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Emma HQ

Manage and organize email across locations

Our tiered Emma HQ platform includes an approvals dashboard, campaign management, asset and template sharing controls, and multi-account reporting from the activity dashboard.

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New feature

SFTP Connect

Can’t find an integration that fits your system? SFTP Connect is an easy way to automatically update your contacts inside Emma, regardless of your internal system.

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Marketing automation

The right email at every step of the customer journey

The best email marketing is personal, relevant, and timely. With Emma’s marketing automation suite, you can check all three boxes for every subscriber.

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Advanced Automation, welcome series

Day 1Welcome Email

Advanced Automation, personal emails

Day 3Targeted Offer

Advanced Automation, newsletters

Day 5Helpful Content

Trigger targeted messages based on subscriber activity

From website visits to recent purchases, Emma converts customer data into automated emails that are relevant and timely.

Deliver the perfect follow-up email

With Emma’s branching logic, whether or not someone opens an email or clicks a link becomes a trigger for the next campaign.

List segmentation

An easier way to segment your list

If you want to do email marketing successfully, list segmentation is key. It’s why we built the smartest, most intuitive segment builder just for you.

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Dynamic content

A personalized email for every subscriber

Dynamic content lets you deliver unique content to each subscriber, all from one email. It's the ultimate personalization at scale.

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A/B content testing

Take the guesswork out of your marketing

content a/b testing

Let your audience vote on how you market to them with A/B content testing. You can test different aspects of your email with a small percentage of your audience, then send the winner to the rest of your list.

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Landing pages

Create a landing page with time to spare

landing pages

Easily,build beautiful landing pages with our drag and drop editor. The best part? You can publish them in a single click. No development time necessary.

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Email editor

Design gorgeous emails that win the inbox

drag and drop editor

Drag and drop editor

Our email editor lets you focus on your content, not endless help documentation. And hey, it’s pretty fun to use, too.

Mobile Design Mode

Mobile Design Mode

Easily design for mobile and desktop, and switch seamlessly between your edits and preview. Visualize mobile optimization options, and experience your ideas becoming emails.

Lightbox Forms

Email signup forms

Grow a quality email list faster

Our email signup forms let you choose just the right time to ask for an email address. You decide when, where, and after which action you’d like to build your audience.


Customizable subscriptions

Reduce opt-outs and increase engagement

Our customizable subscription options allow you to give your subscribers a say in what they receive: Reduce opt-outs, and gain insight into your most popular content.

Email analytics

Get better results with every send

Emma’s robust email analytics help you learn more about your subscribers and give you clear next steps (and they’re easy on the eyes).

Response dashboard

Precise, insightful reporting is critical so your team can use your data to do more of what’s working—and less of what’s not.

Mailing score

We created a new metric to simplify gauging email performance, sharing results, and benchmarking against past mailings.

Click map

We’ll show you where people are clicking within your email (on both desktop and mobile) so you can explore what content works best.

Guestbook for iPad

Build your email list from anywhere with Guestbook

Say goodbye to notepads, clipboards, and that fishbowl of business cards for good. Guestbook for iPad lets you collect email subscribers easily and in style, even when you’re not online.

app for iOS
Emma Guestbook, grow your list


Get in sync with the apps you love

Emma partners with the very best apps to ensure that wherever your data lives, it can power highly targeted campaigns that get results.

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