Top 5 Best Electronic Drum Pad for Beginners Review

Best Electronic Drum Pad for Beginners

Generally, the fact that drum pads have become so popular is due to its durability and compactness. But if you decide to get acoustic drums, you have to consider the noise constraints, space consumptions, or even budget. In other words, this is not a good idea for beginners.

With that said, the electronic drum pads come as a better option since it is easy to carry around. Not only is it portable, but it also plays a variety of sound samples and synthesizers.

However, in the electro drumming world, there are a few best electronic drum pad for beginners that should be on your list. Read on as we reveal them to you.


Top 5 Best Electronic Drum Pad for Beginners

PictureBrandFeaturesLet's Started
Alesis®• 7-pad electronic drum kit
• 2 pedals
Drum sticks
• 45 preset drum kits,
• 5 user drum kits
• 265 percussion voices
• USB-MIDI output (Mac/PC)
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Roland®• 4 GB internal memory
• Nine velocity-sensitive rubber pads
• Two external dual-trigger inputs
• Three units of multi-effects onboard
• Two real-time control knobs
• Individual Pad Dynamics indicators
• USB Mass Storage, USB MIDI/AUDIO,
USB Memory
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(Top Rated)
• 8 Touch-sensitive drum pads
• AUX in jack
• Tap Start control
• A bass boost speaker system
• Hand Percussion mode
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PAXCESS®• 2 foot pedals,
• 5 timbres;
• 2400mah rechargeable battery
• Earphone jack
• High-quality built-in dual speakers
• Standard midi out jack (5 pin jack)
and USB midi out jack
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Pyle-Pro®• MIDI controller
• Batteries (6 "C" size batteries)
• Headphone jack
• LCD screen
• Audio configuration controls
• 2 digital pedal controller
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1. Alesis® 7-Pad Electronic Table-top Drum Kit

Alesis® compact Kit is one of the best tabletop electronic drum pads. This kit has seven velocity-sensitive pads that produce realistic drum sounds.

The Compact kit comes with two pedals for hi-hat and the kick drum. With such a feature, this gives the player the actual drum set feeling. Another exciting part is that it comes with 45 pre-set drum kits, 5 different drum kits.

Locating your desired sound with these premium drum voices is now easier for the user. One flaw the machine has a double triggering of the bass drum and the noise the pedal makes when it’s stepped on. Although these minor drawbacks, the pads still tops the drum pad charts.


  • Portable and space-friendly
  • Flexible and advanced sound content
  • Flexible and advanced sound content


  • Noisy pedals
  • Might need an amplifier for louder sound production
  • Bass drum double triggers often



2. Roland Percussion Sampling Pad

Roland Percussion pad is a drum machine that puts sample making and playback right in your hands. It has a contemporary design for audio-capturing characteristics, expressive playability.

The SPD-SX is very versatile and works great to provide impressive sound acoustic or electronic drum pad, Dj booths. Sampling can also be at home or live on stage, in a music studio during clubs.

However, this musical instrument is quite expensive compared to other drum pads.


  • Ample inbuilt samples and effects
  • Portable
  • Large internal memory with up to 4gb space for sample storage


  • Relatively expensive
  • No pedals



3.Yamaha DD-65 Portable Digital Drum Kit

Specifically, this Yamaha has eight touch-sensitive pads and 2 drum pedal. It also features an AUX-IN and mp3 player that allows you to play your favorite music.

The drum pad signifies a transition into a more advanced and sophisticated digital-drumming instrument. It produces a quality sound that won’t disturb one’s hearing. For this reason, it stands as one of the quietest electronic drum pad on the market. 

In addition to all these features, the DD-65 has an inbuilt Stereo-sampled voice. It provides a wide variety of different percussion sounds. Another exciting part is that it features a bass boost speaker system which gives a superb sound quality.

Overall, with all the features mentioned above, this makes the Yamaha DD-65 irresistible.


  • AUX IN jack for external connections
  • The bass speaker system to boost the sound quality
  • Very portable


  • Sounds sometimes chokes when doing rolls on hi-hats
  • Poor pad rebound



4. PAXCESS Electronic Drum Set

Irrespective of the fact that the Paxcess electronic drum set is pretty complex, this midi drum pad is a perfect fit for children and beginners.

For its size, it is interesting that the manufacturer has been able to fit in seven different drum pads. With that said, it provides the user with a variety of selection. The pads include snare, toms, ride, and hi-hats.

This machine has flaws in the pedal area as it mostly comes off flimsy and tends to be unreliable. However, one exciting part is that the built-in samples are also not that complex, which makes it perfect for beginners. For this rea, the Paxcess electronic drum set stands as one of the best practice drum pad kits on the market.


  • Usually very cheap
  • Best choice for children and beginners
  • Very portable and easy to use


  • Pedals are flimsy
  • Not suitable for complex events and gigs
  • No AUX-IN for connections



5. Pyle-Pro Portable Electronic Drum Set

This brand is specifically customizable, lightweight, and portable. It is an advanced tabletop kit for drummers on-the-go. The pads are touch-sensitive, thereby producing accurate response and output.

Furthermore, users of this kit can also use the built-in 25 pre-sets or even create and store their desired kits. Another exciting part is that the top control center has an LCD screen and a series of audio configuration controls. With such a feature, it allows its users to create some exciting customized music.

Overall, the instrument might not be the best for stage performances, although it falls under the list of the cheapest electric drum pad for sale on the market.


  • It comes with an LCD screen
  • Relatively pocket-friendly price
  • Very Portable
  • Easy to use


  • Unreliable pedals



What to Consider When Looking For the Best Electronic Drum Pads

If you are an amateur drummer, try to understand everything about electronic drum pads. Since drum sets are impossible to carry around, what you need is a handy, playable and durable drum pads

Selecting just one from the unlimited varieties of options available will be difficult. So take the time to study the following considerations:


The fact that drum pads are portable makes them a preferable choice, but not all drum kits are durable and handy. Also, some drum kits have ignored the portability feature for playability. Hence, it is advisable to search for the one that can provide you with the equilibrium of playability and portability.

For Practice or Performance Purpose

This factor is another crucial thing to consider when buying an electronic drum pad. Before getting a new set of kits, decide on whether you want to use it for practice alone or live performances. If you need it for practice purposes, you should purchase a model with all the elementary functions.

However, if you desire to use this pad for your performance’s sake, it would be wise to go for a more complex drum pad.

Know Your Pads Limitations

Though these drum pads come with great benefits, there are downturns too. It would interest you to know that some drum pads are not made equal. Hence, it is advisable to check out the modules, the pre-set samples, and the control panels. Also, double-check the knobs and every other peripheral you might need.


Drum kits with different zones produce different sounds when hit in different places. Zones is a term used to describe sensitive sound circles. For example, a Drum pad with different zones usually allows you to play regular hat sound. You can also select a different sound for the other idle circle. The width of the sound pallet depends on the number of zones.

Choking Cymbals

Some electronic kits possess cymbals that their user can choke. That means that after you hit them, you can hold with your hand, and the cymbal sound will end like the acoustic kits. Some cheap modules do not have this feature so be sure to read the manual details for the specs you want.



Final Word

Drummers are often excited about purchasing a new drum kit that they enter the market with little idea of what they want. For this reason, we took out time to carefully select the top 5 best electronic drum pad for beginners on the market.

After carefully considering every detail, we selected the Yamaha DD-65 Portable Digital Drum Kit as the top pick in this best electronic drum pad 2020 reviewWe chose this model due to its wide variety of different percussion soundsand the inbuilt Stereo-sampled voice feature.





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