- mailbox in Germany, Czech Republic, Poland

How does it work?

Create mailbox

Register on our website. You will receive shipping addresses of European countries.


Shop online

Now you can use these addresses for ordering goods in shops all over the Europe.


We send the goods

In our warehouse we receive all your parcels. Then we will send them to you all over the world.


Why to use our services?

  • International Parcel forwarding service
  • The seller don't want to send parcel's abroad? The most of our customers use our service right in this case. You can easily create the mailbox in the country of the sender so he will send the parcel localy.
  • Do you wanna save your money by collecting parcels? Just store your parcels in our warehouse and than we will send you them in just one parcel for one shipping.
  • We can offer you service of dropshipping and fulfillment. Your supplier send the goods to our warehouse and we send them directly to your customers.
  • Address for your business activities in Germany, Czech Republic and Poland

Why to choose us?

  • We provide national & international shipment services since 2011. We have a lot of business experiences and we know what our customers want.
  • At this time we have more than 7 000 customers worldwide.
  • Our vision is to serve the top quality services for the reasonable prices. Make sure about it in price list.