kano in an ammo belt. While Rambo doesn't use a firearm during this particular Fatality, these bullets are going to inflict a lot of damage to Rambo's victim.

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Update: Rambo Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate Kombat Kast stream now live

Update: The Kombat Kast stream has been added to the story and is now live. Check it out after the jump.

Earlier: We'll be getting a detailed look at Rambo's gameplay in Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate very soon. According to NetherRealm Studios, the next Kombat Kast featuring the Vietnam veteran will broadcast tomorrow at 1 pm PDT / 3 pm CDT / 4 pm EDT.

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5 Darkstalkers costumes we still need in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

Capcom's Darkstalkers franchise is one of the few horror-themed fighting games around though over the past decade it's been relegated to crossover and cameo appearances instead of any new entries into the series.

Street Fighter 5's seen two DLC packs and seven costumes for the iconic Darkstalkers characters make their way to the game over the past few years from Felicia to Morrigan, so with Halloween right around the corner, what better time to look at some of the most obvious choices still left on the table than now.

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With over 20 years of lore to pull from, who should be the final character to make Guilty Gear Strive's base roster?

Guilty Gear Strive will serve as the culmination of the series' 22-year history, world building and story, so fans are really expecting / hoping for everything to go out with a bang.

With 14 of the base roster's 15 characters already revealed, that leaves just one slot remaining to play in Strive day one, but there's still a ton of iconic and fan-favorite fighters left to choose from.

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Controversial SNK Allstar advertisement tarnishes Terry Bogard's family-friendly reputation, SNK removes and distances themselves from commercial

When licensing out a company's iconic characters to advertise or promote something else, it's important to be very careful as to how everything is used / portrayed, but even then there are things that still slip through the cracks.

A new SNK Allstar advertisement sparked controversy quickly after the commercial appeared online which featured poster boy Terry Bogard performing acts that many deemed offensive and uncharacteristic of the fighting game legend — and SNK seemed none too pleased by it as well.

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New X-Men comic variant covers pay nostalgic homage to Marvel vs. Capcom series featuring Psylocke and Cable

X of Swords is the big new chapter of X-Men comic book line for Marvel, and while it's been generating plenty of buzz amongst regular readers, there's now a reason for fighting game fans to pay attention to it as well.

Unknown Comic Books will soon be releasing exclusive variant covers for a coule of X of Swords' most recent issues which are done in the style of a Marvel vs. Capcom-type game including health bars, 3v3 teams and more nostalgic nods to the historic series.

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Mileena's victory pose in Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate perfectly captures her visceral side

We got Rain last week and are looking forward to seeing Rambo tomorrow, but the NetherRealm Studios crew knows which of the three new Kombat Pack 2 DLC newcomers is stirring up the most excitement, which is why we're having to wait the longest for an in-depth look at Mileena in Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate.

While a Mileena Kombat Kast is expected in the coming weeks, we did get a very brief look at her victory sequence and pose during last week's Rain showcase. As the official Mortal Kombat Twitter notes, this was a "blink and you'll miss it" moment, but we did indeed get to see the ravenous character show us how she celebrates a win.

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