Temporarily close all bars and clubs in Michigan.

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As a university student, I am genuinely concerned of bars and clubs as main transmission drivers of COVID-19. Possible large parties on private property is another story, but I believe we can mitigate transmission in more public sectors. Right now clubs, bars, and restaurants can be treated the same, but I think there should be a distinction between them. Bars and Clubs should close temporarily.

mLive did a survey with 4 medical experts about ranking 36 activities based on the risk of contracting COVID-19. Bars was at the highest risk, the topmost.
As other states eased in earlier, we see Texas, California, and Florida reach a daily positive COVID-19 counts of over 10,000. In Texas, it's certain by medical experts that Bars ARE the main transmission drivers of the surge in spread. There is rapid transmission between ages 18-34 according to Florida reports: younger demographics are more likely to make up the population found in bars and clubs anyways. This ordered Florida and Texas to temporarily close all bars.

In Michigan, Harper's in East Lansing has proved a point. Even in just a week of it being open, according to the Lansing State Journal, 76 people who are linked to going to Harpers have gotten COVID-19 (this was 6/27). Ingham county as a result is facing an outbreak of COVID-19. Now people are irresponsibly causing community spread in their hometowns: Grosse Pointe now reports of Harper's attendees causing community spread based on contact tracing.

I personally cannot put personal responsibility and accountability to not bring in COVID-19 in strangers I'd meet in clubs and bars. Most of these locations are usually in enclosed and crowded spaces, even with 50% capacity: perfect locations for COVID-19 to spread. And after a couple drinks you think nobody can stop you. And do you really think you can socially distance on a dance floor and still have fun?

Let's stop this now while we still can prevent a surge in our own beloved state of Michigan, and learn from other states that have opened earlier. Let's think about other people and be more considerate to each other. Let's sacrifice bars and clubs for now and save more lives in the process. I want to go back to the action and normalcy too, but in the situation we're in we can't do that for the sake of others around us.

The pandemic isn't over. Let's figure out ways to mitigate the spread now and ease ourselves into a new normal in a smart way. Temporarily close clubs and bars for now!

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