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Season 1

Unaired Pilot
Drivers compete in an illegal cross-country road race.
15 Apr. 2007
The Starting Line
A landscaper joins the race to search for his kidnapped wife.
15 Apr. 2007
After having come in last in the first leg, Wendy is given the unenviable task of eliminating one of her fellow racers, or faces elimination, herself. Winston's half-brother joins the race as his partner, as Alex finds himself a new partner as they realize the leg to Cape Canaveral is only a part of the next segment of the race.
16 Apr. 2007
Let the Games Begin
On the road from Florida to Rome, Georgia, Alex and Corinna gets separated when Alex gets arrested by a shady Florida state trooper who claims to know him from years ago that he participated in an armed robbery. Meanwhile, Sean is forced to call upon his father's "business associate" for help when Winston gets abducted by a beautiful bounty hunter for violation of his parole. Ellie continues to keep Rob's phone messages from him and eventually tells him that she does not want him to return to active duty. Violet tries to persuade her father to lie about his ...
23 Apr. 2007
No Turning Back
Tully and Corinna are forced to call on the aid of Winston and Sean to help them break into a bank in Georgia to steal a safety deposit box in the bank's vault which holds a clue to where the finish line may be. Meanwhile, Wendy wants to quit the race when she learns that her infant son may be in danger, but Ivy is not willing to give up and forces Wendy to drive on by literally putting the gun to her head. Disqualified from the race after arriving last at the drive-in theater, Susan vows to continue the race with Leigh because she tells Leight that she claimed to ...
15 Jul. 2007
The Extra Mile
As the racers speed toward the next pit stop, Alex, Corinna, Winston and Sean deal with the ramifications of their "jump start."
15 Jul. 2007
Corinna and Alex devise a dangerous plan to gain info on the race and find a missing Kathryn when they discover that Winston and Sean have the flash drive; Ivy hitches a ride from Violet, while John hopes to reconnect with his daughter; Rob turns himself in to the military and faces the consequences.

 Season 1 

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