List of electronic drum performers

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John Blackwell Jr. used electronic drums when he played with Prince.

This is a partial list of notable users of electronic drums. Electronic drums have sensors or sensor-equipped pads, which the drummer strikes with a stick (or with her hand) to trigger synthesized or sampled drum or percussion sounds that are stored in a memory in an electronic drum module or synthesizer. For many of the entries, the brand or type of electronic drum that they use is given, or one or more examples of songs that use electronic drums are provided.

"Users" includes individual musicians, DJs, music producers, and bands. People and groups are included whether they exclusively use electronic drums or if they use a mix of acoustic and electronic drums, or if they only use electronic drums on some songs.

Electronic drums should not be confused with drum machines, which use a computer program, rather than a human drummer, to play the beats and patterns.





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