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Exchanging guilder banknotes

You can still change most guilder banknotes at DNB, but not coins. You can take silver coins to coin traders

Conversion rate

For the exchange of guilders, we use the official conversion rate of EUR 1 = NLG 2,20371. This means that one guilder is worth around 45 cents. Exchanging guilder banknotes is free of charge.

Exchangable notes

You can still exchange most guilder banknotes. But not all of them. The 50 guilder sunflower note and the 100 guilder owl note can for instance be exchanged until 2032.
You can still exchange most guilder banknotes at DNB.

Check which banknotes you can exchange: Overview of exchangeable banknotes .

How to apply for reimbursement

You can apply for reimbursement of a guilder banknote by completing the form. Read more about submitting your application.

Please note: We do not reimburse guilder banknotes that were received as payment for professional or business activities or accepted as payment for goods supplied or services delivered after 27 January 2002. This is because the guilder ceased to be legal tender after that date.