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[Verse 1]
I'm in that new school, G5 wagon
Color, Komodo Dragon

My bitch look like she Jasmine
My nigga look like Aladdin

NKOTB, bitch
All these bitches is has-beens
I CPR'd the game
And now all these bitches is gasping

I be on that other
Nigga, don't get me aggy
I'm Mrs. Fatality
Endings do not be happy
These loser-ass bitches know I never gotta stunt
Talk behind my back
Cause they never in the front
Bitch bow down
Better give me what I want

Feed me berries out in Paris
While I'm counting my croissant

These bitches is awful
And me I spit that Gospel
That lyrical, biblical, Holy Ghost, Pentecostal

And bitch don't run up on me
I give the fade to who want me
And you don't want that shade
You better off where it's sunny
And I don't need no friends bitch
I'm better off with my money
Just alert the fucking masses
Let 'em know that it's coming, like

[Verse 3]
Yo, I like to brag alone
Fuck dudes in rag and bone

Obsess over chicks who look like Mary-Kate & Ashley clones
Helmut Lang & Philiph Lim
Trashy bitch in classy clothes
Pop that shit then pop them pills
'Til I feel like a fancy drone
Never catch me at the club
I get high and dance alone
Bitch I'm on that boss shit
On that upper echelon
Y'all niggas know what kind of X I'm on
Y'all bitches scared get your sweatshop on
And I'm running everything with a motherfuckin' sprain
Watching the rest of y'all get your rest stops on


Everybody sing this song
Everybody sing this song
Everybody sing this song


Genius Annotation

The lead single from Angel Haze’s upcoming album “Dirty Gold”. Premiered on BBC Radio 1 on 27th August 2013

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Written By
Angel Haze
Video Cameo by
Brooke Candy
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