Who was Margaret Atwood’s husband? Books, poems and cause of death

Who was Margaret Atwood’s husband? Books, poems and cause of death

Who was Margaret Atwood’s husband? Books, poems and cause of death
Who was Margaret Atwood’s husband? Books, poems and cause of death

Writer Margaret Atwood had a very long history with Canadian writer Graeme Gibson. Let’s find out more about them.

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Margaret Eleanor Atwood is a writer and poet. It is said to be among the favorite names to receive the Nobel Prize for literature. He is one of the biggest names of this era in the field of literature. Its history is characterized by novels and poems but it is also known for the battles waged in favor of feminism.

In his life he lived two love stories. The first with Jim Polk. Married in 1968, with a marriage that ends in 1973. In that year another, historical relationship with the novelist begins. Graeme Gibson. The two, in 1976, have a daughter named Eleanor Atwood Jess Gibson.

Who was Graeme Gibson: age, books and cause of death

  • Name and surname: Thomas Graeme Cameron Gibson
  • Date of birth: August 9, 1934
  • Date of death: September 18, 2019
  • Birth place: Canada
  • Place of death: London, England
  • Age: 87 years
  • Mate: Margaret Eleanor Atwood
  • Zodiac sign: Leone
  • Profession: Writer, novelist

The author is considered one of the proponents who allowed a breakthrough in Canadian literature. Author of a few books but all of them really important. The books signed by this author are:

  • Five Legs from 1969
  • Communion from 1971
  • Eleven Canadian Novelists from 1973
  • Perpetual Motion from 1982
  • Gentleman Death from 1993
  • The Bedside Book of Birds from 2005
  • The Bedside Book of Beasts from 2009

Cause of Graeme Gibson’s death

In 2017 he was diagnosed with vascular dementia, his body managed to resist for 2 years. He died in 2019 in London. Struck by a grave stroke. It will be the same comrade Atwood to declare how the end of Gibson was accompanied by her and her children who greeted him. After his death, the Writers’ Trust of Canada changed the name of the award for fiction. Now it’s called Atwood Gibson Writers’ Trust Fiction Prize.

Who is Margaret Atwood: age, books and poems

Graeme Gibson e Margaret Atwood (Facebook)
  • Name and surname: Margaret Eleanor Atwood
  • Date of birth: November 18, 1939
  • Age: 81 years old
  • Birth place: Ottawa, Canada
  • Zodiac sign: Scorpio
  • Partner: Graeme Gibson
  • Profession: poet, writer, environmentalist

His career is legendary. The works are a continuous testimony of deep concern for the western civilization and for the politics. His idea is that of an increasing stage of decay.

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The author was divided between poetry, non-fiction, collections of short stories, children’s literature and novels. Among these we find “The Handmaid’s Tale“From 1985,”The blind killer“Of 2000 and”The other Grace”Of 1996. Films have also been made for the first and last mentioned. All this makes it one of the most important pens in the history of literature.


Margaret Atwoods husband Books poems death

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