Egyptian Arabic Dialect Course: Egyptian Arabic Vocabulary

Monday, March 17, 2008

Egyptian Arabic Vocabulary

Egyptian Arabic Vocabulary. Organized alphabetically in Arabic. Use browser "search in this page" function to search the list in English or Arabic.

This vocabulary is comprised of words from the lessons on this site as well as other important vocabulary drawn from Badawi's Dictionary of Egyptian Colloquial Arabic and AUC's Let's Chat in Arabic colloquial Arabic textbook.


to begin - ابتدى
never - أبداً
April - أبريل
son of a dog (son of a bitch) - ابن كلب
white - أبيض
to be happy, enjoy oneself - اتبسط
to graduate - اتخرج
to amuse onself - اتسلى
to imagine - اتصوّر
to be reassured - اتطعن
to have dinner - اتعشى
to learn - اتعلم
to have lunch - اتغدى
to watch - اتفرج على
come in, go ahead - اتفضل
to run into each other, meet - اتقابل
to talk, to speak - اتكلّم
two - اتنين
bus - اتوبيس
to be born - اتولد
to answer - اجابة
vacation - أجازة
better - أحسن
red - أحمر
we - احنا
brother - أخ (ج) اخوات
sister - أخت (ج) اخوات
news - أخبار
green - أخضر
as much as - أد
in front of - اُدام
here is, that's - أدي
to give - ادّي
how much? - أدّيش
four, Wednesday - أربعة
ground, earth, land - أرض (ج) أراضي
close, near - أريّب
how? - ازّاي
how are you? - ازيّك
blue - أزرق
disturbance - ازعاج
week - اسبوع (ج) أسابيع
sir, professor - أستاذ (ج) أساتذة
to exchange - استبدل
to rest, relax - استريّح
to consider charming, cute - استظرف
to borrow (except money) - استعار
to prepare oneself - استعدّ
to borrow (money) - استلف
to continue - استمرّ
to wait, to await - استنى
sorry - آسف
sorry for - آسف على
name - اسم (ج) اسامي
diarrhea - اسهال
black - اِسوِد
to miss, long for someone - اشتاق ل
before, in front of - أصاد
because, origin - أصل
to add - أضاف
upset stomach - اضطراب في مِعْدة
yellow - أصفر
August - اُغسطس
song - أغية (ج) أغاني
to remember, to think - افتكر
form of address, yes - افندِم
economics, the economy - اقتصاد
less - أقلّ
October - أكتوبر
food - أكل
be serious - اكلّم جد
certainly, for sure - أكيد
except, less - إلّا
both - الاتنين
next week - الاسبوع الجاي
last week - الاسبوع اللي فات
heart - ألب
to join - التحق ب
thank God! - الحمد لله
what time is it? - الساعة كام
next year - السنة الجاية
in the morning - الصُبح
you're welcome - العفو
one thousand - الف (ج) آلاف
thank you very much (a thousand thanks) - ألف شكر
which, that which - اللي
whatever you like - اللي يعجِبك
tonight - الليلة
this time - المرة دي
today - النهارده
mother - أم
yesterday - امبارِح
but? then? - اُمّال
test, examination - امتحان
when? - امتى
matter, affair - أمر (ج) أمور
I leave it to god - أمري لله
America - أمريكاني (ج) أمريكان
constipation - امساك
if - اِن
God willing, hopefully - ان شاء الله
me - انا
to enjoy oneself - انبسط
you (masculine) - انت
you (feminine) - انتي
you (plural) - انتو
English - انجليزي
Miss - آنسة
to subtract, deduct - انقص
people, relatives - أهل (ج) أهالي
greetings - أهلاً وسهلاً
here are (plural) - أهم
here is (masculine) - أهو
here is (feminine) - أهي
Europe - أوروبا
a master, skilled worker - أوسطى
room - اوضة
god forbid, don't you dare, don't (something) - أوعى
first - أوّل
very, a lot - أوي
don't (command) - اياك
what? - ايه
so what? - ايه يعني؟
yes, yeah - أيوه
how - إزّاي
to be at ease, to be comfortable, to be content, to relax - ارتاح


present tense marker - ب
with, in - ب
door, gate - باب (ج) أبواب
sir, pasha, form of address - باشا
form of address, engineer - باشمهندس
to sell - باع
remainder - باقي
exactly - بالظبط
on the contrary - بالعكس
at night - باليل
unpleasant, sucky - بايخ
he/it seems - باين علىه
of, belonging to, marker of possession - بتاع
woman hunter, womanizer - بتاع نسوان
of, belonging to (feminine) - بتاعة
of, belonging to (plural) - بتوع
seriously - بجد
I love you - بحبك
for something to begin - بدا
beginning - بداية
early - بدري
suit (like for a man) - بدلة (ج) بِدل
I want (lebanese) - بدّي
oranges - برتقان
an orange - برتقانة
orange (the color) - برتقاني
a cold (like the disease) - بَرْد
program - برنامج (ج) برامج
outside - بره
ten piasters - بريزة
but, only just - بس
quickly!, fastly - بسرعة
slowly - بِشويش
to look at - بصّ على
to look at - بصّ ل
potatoes, fried potatoes, french fries, fried potato sandwich - بطاطس
slow - بطئ
to send - بعت
after - بعد
afternoon - بعد الضهر
to get away from - بعد عن
and after that - بعد كده
after that - بعدين
far - بعيد
to be, to become, to get, to remain - بقى
grocer - بقال
tip (monetary), bribe - بقشيش
how much? (money) - بكام
tomorrow - بكره
forget it, forget about it, don't bother - بَلاش
town, country - بلد (ج) بلاد
just fine (health), bomb - بمب, زي بمب
pink - بمبي
pants - بنطلون
purple - بنفسجي
by yourself - بنفسك
bank - بنك (ج) بنوك
brown - بنّي
doorman - بوّاب
a kiss - بوسة
steak - بوفتيك
information (written) - بيانات
beer - بيرة
white (plural) - بِيض
eggs - بَيض
white (fem) - بيضاء
an agg - بَيضة
between - بين
form of address, sir - بيه


revenge - تار
history, date - تاريخ
taxicab - تاكسي
third (ordinal) - تالت
second, another, again - تاني
to get lost, to be lost - تاه
under, downstairs - تحت
at your service - تحت أمرك
fat, overweight (literally thick) - تخين (ج) تخان
ticket (for an event) - تَذكرة (ج) تذاكر
ticket (for an event) - تزكرة
Good night! (literally wake up well) - تصبح على خير
come (to a male) - تعالى
come (to a female) - تعالي
come (to a group) - تعالوا
to get tired - تِعِب
to tire someone - تَعَب
tired, fatigued - تعبان
details - تفاصيل
approximately - تقريباً
ice, snow - تلج
to ruin one's health - تلف صحته
television - تلفزيون
telephone - تليفون
always - تملي
tennis - تنس
never again! - توبة
figs - تين


to bring - جاب
to get hunger - جاع
university - جامعة
to answer - جاوب
coming - جاي
maybe - جايز
cheese - جبنة
Greek cheese, Feta cheese - جبنة رومي
cheese - جديد
wound - جرح (ج) جروح
bell, doorbell - جرس
waiter, garcon - جرسون
to run, to happen - جرى
to happen to - جرى ل
pair of shoes - جزمة (ج) جِزَم
newspaper, journal - جرنال
hungry - جَعان
geography - جغرافي
everyone (form of address) - جَماعة
camel - جمل (ج) جِمال
beautiful - جميل
wing - جناح (ج) أجنحة
funeral - جنازة
paradise, heaven - جنّ
next to, beside, at the side of - جنب
madness, craziness - جنون
fetus - جنين
garden - جنينة
Egyptian pound (currency) - جنيه (ج) جنيهات
to come - جه
to occur (to, like to dawn upon) - جه على البال
mood, weather, atmosphere - جو
letter, answer - جواب
husband - جوز
skirt - جونِلّة
within, inside - جوه
army - جيش (ج) جيوش


future tense marker - ح
form of address to someone who has made the pilgrimage to Mecca - حاج
thing - حاجة
yes sir! sure, right away - حاضر
currently - حالياً
to try - حاول
piece, place - حتة (ج) حتت
one, someone - حد
I, you, he is feeling, feel - حاسس
putting - حاطط
to love - حبّ
love - حبّ (ج) أحباب
darling, beloved - حبيب (ج) حبايب
until, even - حتى
someone, anyone - حد
one, someone, anyone - حدى
hot (for weather) - حر
free, independent - حرّ (ج) أحران
hotness, dial tone - حرارة
shame - حرام
shame on you - حرام عليك
feeling hot - حران
freedom - حرية
to feel - حسّ
bill, check, tally - حساب
to happen - حصل
to obtain - حصل على
you (polite, like spanish usted) - حضرتك
to embrace, to hold in ones arms - حضن
embrace, arms - حضن (ج) أحضان
to put - حطّ
good luck - حظ سعيد
to memorize - حفظ
party - حفلة
truth - حقيقة
to tell, to say - حكى
story - حكاية
government - حكومة
to dream - حِلِم
dream - حِلم (ج) أحلام
sweet, pretty - حلو
ass, donkey, asshole - حمار
bathroom, turkish bath - حمام
swimming pool - حمام سباحة
red (female) - حمراء
around, about - حوالي
life - حياة
wall - حيطة (ج) حيطان


to be afraid, to fear - خاف
to be scared of - خاف من
uncle - خال (ج) أخوال
completely, very (in negative sense), at all - خالص
to betray, to cheat on someone - خان
scared - خايف
to take - خد
to deceive, to go behind someone's back - خدع
service, anything (like need anything?) - خدمة
to go out, to exit - خرج
autumn, fall - خريف
to lose - خِسِر
green (plural) - خضر
green (feminine) - خضراء
to be finished - خِلِص
to finish - خلّص
to let, may (someone) - خلى
that's it, it's over - خلاص
imagination, fantasy - خيال


to melt, to fall in love - داب
to fall in love with - داب في
to taste - داق
dizzy - دايخ
always - دايماً
to enter - دخل
study, studying - دراسة
to chat, discuss - دردش
chat - دردشة
to teach - درّس
to pay - دفع
doctor - دكتور (ج) دكاترة
now - دلوقتي
blood - دم
world, everyone - دنيا
this, that (masculine) - ده
gold - دهب
gold (color), golden - دهبي
to make something melt - دوّب
floor (in a building) - دور (ج) أدوار
to look for, to search for - دوّر على
noise - دوشة
invitation - دوعة
these, those - دول
dollar - دولار (ج) دولارات
medicine, treatment, cure - دوى
antacid, digestive medicine - دوا مهضّم
this, that (feminine) - دي
December - ديسمبر
religion - دين (ج) أديان


coming back, returning - راجع
man - راجل (ج) رجالة
to go, to leave - راح
going to - راح
opinion - راي (ج) آراء
going to, going, gonna - رايح
Lord - ربّ
one-fourth, a forth, quarter - ربع
possibly, m aybe - ربمّا
Our Lord, God (especially for Christians) - ربّنا
God bless this marriage - ربّنا تمّم بخير
Spring - ربيع
to come back, to return - رِجِع
a trip - رحلة
cheap, inexpensive - رخيص
rice - رز
thesis, essay - رسالة
thin, skinny - رُفيّع
to dance - رقص
to ride - ركب
to throw, to throw away - رمى
gray - رمادي
soul - روح
to go home - روّح
to send home - روّح
prescription - روشِتّة
Greek - رومي
20 piasters - ريال
a smell, odor - ريحة (ج) روايح
boss - ريّس


to visit - زار
to study - ذاكر
yoghurt - زبادي
butter - زبدة
crowding - زحمة
blue (plural) - زرق
blue (female) - زرقاء
to get angry - زِعِل
to anger - زعل
angry, irritated, aggravated - زعلان
intelligent - زكي
time, past - زمان
he'll be here soon - زمانه جاي
colleague, classmate - زميل
female colleague, way to refer to girl indicating she's not your girlfriend - زميلة
to become bored - زِهِق
like - زي
oil (not gasoline) - زيت
olive oil - زيت زيتون
olives - زيتون


to leave behind, to abandon, to let - ساب
plain (said of coffee) - سادة
to travel - سافر
to drive - ساق
to help, to assist - ساعد
cold (like a soup or drink) - شاعقة
hour, watch, clock - ساعة
residing in, living in, resident - ساكن (ج) سكان
to ask - سأل
hearing, listening to - سامع
second (time) - سانية (ج) سواني
September - سبتمبر
blackboard - سبورة
woman - ست
housewife - ست بيت
to wander, to go astray - سرح
speed, quickness - سرعة
to steal - سرق
pleasure - سرور
quick, fast - سريع
to make happy - سَعَد
cigarette - سجارة
(ج) سجاير
embassy - سفارة
culture - سقافة
sugar - سُكر
secretary - سكرتيرة
to reside - سِكِن
silence - سكوت
peace, a greating - سلام
stairs - سِلّم
to greet - سلّم على
offensive, lame, jerky, douchey - سمج
to pardon, to forgive - سمح
to hear, to listen to - سمع
broker (like for finding an apartment), middleman, agent - سمسار
(ج) سماسرة
fish - سمك
sandwich - سندويش
year - سنة سنين
easy - سهل
easiness - سهولة
question - سؤال
(ج) أسئلة
market - سوق (ج) أسواق
together - سوى
wanderer - سواح
driver - سواق
sir, mr. - سي
politics - سياسة
sir, mr. - سيد
cinema, movie theatre - سينما


street - شارع (ج) شوارع
clever, smart, good boy! - شاطر
to see - شاف
to carry, to remove - شال
tea - شاي
seeing - شايف
carrying, holding, bearing - شايل
holding something against someone - شايل من
window - شبّاك (ج) شبابيك
winter - شتاء
sever, violent, awesome (like a good thing) - شديد
(ج) شداد
Good morning! - صباح الخير
Good morning (response to صباح الخير meaning good morning) - صباح النور
to drink, to smoke - شِرِب
company - شركة
chess - شطرنج
work - شُغل
apartment, flat - شقة (ج) شقق
thank you - شكراً
to suffer, to complain - شكى
5 piasters - شِلِن
clique, group, gang - شلة (ج) شلل
left, north - شمال
sun - شمس
bag - شنطة (ج) شُنَط
month - شهر (ج) شهور
what (lebanese) - شو
look! - شوف
desire, love - شوق
a little, somewhat, slowly - شويّة


soap - صابون
bar of soap - صابونة
friend, patron, owner - صاحب (ج) أصحاب
waking up - صاحي
piaster - صاغ
to make good, to reconcile - صالح
hall - صالة
to become, to start to - صار
morning - صباح
good morning - صباح الخير
good morning - صباح الفل
good morning - صباح الورد
response to good morning - صباح النور
patience - صبر
correct, right? - صحيح
to wake up, awaken - صحى
to wake someone up - صحّى
headache - صُداع
to spend (money) - صرف
hard, difficult - صعب
difficulty - صعوبة
small, young - صُغيّر
yellow (plural) - صفر
yellow (feminine) - صفراء
salad - صلاطة
sandal - صندل (ج) صنادل
sound, voice, vote - صوت
(ج) أصوات
picture - صورة
(ج) صُوَر


officer - ضابط
to laugh, to smile - ضحك
to hit, to rink - ضرب
necessary - ضروري
to hold, to hug, to grab - ضمّ
to reassure - ضمّن
noon - ضهر
guest - ضيف (ج) ضيوف


to fly - طار
fresh - طازة
to be long, to last, to go on - طال
student - طالب (ج) طلبة
fine then, alright then, ok then, then - طب
chalk - طباشير
to cook - طبخ
of course, naturally - طبعاً
table - طرابيزة
way - طريق (ج) طرق
falafel - طعمية
ashtray - طفاية
to request, to dial - طلب
to go up, to ascend, to rise - طِلِع
tomatoes - طماطم
throughout - طول
as long as - طول ما
airplane - طيارة
fine, ok, alright - طيب
bird - طير (ج) طيور


officer - ظابط
oppressive, unjust - ظالم
pleasant, charming - ظريف
to oppress, to wrong - ظلم


on, upon - ع
on, upon - عا
usually - عادةً
knowing - عارف
knowing - عالم
to want, to need - عاز
in love, lover - عاشق
what's up? - عامل ايه؟
high - عالي
to swim, to float - عام
colloquial - عامية
wanting, want - عايز
wanting, want - عاوز
to please, to be pleasing to - عجب
old, elderly - عجوز
to count - عدّ
number - عدد (ج) اعداد
Arabic, Arab - عربي
car - عربية
to know - عرف
bride, doll - عروسة (ج) عرايس
groom - عريس
broad - عريض
honey - عسل
soldier - عسكري
dinner - عشاء
because, for - عشان
love - عشق
to love, to adore - عِشِق
juice - عصير
broken, out of order - عطلان
great - عظيم
furniture - عفش
you're welcome, pardon - عفواً
mind - عقل
opposite - عكس
can, box - علبة (ج) عِلَب
science - علم
(ج) علوم
on upon - على
on the mind - على البال
at the expense of - على حساب
straight on, right away, from now on - على طول
at once, all of a sudden - على غفلة
as you wish - على كيفك
I have to (do something) - عليّ
uncle, form of address - عم (ج) أعمام
building - عمارة
age, lifetime, life - عمر
I've never - عمري ما
to do, make - عمل
generally - عموماً
about - عن
grapes - عنب
when necessary - عند اللزوم
address - عنوان
bread - عيش
family - عيلة
eye - عين (ج) عيون


to be away, to be absent, to be missing - غاب
dark (colors) - غامق
mostly - غالباً
precious, valuable - غالي
lunch - غداء
betrayal - غدر
passion, love - غرام
strange, weird, stranger - غريب (ج) غرباء
to wash - غسل
wrong (inanimate) - غلط
mistaken - غلطان
a mistake - غلطة
to sing - غنّى
rich - غني (ج) أغنياء
other than - غير


so - ف
in - ف
to pass, to go by - فات
to pass by - فات على
open, light (colors) - فاتح
mouse - فأر (ج) فيران
left, remaining - فاضل
free (as in having time for) - فاضي
remembring - فاكر
fruit - فاكهة
passing - فايت
February - فبراير
to open - فتح
emptiness, void - فراغ
happy, joyous - فرحان
to get happy - فِرِح
joy, happiness - فرحة
French - فرنساوي
dress - فستان (ج) فساتين
class, classroom, season - فصل (ج) فصول
semester - فصل دراسي
literary Arabic, modern standard Arabic, "the most eloquent, highest" Arabic - فصحى
to remain, to be left - فضل
to prefer - فضّل
silver, coin - فضة
breakfast - فطار
to have breakfast - فطر
really, actually, truly - فِعلاً
poor unfortunate guy - فقري
poor - فقير (ج) فقراء
to thinkg about - فكّر في
idea, thought - فكرة
(ج) أفكار
change (money) - فكة
money - فلس
(ج) فلوس
hotel - فندق
(ج) فنادق
to understand - فهم
above, upstairs - فوق
beans, fava beans, fava bean sandwich - فول
in - في
at the beginning - في الأوّل
really, actually - في الحقيقة
film, movie - فيلم (ج) أفلام
where? - فين
there is - فيه


to meet - قابل
can, able to - قادر
sitting - قاعد
to say - قال
to get up - قام
to cash, to collect (money) - قبض
before - قبل
as much as - قد
old (not people), ancient - قديم
how much? - قدّ أيش
in front of - قُدام
to be able to - قدر
to read - قرا
pills - قراص
to get close - قرّب
piaster (unit of currency) - قرش (ج) قروش
shark - قرش
(ج) قروش
close, near - قريّب
before, in front of - قصاد
train - قطر
to sit - قعد
heart - قلب (ج) قلوب
to undress, to take off (clothing) - قلع
pen - قلم (ج) القلام
moon - قمر
coffee - قهوة
Turkish coffee - قهوة تركي
strong, powerful - قوي
very, very much - قوي


writer, author - كاتب
cafeteria, low-scale restaurant/hangout - كافتيريا
everyone, all the people - كافة الناس
how much? - كام
to be - كان
kebab - كباب
big, large - كبير
book - كتاب (ج) كتب
to write - كتب
cute (little kid) - كتكوت
a lot, many - كتير
like this, like that, this, so - كده
notebook - كراسة
to repeat - كرّر
chair, seat - كرسي (ج) كراسي
to earn, to gain - كِسِب
to break - كسر
lazy - كسلان
doctor examination - كشف
enough - كفاية
to eat - كل
all, each, every - كلّ
dog - كلب (ج) كلاب
to call (on the phone) - كلّم
word - كلمة
college - كلية
also, as well, too, more, in addition - كمان
to finish, to complete, to go on - كمّل
church - كنيسة
good - كويس
very nice - كويس خالص
bag - كيس
kilogram - كيلو
chemistry - كيمياء


no - لأ
wearing - لابس
must, gotta - لازم
suitable for - لايق ل, لايق على
to wear - لبس
milk - لبن
until - لحد
to lick - لَحَس
moment - لحظة
meat - لحمة
delicious, tasty, sweet - لذيذ
must, gotta - لازم
to find, to meet - لاقى
still, yet - لسه
necessity - لزوم
pleasant, nice - لطيف
to play - لعب
language - لغة
good bargain - لُقطة (ج) لُقَط
to find - لقى
but - لكن
when (non-interrogative) - لمّا
lamp - لمبة
to touch - لمس
lemons - لمون
if - لو
pardon, if you please, if you permit - لو سمحت
if not for - لولا
night - ليلة
why? - ليه


to die - مات
March - مارس
ok, fine, it works, ca va - ماشي
there is not - مافيش
what's up with you, what's wrong with you? - مالك
mango - مانجة
objection - مانع (ج) موانع
I'm not - مانيش
he/it's not - ماهواش
May - مايو
congratulations - مبروك
happy, content - مبسوط
late - متأخّر
museum - متحف
thanks, thankful - متشكر
example - مثال (ج) أمثلة
for example - مثلاً
conversation - محادثة
lecture - محاضرة
conservative - محافظ
respectable - محترم
probable - محتمل
magazine - مجلة
needing, in need of - محتاج
tripping over oneself, stupefied - محتاس
local - محلّي
madam - مدام
trainer, instructor - مدرّب
school - مدرسة (ج) مدارس
director - مدير
time, once - مرّة
my wife - مراتي
jam - مربّى
illness - مرض (ج) أمراض
exhausted - مرهق
sick, patient (at a hospital) - مريض (ج) مرضى
Good evening! - مسا الخير
traveling, gone on a trip - مسافر
example - مسال (ج) أمسلة
matter, question - مسألة (ج) مسائل
ready, prepared - مستعدّ
for example - مسلاً
drunk, stoned, intoxicated - مسطول (ج) مساطيل
unfortunate, poor, wretched - مسكين (ج) مساكين
responsible, an official - مسؤول
not - مش
longing - مشتاق
busy, preoccupied - مشغول
not bad - مش بطال
incredible, unreasonable - مش معقول
to leave, to go, to walk - مشى
Egypt - مصر
Egyptian - مصري
airport - مطار
rain - مطر
restaurant - مطعم (ج) مطاعم
right, just right - مظبوط
with - مع
stomach - معدة
guest at a party - معزوم (ج) معازيم
reasonable - معقول
nevermind - معلش
spoon, spoonful - معلقة (ج) معالق
information - معلومات
supposed to - مفروض
useful, beneficial, fruitful - مفيد
there is not - مفيش
in advance - مقدّم
place - مكان
desk, office - مكتب (ج) مكاتب
library, books store - مكتبة
iron (for ironing clothes) - مكوة
ironing shop - مكوجي
to fill - ملى
million - مليون (ج) ملايين
excellent - ممتاز
nurse - ممرضة
maybe - ممكن
forbidden - ممنوع
pleasure - ممنونية
from, because of, part of, since - مِن
for quite some time - من بدري
about ...(time)... ago - من حوالي
for a long time, a long time ago - من زمان
without - من غير
please - من فضلك
from where? - منين
important - مهمّ
no matter how much/long - مهما
engineer - مهندس
present, available - موجود
bananas - موز
topic, subject - موضوع (ج) موضوعات
wish, desire - مُنية (ج) منا
who? - مين
water - ميّة


club - نادي (ج) نوادي
fire, hell - نار
people - ناس
to sleep - نام
intending to - ناوي إلى
sleeping - نايم
red wine - نبيتي
to succeed - نجح
to forget - نسى
to descened, to leave the house - نزل
half - نُصّ
clean - نضيف
to bounce - نطّ
self - نَفس
I wanna - نِفسي
to negate - نفى
to subtract - نقّص
number - نِمرة (ج) نِمَر
day - نهار
time, instance - نوبة
light - نور (ج) أنوار
light of the eye - نور العين
kind, type - نوع (ج) أنواع
November - نوفمبر
sleep, sleeping - نوم


future tense marker - ه
give!, hand it over!, bring it here! - هات
lady, form of address - هانم
wonderful - هايل
to beat up - هبد علقة
clothes - هدوم
pyramid - هرم (ج) أهرام
to joke - هزّر
they - هم
here - هِنا
there - هِناك
cheers! - هنيّا
he, it (masculine) - هو
to love - هوى
air - هوا
love - هوى
she, it (feminine) - هي

and - و
one - واحد
wide - واسع
low (derogatory towards people) - واطي
standing - واقف
eating - واكل
reply to تصباح على خير meaning goodnight - وانت من اهله
boy - واد
by myself - وَحدي
by himself - وحده
bad, ugly - وحش
late - وخري
to bring, to convey - ودى
behind - ورا
to show - ورى
flower - وردة (ج) ورود
paper - ورق (ج) أوراق
dirty - وسخ
among - وسط
downtown - وسط البلد
face - وشّ
to arrive - وصل
to bring someone, to drop someone off - وصّل
time - وقت (ج) أوقات
to stand, to stop - وقف
or, neither, nor, not, don't, never - ولا
never - ولا يوم
lighter - ولاعة
I swear, I swear to God, swear to God? - ولله
free time - وقت فراغ
with - ويّا


hey everyone - يا جماعة
if only, I hope - يا ريت
wow - يا سلام
hey man! - يا عم
Japanese - ياباني
let's, let's go - يالله
so much, so many times!, how often! - ياما
oh my! - يانا
oh! - ياه
hand, arm - يد (يد) ايدي
it means, you know, I mean, like (filler) - يعني
what does it mean? - يعني ايه؟
possibly, could - يِمكن
right (directional) - يمين
January - يناير
tangerines - يوسفندي
July - يوليو
June - يونيو
Tuesday - يوم الاتنين
Sunday - يوم الأحد
Friday - يوم الجمعة
Thursday - يوم الخميس
Saturday - يوم السبت


Anonymous said...

salam... yalla can you please put the transliteration your site is wonderful! This is the best way to learn I use music and movies. Shukran gadeed.

Anonymous said...

3amal mumtaz wa l-Hagaat kulla-ha wadHa wuduuH ash-shams. Alfi shukr wa taqdiir khaaleS.

Unknown said...

what is the egyptian arabic word for music?!!?! if i wanted to type it and with what font?

Anonymous said...

Shukran¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡I appreciate your help, so much, im a mexican trying to learn egyptian and your work has helped me a lot in my knowledge, God bless you:) you've make me sooo happy, ana mabsotah:)grettings from the South East of México

Anonymous said...

Isn't زوج, not جوز , the Arabic word for "husband"? Or is it a colloquial thing?

Anonymous said...

@ Numinus: One word for "music" in Arabic is موسيقى (mooseeqa).

Chris Gratien said...

yes in most arabic dialects the masculine zowj (زوج) becomes jowz (جوز) or in the Egyptian case gowz. This phenomenon actually has a name in linguistics, metathesis, and it can be observe in countless other words from dialect to dialect and seems to have something to do with ease of pronunciation.

Anonymous said...

@ Chris: Cool, thanks!

Anonymous said...

It's an impressive list, but as a non-native speaker you will know that it's unfortunately almost useless without the vowelization (or alternatively, transliteration). :( ... So I will rather use the other pages of your website.

Anonymous said...

At the above person:

If you can read what's above, and you know f3al patterns, then you can read and say all of the words in the vocabulary list. The Arabic language is full of patterns, just studying the different verb patterns (f3l, f3al, af3l, tf3l, etc.) and you will recognize the proper pronunciation for any verb.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,

I guess there are some mistakes concerning the names of the days - Tuesday is يوم التلاتة and then يوم الاتنين is Monday, which is missing. Despite this, your work is really wonderful, you´ve already helped me a lot, thanx :)

Meera said...

Salaam! this is really good! I would love to learn Egyptian Arabic!

Anonymous said...

This is definitely good. A few errors, but not bad over-all.

somesome said...

you are God sent.. welah...
Terima Kasih Banyak2!!!
but i can't follow this blog?

somesome said...

Thank you sooooo much........

Anonymous said...

This is really great. U are really helpful. Ur blogs are great. The thing I want to learn is the Arabic in books and magazines. I can speak and read in Arabic and I'm getting better in writing Arabic, but I need to learn more vocabulary .I have books and know ur sites to learn from. I am Syrian born in America and hoping to live in an Arab country and go to college. Keep up the good work. Thank u for giving ur time to put these up and teaching us. Shukran kter kter 3shan tadreb al3arbi

Anonymous said...

U are very good. I am Arab. I think ur blogs are very helpful. I was born in America and I was wondering if u can teach how to put good sentences toghether. سكران كتير. Keep up the good work. U are giving many people an opportunity to learn this buetiful language. :)

Anonymous said...

why I can not find ث letter in the alphabet Egyptian of your blog

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Anonymous said...

جبنة رومي is a yellow cheese similar to Caciocavallo and related to Parmesan, a sicilian descent cheese. It has nothing to do with Feta or Greek cheese, which is known in Egypt simply as "white cheese".

Unknown said...

what ia the meaning of :

Chris Gratien said...

عقبالك is said to someone who has congratulated you or expressed some form of approval or even envy for your new situation For example if someone gets married and you tell them مبروك congratulations, an appropriate response would be عقبالك like "you too" or "you're next"

Mohammed said...

This Cite is really great master key to save Egyptian Arabic in mind. I searched many cites but didn't find any cite like this, i am Indian, and before reading this i was unknown form egyptian Arabic, but this time i read, write, and speak frequently this language, i don't know how i will pay thank to you.
I thing that i didn't understand till now, that is (على فكرة) what is the meaning of it, Plz explain about it.

Chris Gratien said...

Hi Mohammed, it means "now that you mention it," "by the way" or "incidentally"

Mohammed said...

Dear Sir,

May you explain me the meaning of "كده " or "مش كده " and "ربنا خليك" and " فوق كده ".

Mohammed said...

Dear Sir,

Please tell me what is the meaning of "انفع كده"

Mizo said...


Hello , i am egyption and i found this blog so i thought i might be of help ,
as for your quistion about " كده "
we use it when we want to say " like so" before explaining how to do something

حرك ايديك كده
Move your hands like so

"مش كده "

it's more like a tag quistion most of the time said with raising intonation to confirm some thing

جميل مش كده ؟
beautiful , isn't it ?
انت اتغديت مش كده؟
you had lunch , didn't you ?

at other situations we say it with flat intonation to express that this isn't the way for doing something like saying ;
لا لا لا مش كده
no no no that's not the way to do it

"فوق كده "
it can be translated to " in addition to" it may some times have a negative connotation but that's not always the case
كلمتك امبارح و مكنتش بترد عليا و فوق كده ماتصلتش بيا تاني
i called you yesterday but you didn't pick up what made it worse is that you didn't call me back

ithink that's the case when it has negative connotation
you see that's not literal translations i made up there

as for "ربنا يخليك"

it's literal translation would be something like " may god let you live longer "

but as an expression we use it in many situation
idon't think i can count them all but as for the most important
you can use it to reject someone's offer gently
like the following situation
A;غاتفضل اشرب شاي
b; الله يخليك شكراً الله يخليك

هit can be used in many other situations but it would take a few pages

so , i am very happy to help if that's within my ability

i am actually fond of learning foreign languages so i have been through your experience before
so i think know how to help i guess

any way i am very glad to find such blog ^_^

Mohammed said...

hi mizo,

Thank you very much for help

please tell which situation the sentence " انفع كده " is said.

yalda said...

hi chriss thanks alot Im yalda from iran and ireally like arabic im learning standard but iv always wanted to learn egyption arabic when i saw your site i got surprised its fantastic youve done yor best allah maak

vendaval said...

Saludos desde Ecuador America del Sur. Seria ideal si pusieran en el diccionario la pronunciacion transliterada ya que asi nos ayudan a encontrar la palabra que busacamos. Gracias por su aporte.

vendaval said...

Transliteration would be helpful.

Unknown said...

Assalamu'alaikum... Would someone likes to translate this song? This is using Egyptian Arabic... Please translate it in English... :) Thank you... ^_^

كلمات أغنية ناس تشبهلنا – ماهر زين

أيوَه فيكم مننا نفس روحنا و دمنا
قلبنا بيرتاح أوام للي فعلا زيّنا
الكلام نفس الكلام حتى نفس الاهتمام
عِشرة مش ممكن تهون يوم من الايام
حتى لونّا و شكلنا يعني أنا شبهك تمام
و بتجمعنا حاجات حلوة أكيد
يلاّ نمدّ الايد من غير كلام
أجمل الأوقات بتيجي ع البال
يبقى الحمل جبال ننساه أوام
إنتَ و أنا

ناس بترتاحلك ساعات
ياخدوا قلبك من سكات
يخطفوك من غير كلام
أصل فيك منهم حاجات
و فى حياتك معدودين
اللى بكرة مكملين
ده انتوا وقت الاختلاف
بنلاقيكم متفقين
حتى لونّا و شكلنا يعني أنا شبهك تمام
و بتجمعنا حاجات حلوة أكيد
يلاّ نمدّ الايد من غير كلام
أجمل الأوقات بتيجي ع البال
يبقى الحمل جبال ننساه أوام
إنتَ و أنا

مهما قابلنا صعب نحس بفرحة غير وياكو
كل دقيقة حلوة بيكو بتجمعنا
ايه فى الدنيا يساوى لحظة معاكو
طول ماانتوا جنبنا .. ايه هيهمنا؟
كان نفسنا من زمان فعلا نفرح من قلبنا
لو تبعدنا السنين خليكو قريبين
ده احنا ما صدقنا لقينا أخيرا ناس تشبهلنا
فيهم مننا

حتى لونّا و شكلنا يعني أنا شبهك تمام
و بتجمعنا حاجات حلوة أكيد
يلاّ نمدّ الايد من غير كلام
أجمل الأوقات بتيجي ع البال
يبقى الحمل جبال ننساه أوام
إنتَ و أنا

Celeste said...

Thanks a lot, Chris! A very useful list.
I spotted some mistakes:

سقافه --> ثقافه
ضمن --> طمن
ضهر --> ظهر
مسلا --> مثلا
سانیه --> ثانیه

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Unknown said...

Can someone please translate this song for me. It's in Iraqi accent so I understand quite a bit but I want the complete translation.

نهاية حبنا تقريبا وصلنا وبين التالي
اعوفك راح في حالك وانتة اتركني في حالي
اعيش وياك مو لازم واتحمل حجي العالم
من بالك يريت انشال لانك رحت من بالي

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