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Elsie Eccleston

Phoenix, Arizona


Phoenix, Arizona


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Elsie Eccleston, 94, of Phoenix, AZ passed away peacefully July 2, 2008. She has joined her husband of almost 60 years Henry Eccleston. Elsie is survived by her daughter Roberta (Cal) Crane of Phoenix, son Raymond (Trudy) Eccleston of Las Vegas and Prescott, 4 grandchildren, and 4 great...

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Dear Elsie:

I shall miss our visits over the past few years. After my mom passed away, I found great comfort visiting with you. You will always be rememberd in my heart and prayers.
Love, Arlene Metha

Grandma taught me the beautiful importance of mirth and mischief. She loved to laugh...and her laughter was so deliciously infectious that when she laughed we all laughed. Her attempts to tell jokes were famously non-sequiturial...she found the punchline so funny that the lead up was filled with her giggles to the point of incomprehension to all but Grandma. Ah, for the grace of yesterday's laughter :)

Knowing that I shall never hear Bert say, "Hi Evie, Mom would like to talk to you" has left an emptiness in my heart. I know at 78 years of age, having lost many dear ones that this space shall soon be filled with wonderful memories of time spent with Aunt Elsie. Most will be of our younger days. All will be joyful and bring a smile or even a hardy laugh. I found it hard to think of her without Uncle Harry. They were just good plain old fashion fun to be with. Now they are...

As a teenager when this wonderful (soon to be aunt) entered my life. I was awe struck. Yes she was just perfect, showing me High heel shoes, and don't forget the powder and paint. The special twinkle in her eyes showed us all there was so much in life to enjoy. Our lives were seperated by miles but that special love always shone through.
Love, Mary

We met Mrs. E. in 1957 while we were students at ASC (ASU). Mr. and Mrs. E. were so gracious to invite us to their home, especially for holiday dinners since we both lived far from our families. We have so many wonderful memories of the time we spent with them. Mrs. E. with her wonderful New Jersey accent, polished fingernails (unlike our mothers) and the straight woman to Mr. E's jokes. What a wonderful couple. We are so thankful that we had the opportunity to know them both.

2008 in God's time

Dear Elsie and family --both here and hereafter,
By now surely you have had a joyful reunion with that mysterious common ancestor responsible for Roberta's and my chimerical identity --we have been mistaken for each other, called sisters and even twins (from a distance, for sure!) The top story is Roberta's hair salon owner taking my hand, gushing: "Oh, you must be Roberta's sweet little mother!"
Also clear to me is the time at...

I met Mom in the spring of 1959. She was in her mid-40s and not very healthy. She told me a few months later that she did not believe she would live to be 50. So much for that prophecy!

During the 49 years that I have known her, I have realized what a wonderful, loving, and caring wife she was to her husband. My fondest memory was her unknowing and naive sense of humor which complemented Dad's hilarious dialogues. They were truly a "George Burns and Gracie Allen"...

I knew Elsie Eccleston in two capacities. One was as the mother of my longtime dear friend, Roberta. The other as a co-worker at Sears-Phoenix where she was a comptometer operator extraordinaire. I also remember her as a very skilled card player particularly at double solitaire.

Whenever I think of Elsie (although to me she will always be Mrs. Eccleston), I remember her smiling—a warm, friendly, happy-to-see you smile.

Jack and I send our condolences to her family.

I have been looking through family photo albums from 1965-1977 and have been reminded of Grandma's wigs! Her fastidious attention to her appearance. She retained that, and her dignity, all the way through her final years in the nursing homes. It was here, in these homes, that I first felt I had a relationship with my Grandmother. She was so immediate in her gratitude to see me. I felt vital upon arrival and inadequate upon leaving. On one of my last visits with her, it took Elsie nearly a...