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The name or term "Scrapper" refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Scrapper (disambiguation).
Scrapper is a Decepticon Constructicon from the Generation 1 continuity family.
"By my own standards, Metroplex is the awesomest thing ever."

Scrapper is the engineer of the Constructicons. While the other Constructicons put their masterpieces together, Scrapper is the one who designs everything for them. Though his designs are among the best in Transformer history, Scrapper is a modest Decepticon who quickly shrugs off the praise he receives. In that respect he is the polar-opposite of his frequent second in command, Hook, who is an egomaniacal glory-hound.

Though modest, Scrapper is still a total nutcase. One of his favorite artistic liberties with his designs involves taking living Autobots and using them as raw materials. This vicious act is something Megatron finds admirable, as he considers Scrapper the most valuable of the Constructicons.

Scrapper combines with his fellow Constructicons to form Devastator.

I am honoured to serve, Megatron.

—Scrapper, "Heavy Metal War"



Generation 1 cartoon continuity

The Transformers cartoon

Voice actor: Michael Bell (English), Toshio Ishii (Japanese), Yū Shimaka (Japanese, "Heavy Metal War"), Keiichi Nanba (Japanese, "The Movie"), Zhu Zhunzun (Chinese), Edgar Wald (Latin American), Holger Schwiers (German, "The Autobot Run"), Christoph Lindert (German, "Five Faces of Darkness, Part 4 - 5"), Hans-Rainer Müller (German, "The Rebirth, Part 1"), Tonio von der Meden (German, "The Movie" TV dub & Generation 2 "Triple Takeover"), Gerd Wiedenhofen (German, "Generation 2" season 1), Georges Atlas (European French), Albert Augier (European French, "City of Steel" & "The Core"), François Leccia (European French, "Desertion of the Dinobots, Part 1"), Jacques Ferrière (European French, "The Secret of Omega Supreme"), Francis Lax (European French, "Five Faces of Darkness, Part 4"), Orlando Prado (Portuguese), Isaac Schneider (Portuguese, "The Core"), Carlos Seidl (Portuguese, "The Master Builders" & "The Secret of Omega Supreme"), Amaury Costa (Portuguese, "The Movie" TV dub), Magalhães Graça (Portuguese, "The Movie" VHS dub), Ronaldo Artinic (Portuguese, "The Movie" Fox Kids dub)
My continuity makes me dizzy.

Scrapper, who was evil, helped build Megatron. Five Faces of Darkness, Part 4 Later, Megatron used the Robo-Smasher to make Scrapper, who was good, evil. The Secret of Omega Supreme Finally, Megatron built Scrapper. Heavy Metal War It all makes sense.

Regardless of all that, Scrapper and the Constructicons were active among the Decepticon forces on Earth in 1984. They attempted to infiltrate Autobot headquarters to destroy the Autobot computer Teletraan I, but failed and ended up having a lava bath. Heavy Metal War The Constructicons were later vital in transforming New York City into the Decepticon city of "New Cybertron", and in the process Scrapper got to recycle Optimus Prime into a robotic alligator. City of Steel

The Constructicons later built a drill leading into Earth's core, in order for Megatron to tap its energy. While working on it, Scrapper had a dominator disk snuck onto him by Sunstreaker, allowing the Autobots to control the Constructicons when merged into Devastator. The combiner fought his fellow Decepticons for a while before the disks were overloaded and they returned to normal. Scrapper then provided a peptalk for his team before they saved the Earth from their own drill, which had gone out of control. The Core

"Truly you are a master of structural engineering, Grapple. I could never hold up a map with a stump for a hand."

At one point, Scrapper convinced Hoist and Grapple that the Constructicons wanted to aid the two Autobots in a construction project to build a Solar Power Tower. Scrapper claimed to have admired Grapple's work back on Cybertron. When Megatron found out, the Constructicons had to explain (at gunpoint) that they were still loyal to him, and once the tower was completed they would turn it over to him. The plan initially succeeded, but the tower was soon destroyed in a battle between the Autobots and Devastator. The Master Builders

Later, when the other Decepticons began to suffer from Cybertonium degeneration, Scrapper and the Constructicon worked fine. They took delivery of a shipment of the mineral via the space bridge, and failed to stop Spike Witwicky and Carly from getting by them and traveling to Cybertron. Desertion of the Dinobots, Part 1 When faced with the mighty Omega Supreme, long out for revenge against the Constructicons, Scrapper repeatedly taunted and insulted him. In return, Omega Supreme beat the slag out of Devastator, but couldn't finish the job due to a surprise visit from an asteroid bird alien. The Secret of Omega Supreme

"I dub thee Drone #24601. Now rise up and go forth in Megatron's name!"

When the Constructicons were tasked with building a drone army out of human cars, Scrapper was seen slicing the machines apart with a sword. Make Tracks Scrapper's nasty side was later shown when he worked under Blitzwing, who had temporarily overthrown Megatron. Scrapper used the remains of damaged Autobots to make a throne for himself... nasty! Triple Takeover

TFTM DecepticonsShuttleAttack.JPG

Scrapper and Constructicons were part of the Decepticon forces during the great battle of Autobot City in 2005, and Devastator was integral in breaching the city's defenses. However, Megatron was defeated and the Decepticons were forced to retreat onboard Astrotrain. Megatron was subsequently thrown out into space, and Scrapper wasted no time in nominating his Constructicons to be the next Decepticon leaders. Soundwave and his cassettes disagreed, and within minutes every Decepticon in the ship was fighting the rest for that precious leadership position. Starscream won out in the end, and the Constructicons provided music during his coronation (Scrapper doesn't let minor things such as mouthplates get in his way of playing the trumpet). The Transformers: The Movie

Scrapper’s involvement in these events, or events mostly similar, were also chronicled in the comic mini-series "Transformers: The Animated Movie."
FightorFlee Constructicon vehicle.jpg

In the remainder of 2005 and throughout the following year, Scrapper and the Constructicons maintained a smaller, but still present, role in the Decepticon army, lending their talents to the Decepticon/Quintesson alliance by constructing Trypticon out of a populated human city in only one night. Five Faces of Darkness, Part 4 Later, they built a planetary engine on an asteroid and battled on the planet Eurythma, Carnage in C-Minor aided in the overthrow of Paradron Fight or Flee and took part in an attack on Japan. The Burden Hardest to Bear Although brief, the Constructicons even played a part in the battle for the Plasma Energy Chamber in 2007, seen firing on Autobots with the Terrorcons. The Rebirth, Part 3

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The Autobot Run Megatron's Master Plan, Part 2 The Girl Who Loved Powerglide Trans-Europe Express Starscream's Brigade Masquerade Five Faces of Darkness, Part 1 Five Faces of Darkness, Part 3 Five Faces of Darkness, Part 5 The Rebirth, Part 1

Japanese cartoon continuity

Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers manga

Scrapper and the other Constructicons started constructing Trypticon on a small island paradise, destroying the flora and fauna in the process. When the Autobots found out, they sent Superion to put a stop to them, and the Constructicons responded by forming Devastator. Unfortunately, the newly activated Trypticon, who wanted the challenge of fighting Superion by himself, grabbed Devastator and threw him into the ocean. After all was said and done, the Autobots put Scrapper and the rest of the Constructicons to work, restoring the island to its former natural splendor. Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers #6

Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers story pages

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Scramble City: Mobilization

When the Decepticons learned of the Scramble City project being secretly assembled by the Autobots, Megatron sent his henchmen to interfere with their work. The Constructicons joined Starscream and his flying partners in an attack on the Autobots. Optimus Prime and a task force of Autobots held their position until Scrapper and the Constructicons inevitably joined forces into Devastator. The Aerialbots gave Devastator a good whippin', though, and the Decepticons retreated. Scramble City: Mobilization

The Story of Super Robot Lifeforms: The Transformers manga

In the year 2010, Scrapper participated in a Decepticon attack on the planet Feminia. He and his team merged into Devastator in order to battle alongside Bruticus and Menasor against their Autobot counterparts Superion, Defensor and Omega Supreme. The fight was fairly evenly matched until Galvatron called up his ace-in-the-hole, Predaking, whose power was unmatched by any of the Autobots... except for the Omnibots, who essentially tied Predaking's shoelaces together until he fell over, straight into Devastator and his chums, sending them all toppling to the ground and knocking them to bits. The Story of Super Robot Lifeforms: The Transformers #5

Scrapper only appears as a component of Devastator.
The Headmasters cartoon

Scrapper and the Constructicons were stationed on Earth in 2011, under the command of Sixshot. They attempted to prevent Ultra Magnus from sending reinforcements to Cybertron to help the Autobots fend off Galvatron's siege on Vector Sigma. Scrapper and his squad were ganging up on the Trainbots until Metroplex arrived and shooed them off with his superior firepower. Having failed to stop the Autobot reinforcements from departing, the Constructicons followed them to Cybertron. As Devastator, they tried to shoot Superion in the back, but Optimus Prime foiled their aim, making them hit Abominus instead. Four Warriors Come out of the Sky Devastator was involved in a combiner shootout on Cybertron until the Battleship Maximus arrived and annihilated the Decepticon combiners. The Mystery of Planet Master

Scrapper and the Constructicons were guarding the Decepticon space bridge on Earth, but failed miserably when Twincast single-handedly fought them off and stole a ride on the bridge. The Great Cassette Operation

Unite Warriors
UniteWarriorsOffshot Grapple Scrapper.jpg

Scrapper and the Constructicons decided to rebuild the Crystal City on Earth, and tricked Grapple, Omega Supreme and some other Autobots into helping them. Crystal City Reconstruction Project

Zone OVA, manga, and story pages

Seeking to create a Decepticon Zone to counter the Autobot Zone, Decepticon Emperor Violengiguar gathered together the Nine Great Demon Generals, upgrading them with powerful new armor and weaponry, then sent them forth to conquer planets. Scrapper was among those summoned, but only in the form of Devastator. Zone Part 1 Zone Enter the New Supreme Commander, Dai Atlas!

Legends comic

When the Waspinator of the Legends World retold Megatron's life story, he started with his creation at the hands of Scrapper and the Constructicons. Legends Comic: Bonus Edition Vol. 13

When Megatron returned to 2038 from the Legends World, Bonecrusher and Scrapper were on hand to greet him. The Road to Legends' Revival Chapter 2

In 2039, Scrapper was present on Planet Z when a new generation of Cybertronians were born. A combination of Beast Power and protoforms, these Maximals and Predacons were a scientific curiosity that many Autobots and Decepticons came to study. Epiloge

Wings Universe

Wings Universe is based on the Generation 1 cartoon, but deviates from it in cosmetic ways and continuity points.

Nine million years ago, Scrapper was a member of the construction team that built Crystal City. It was during this project that he and his fellow Constructicons were introduced to Omega Supreme. Hauler's Wings of Honor profile The Constructicons rose to prominence thanks to their immense architectural skills, and formed their own faction under the leadership of Hook. They were forced to align themselves with the Decepticons in order to maintain access to Kaon's smelting pools, which granted him access to the raw building material they needed to continue their work. Unhappy with this arrangement, seven renegade Constructicons went underground, building Megatron in an attempt to take power for themselves. Unfortunately for them, Megatron turned on them and formed his own group of Decepticons, eventually brainwashing Scrapper and the others into his service with the Robo-Smasher. Devastator's Wings of Honor profile Among their first acts as Decepticons, the Constructicons destroyed Crystal City. Hauler's Wings of Honor profile

Scrapper was part of Hook's Constructicon team when it was augmented with Deathsaurus's Combiner technology and turned into Devastator. Battle Lines, Part 5 During the third Cybertronian war, the Constructicons were ambushed at Elevation Recostalus by a group of Autobots including Hauler and Erector, who disabled them before they could form Devastator. The group remained offline until 1984, when Megatron rebuilt them on Earth and appointed Scrapper as leader in Hook's place. Transformers I.Q. last issue review

During the Battle of Autobot City, Devastator was blasted apart by Ultra Magnus's team. Scrapper claimed the Autobots had merely gotten lucky, and he and the other Constructicons began pursuing them, gunning down Red Alert in the process. A Flash Forward

Ask Vector Prime

In an amalgamated universe engineered by Gong and Sideways, the Constructicons participated in the siege of Guardian City by forming Devastator. Echoes and Fragments


In a reality where Optimus killed Megatron in 2005, Scrapper was one of the many Decepticons who retreated aboard Astrotrain. He was shocked to learn that his leader hadn't made it out alive. Deviations

Marvel Comics continuity

Marvel The Transformers comics

Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.
Scrapper is the green and purple one.

Early in the Transformers' war on Earth, Shockwave used the stolen power of the Creation Matrix to give life to the first of a new generation of Decepticon warriors, the Constructicons. Scrapper and the other Constructicons were immediately given a mission upon their coming online — construct a communications tower to transmit a message to Cybertron. A truckstop was raided for raw materials, which attracted the ire of trucker Bomber Bill, who, with the aid of the Autobots, managed to destroy the tower Scrapper and the other Constructicons had built. The Next Best Thing to Being There!

Scrapper and the Constructicons, after troubleshooting their union as Devastator, were sent by Shockwave to abduct Buster Witwicky. After tracking the boy down to a demolition derby, and merging into Devastator to fend off the Autobots they found there, the Constructicons' attack was suddenly called off. While Devastator battled, Soundwave had discovered that Buster held the rest of the Creation Matrix in his head, and considered this too great a revelation to proceed as initially planned. Devastation Derby!

After Megatron's retaking of Decepticon command, Scrapper and the other Constructicons were charged with building perimeter defences around their headquarters located at the base of a coal strip mine in eastern Wyoming. Devastator's services were again required when the Autobots staged a surprise attack, but they retreated once they had what they needed; data on the Constructicons' combining process. Command Performances!

Snarl beat him so hard, he knocked the green off of him.

Megatron, Soundwave, Scrapper and the Constructicons went to track down Joy Meadows after seeing her on Between the Lines threatening to expose the truth of the Transformers' war on Earth. Thanks to an Triple I tracer they followed Swoop and found the reporter and her crew with the Dinobots. A battle ensued, with the Decepticons coming out on top until the arrival of Centurion turned the tide against them. Soundwave decided to bring the situation to a conclusion by incinerating the humans' footage, which dispirited the Dinobots and humans and the Decepticons left victorious. In the National Interest

The Constructicons were sent into frigid Yukon territory to work on a secret project. They were discovered by Jazz and Hoist, only for the two Autobots to accidentally betray their presence with an accidental weapons discharge. The Constructicons chased down the interlopers, blasting at them through a nearby forest. During the chase, they merged into Devastator in an attempt to overtake the pair. While in this form, they were duped into blasting a hydro-electric dam. Realizing what was coming, the Constructicons only had time enough to separate before the concrete structure collapsed, unleashing a torrent of water. The Constructicons were submerged in the flood, allowing the Autobots to escape. The Mission

Later, Scrapper and the Constructicons fell under the control of the time travelling Decepticon leader Galvatron after he incapacitated Megatron and Soundwave. He set them to building a giant weapon for him, though once his plans were thwarted by Ultra Magnus and three Autobots from the future the Constructicons returned to Megatron's command. Target: 2006

Stories featuring G.I. Joe do not fit into the normal Marvel UK continuity. See G.I. Joe and the Transformers for details.
"Constructicons—slump into vehicle mode!"

Scrapper and the other Constructicons were called upon to defend the Decepticons' base in the Florida Keys from a joint attack by G.I. Joe, Cobra, and the Autobots. Forming Devastator once again, they brawled with Superion until a blast from Superion's rifle caused a malfunction in Devastator's coupling links and he broke up into his components. ...All Fall Down!

Ratbat then assumed leadership of the Earthbound Decepticons and had Scrapper and the rest of the Constructicons except Mixmaster raid a building site in downtown Atlanta, Georgia for raw materials such as girders. Toy Soldiers! They would go on to participate in an attack on the combined Autobot forces on Earth's moon while Blaster and Grimlock fought a duel for command. Under cover of battle, Scrapper and the other Constructicons retrieved the remains of several fallen and captured Decepticons. Totaled!

Scrapper and the other Constructicons seem to just disappear from the ranks of the Decepticons after this point.
These stories do not fit into the normal Marvel continuity. See Earthforce for details.
"Scrapper, is Soundwave listening to us?" "What? Probably not."

Scrapper worked for Megatron during the Earthforce saga, as did most of his fellow Constructicons. He was first seen telling stories to Mixmaster in the Decepticon base's hallway while Soundwave was mentally searching for traitors... and blackmail information. Secrets With Soundwave in command, Scrapper joined a massive Decepticon offensive against the Autobot Earthbase. Their goal was to kill some Autobots, while also distracting them as Starscream looted a human oil tanker in the Gulf of Mexico. Both goals proved fruitless, and the Decepticons were driven off. Divide and Conquer!

Marvel UK future timelines
The movie adaptation, originally published by Marvel US, is in italics

When Megatron launched an all-out offensive against Autobot City in the year 2005, Scrapper was among the troops who besieged the outpost. He and the other Constructicons combined into Devastator at Megatron's command to breach Autobot City's outer defenses. When the Decepticons were eventually forced to retreat inside Astrotrain, the Constructicons were relatively unscathed from the battle. As such, they voted that all injured Transformers be jettisoned when Astrotrain complained he didn't have the energy necessary to carry them all back to Cybertron. The Planet-Eater!

With Megatron having been deposed, Starscream took over leadership of the Decepticons. He held for himself a coronation ceremony, which Scrapper attended. The procession was interrupted by Galvatron, who revealed himself to be Megatron reborn before reducing Starscream to a pile of scrap. Scrapper and the others present cheered as their former master retook his place as their leader. Judgment Day!


By 2008, Scrapper was supplanted as leader of the Construction by Mixmaster. He was seen with a Decepticon strike team on-board Astrotrain as the Decepticons planned to attack Autobase, just before they were attacked themselves by the Quintessons. Previous information that Decepticon commander Soundwave had received, informing him that the Autobots were mostly off-world, turned out to be a ruse orchestrated by the aliens to ambush his troops. The Decepticons were forced to call upon the Autobots for assistance in thwarting the Quintessons' forceful colonization of their homeworld. Space Pirates!

Marvel Generation 2 comic

Scrapper and Bonecrusher helped construct a thermal bomb perimeter around the Autobot/Decepticon encampment which was entrenched on Earth awaiting arrival of the Swarm. A Rage in Heaven!


Classics continues from the Marvel US series, and does not include the UK stories or any subsequently published stories.
Finally, Scrapper gets some "facetime."

In the fifteen years since the battle on Klo, Megatron was resurrected and had reclaimed portions of his previous army, including Scrapper and the other Constructicons. When the Decepticon Landquake mysteriously appeared and claimed to be from another timeline, his body was scrutinized by Soundwave and Scrapper. Scrapper's research led him to believe Landquake was telling the truth, noting that study of Unicron pointed towards the existence of parallel worlds and that Landquake's makeup was unlike any Transformer construction he was familiar with.

Furthermore, he announced to Megatron that an anomaly in South America radiated identical wavelengths as Landquake, something that might merit further inspection. Scrapper's only mistake was suggesting the hypothetical help of Shockwave would be appreciated, resulting in violence upon his person from Megatron. Regardless, Megatron agreed that the anomaly demanded his attention, and while Scrapper was instructed to pry deeper into Landquake's energon readings, the Decepticon commander accompanied the rest of his troops to South America. Crossing Over, Part 2

Scrapper and the other Decepticons arrived at their destination, where they met the Autobots in battle. Megatron ordered him and the Constructicons to merge into Devastator, which they did. Grimlock attempted to take on Devastator singlehandedly, and did meet with some success when Devastator stepped into a sinkhole and fell apart into his component Constructicons. Crossing Over: Part 3 Now separated, the Constructicons were being beaten ruthlessly by the Dinobot Commander, and so Scrapper ordered the Constructicons to flee and regroup. Grimlock "helped" them along by picking up Scrapper and throwing him into the others. Crossing Over: Part 5 Eventually, as a group, the Constructicons were able to subdue Grimlock, but by then the battle was over and the Decepticons had no choice but to retreat. Crossing Over: Part 6

Marvel Storybooks continuity

Under the guise of the Global Corporation, Scrapper and his fellow Constructicons created sophisticated buildings all around the world. Within each building, however, was hidden a mechanism that would trap underground all within the structure. When the scheme was put into motion and the Autobots responded with an attack, Scrapper and his fellow contructicons merged to become The Devastator. Though in this form, the Constructicons were able to overpower the Autobots, that changed when the Dinobots arrived. Scrapper and Hook were the first ones to die by Swoop's hand, when the Dinobot bombardier released missiles in Devastator's face at point-blank range. Battle for Earth

Scrapper is nonsarcastically the green and purple one.

As Devastator, Scrapper and the other Constructicons stumbled upon Sunstreaker admiring his reflection in the wilderness, and managed to capture the vain Autobot. The group revealed their individual components to their prisoner once he was safely locked up within Decepticon headquarters. They rejoined forces to combat an Autobot rescue party that attempted to storm Decepticon base, and captured Slag, Sludge and Sideswipe as well, putting them in Sunstreaker's cell. The Constructicons were once more prompted to combine into Devastator to contemplate an Autobot peace offering; a life-sized statue of the gestalt! The peace offering turned out to be an Autobot ruse, and reinforcement burst forth from within the statue. The Autobots forced Devastator to break up into his component pieces by thoroughly dividing his attention, and so Scrapper joined the fight against the Autobots as an individual. The Decepticons ultimately lost the battle to the Autobots. The Autobots' Secret Weapon

Marvel coloring books

When the Decepticons learned that the Autobots had long ago lost a large shipment of Energon cubes at the Ark's original crash site, Galvatron ordered them to head to Mt. St. Hillary to uncover it. There, Scrapper and Bonecrusher used their alternate modes to dig up the area. They engaged the Autobots in battle when they inevitably showed themselves. The brawl ended when Starscream scarfed down all of the Energon, and proceeded to pick a fight with Galvatron. The Lost Treasure of Cybertron

Find Your Fate Junior

The following summarizes one or more multipath adventures. Details vary depending on the paths taken in-story. See the book's page for information on alternate paths.

Dinobots Strike Back

When the Decepticons discovered that the black coral in Dolphin's Bay could be processed into a limitless supply of superfuel that would make them more powerful than ever, Scrapper was charged with building all the equipment necessary to make it happen. To prevent any Autobot spies from learning of Operation Black Coral and making it back to the Ark, he booby-trapped an obvious trail through the woods at the base of Mount Lomas with a tripwire that would cause the ground to give way, dumping its victims into a cell in his supermodern underground lab. (It's unknown if any other Constructicons besides Gravedigger assisted him).

If you made enough bad choices, Bumblebee and Skids became his first guests. Scrapper consulted his blueprints, looked at Bumblebee with an evil smile as he mentioned needing more materials to finish the power plant, politely thanked the pair for volunteering to assist him, then reduced them to scrap metal in 10 minutes. One by one, all the Autobots came looking for their missing friends and fell into Scrapper's trap, allowing him to build the entire plant out of their parts. Scrapper named his creation the Autobot Memorial Power Plant, and laughed at having made them look so fuelish! (get it?) Dinobots Strike Back



In one possible path, wherein Beachcomber attempted to enter the Decepticons’ fortress by himself through the front door, he was jumped by Buzzsaw who immediately tore into Beachcomber. Buzzsaw was helped by Scrapper into disassembling the Autobot. Megatron then ordered his Decepticons to rebuild Beachcomber. In the process, the Decepticons planned to swap Beachcomber's memory chip for a Destructicon chip, to create the perfect double agent. Earthquake

Autobot Alert!

In one possible scenario, the Constructicons were responsible for building the Decepticons’ command centre in the evil robots’ latest plot of taking over the Earth. They also were responsible for stocking Astrotrain with explosives and weapons before the Decepticon shuttle launched into space to further sabotage Earth's satellites.

In a different possible scenario, the Constructicons joined Galvatron on his campaign to retrieve an ancient cybertite sphere containing the secret of an ancient Autobot power-booster. Discovering that the sphere was within a sunken ship off the California coast, the Constructicons merged into Devastator in order to retrieve it. Autobot Alert!

The Official Transformers: Generation 2 Annual

At Megatron's command, Scrapper constructed a pair of giant rocket engines on Clarke Atoll, digging deep into the Earth. The Decepticons planned to turn the planet itself into a mobile base of operations, destroying human civilization as they propelled it through space. Despite Scrapper's desire to give his project a trial-run, Megatron insisted the engines were turned to full power immediately. Scrapper complied rather than risk enraging his superior, and begun the ignition sequence. But before the engines were fully operational, the Autobot flyers Jetfire and Deftwing swept in and overloaded their plasma coils. The resulting lava swell destroyed Scrapper's magnificent creation, forcing the Decepticons to flee from the resultant volcanic eruption. Moving Day Planet Earth

Dreamwave Generation One continuity

Events from The Transformers Trilogy novels are in italics.
Construction vehicles are green on Cybertron, too.

Nine million years ago, a young Megatron staged a Decepticon uprising and sieged Iacon to smokescreen his true designs. Long-buried planetary engines from Cybertron's similarly buried past were to be refitted by Scrapper and his Constructicons in order to convert their planet into a galaxy-faring war world. The War Within #2 While Megatron had gone briefly missing during battle, Scrapper was ordered by Starscream to accelerate the process, despite the Constructicon's misgivings. Their hasty actions could tear the planet apart! In the end, Starscream gave Scrapper a choice: mechaform Iacon, or get mechaformed by Motormaster. The War Within #5 As Scrapper predicted, the region went under a major upheavel, and he and the other Transformers in the area were forced to abandon their work as everything exploded. The War Within #6

The war entered a Dark Age when both Optimus Prime and Megatron were presumed lost forever in a space bridge accident. During this time, the technology of combining (and thus Devastator himself) was invented, but Devastator and other super robots were declared non-allied by the Crisis Intervention Accord to stave off an arms race that would escalate the war to frightening levels. Despite this, Ratbat's Ultracons secretly enlisted Scrapper and his Constructicons. Escalation Devastator was unleashed upon the Wreckers in the Tagan Heights, but was defeated by the Protectobots by overloading him with electricity. This not only shut Devastator down, but also forced him to split into his component 'bots. Devastation

During the Age of Internment, Scrapper was active at the Autobot detention block in Internment Camp Pi at Praxus. The Age of Wrath Pt.2

Millions of years later, after a subset of the Transformers war awoke on Earth in 1984, the Constructicons somehow found their way from Cybertron to Earth. They were defeated along with the other Decepticons in 1999, and subsequently lost for years following a shuttle explosion. When they awoke in 2002, the Constructicons combined into Devastator and rampaged through San Francisco. Prime Directive #5 Optimus Prime shot them in the head. Prime Directive #6

After their defeat in California, the Constructicons were secretly rebuilt by Starscream, and Devastator became his personal enforcer after Megatron was kidnapped by the alien Keepers, leaving Decepticon leadership up for grabs. Scrapper and many of the other Decepticons joined Starscream on a venture to assume control over the human city of Las Vegas. Their occupation was interrupted by a renegade human army and a trio of Autobots: Grimlock, Prowl and Bumblebee. Scrapper prepared for their invasion by booby-trapping a Michelin Tire Store. When that turned out to be a dumb idea, he decided to just shoot at the Autobots instead. Scrapper was taken out fast during the fight, however, when Grimlock knocked him into a pool of molten slag created by Mixmaster's chemical powers. The acidic heat knocked him off-line, and Scrapper had to be dragged to safety by his partners. Hardwired

Megatron eventually returned to Earth, but Scrapper and the Constructicons owed Starscream for reconstructing them, and so remained loyal to him when the Decepticons split into two factions. Of course, this only meant they were among the first to be captured by the Keepers when those aliens took over Las Vegas and turned Starscream into their puppet. Trapped behind an impenetrable force dome, Scrapper and the Constructicons attempted to batter their way out as Devastator using sheer brute force, until Skywarp offered a better idea. Reconverting into their separate modes, the Constructicons dug a tunnel out beneath the force field, enabling Starscream's faction to join the final battle against the Keepers. Acting as Devastator, they were too far away from Optimus Prime and his Matrix-induced force shield when the American nuclear assault was dropped on the Keepers, and were blasted into pieces. Annihilation

The nuclear blast left Devastator fused into his singular robot mode, leaving him unable to split back into Scrapper and his other components. Eventually, Devastator fell into the Void along with Omega Sentinel in the final conflict with the Keepers, and was left in stasis lock, drifting in the vacuum of space, after the Sentinel destroyed the Keepers' power source and shattered the Void back into real space-time. The starship Bounty, on a secret space mission from Earth, came across Devastator's remains and planned to tow him back to Earth. Fusion

The pieces of Scrapper and the Constructicons fell under the control of Earth Defense Command, and were held in their Roswell facility for study. Generation 1 #0

G.I. Joe vs. the Transformers

Scrapper calls Mindbender on a hockey foul.

The ruthless terrorist organization known as Cobra dug dozens of Autobots and Decepticons out of their four-million-year resting place and began rebuilding them into a Cobra-controlled army. However, with Wheeljack and Bumblebee's help, the mind-controlled Transformers were awakened, and the very cheesed-off Constructicons, including Scrapper, descended upon their previous captor, Doctor Mindbender. G.I. Joe vs. the Transformers #3 Scrapper and Hook decided to kill Mindbender by dropping him into Mixmaster's mixing drum, but they were interrupted by Soundwave, who needed the doctor to work the SPS Satellite for him. G.I. Joe vs. the Transformers #4

Their surroundings were soon under attack by Autobot and G.I. Joe forces, requiring Scrapper and the other Constructicons to combine into Devastator. Ultimately, Devastator was brutally defeated after the Decepticon fatally wounded Hound, sending the fallen Autobot's friends into a berserker rage. G.I. Joe vs. the Transformers #5

The Beast Within

During a brutal all-out Decepticon offensive, Scrapper battled Sideswipe. He and his fellow Constructicons were blown away by an explosion. Then, Scrapper joined with the other Constructicons to form Devastator in order to combat The Beast, the Dinobots’ combined form. The Beast Within

2005 IDW continuity

MegsOrigin2 Constructicons.jpg

Scrapper and his team of Constructicons were apparently put out of work due to the labor shortages masterminded by Ratbat. Rather than sitting idly by and collecting roboto-unemployment checks, the Constructicons became involved with the illegal fighting ring operating in Kaon, dedicating their talents to quickly creating a combat arena at each new site of the tournaments, modifying scrap on hand for their needs. Scrapper witnessed firsthand the level of brutality Megatron could reach outside the ring when he executed the Autobot surveyors, Fastback and Bumper. Megatron Origin #2 The Constructicons also worked on the fighters themselves, repairing them after fights and installing new weapons on them. Megatron Origin #3

As the war began in earnest between the Autobots and Decepticons, Scrapper and the Constructicons remained loyal followers of Megatron. Four million years ago, Scrapper was part of a convoy along with Ramjet, Octane and his fellow Constructicons bringing energon to the war effort. They were intercepted and captured by Optimus Prime and Ironhide. The Iron Age

The Constructions battled against the Autobots when they made an assault on the Citadel. Broadcast As the war began in earnest between the Autobots and Decepticons, the Constructicons remained loyal followers of Megatron. At one point they were stationed on Varas Centralus alongside Swindle and Sky-Byte, where they committed some atrocity that was enough to cause Sky-Byte to abandon the Decepticon cause. A Better Tomorrow

But seriously, folks—*Boom!*

Millions of years later, the Constructicons arrived on Earth. Having obtained combiner technology, Scrapper and his team merged into Devastator and made short work of the Autobot unit on the planet. All Hail Megatron #7 With those goody-two-shoes out of the way, the Decepticons moved on to conquer the planet, starting with New York City. As the Constructicons transformed and revealed themselves in the middle of the city, Scrapper told the humans that they were aliens from another world, who had come to spread a message of peace and unity. A confused Hook looked at Scrapper, then they shared a laugh and proceeded to kill things. All Hail Megatron #1 After a good while of random destruction, Scrapper ordered his team to combine so they could take out the tunnels leading in and out of New York. All Hail Megatron #2 When the city had fallen, Scrapper listened to Megatron's victory speech. All Hail Megatron #4

The Constructicons later joined Starscream's rebellion against Megatron, as the Seeker's logical arguments had apparently appealed to them. Scrapper mocked Megatron with a sarcastic "All hail Megatron" before forming Devastator and attacking him. All Hail Megatron #10 Before Devastator could kill his former leader, however, he found himself under attack by human jets. He managed to get rid of those, only to be attacked by Omega Supreme instead. All Hail Megatron #11 The battle ended when Omega blasted Devastator straight through the torso, defeating the Constructicons. All Hail Megatron #12


In the two years that followed, Scrapper was separated from his fellow Constructicons. He joined up with a rag-tag group of Decepticons left behind on Earth, and helped rescue Thundercracker from the ruins of New York. Scrapper was seemingly hoping that the elite Seeker would lead their little group, but Thundercracker was not interested, and instead leadership fell to Swindle. Seasons in Flight Seeking revenge on Omega Supreme for the Constructicons' earlier defeat, Scrapper and Swindle led their group into battle with Hot Rod and the Autobots who had gathered around the defense base. After Scrapper was briefly strangled by an invisible Mirage, the battle ended on an oddly peaceful note when Swindle suggested that the Autobots and Decepticons join forces to get off Earth together. New Arrivals, Old Encounters

Together with the newly liberated Hook and Mixmaster, Scrapper began building a starship for the mixed Cybertronians to use, but unfortunately, Hot Rod would not allow them to free any more Constructicons. When Ultra Magnus turned up to investigate Ironhide's death and subsequently fired upon Swindle, Scrapper transformed in response to defend his his group leader. Seasons in Flight

As the Decepticons ultimately turned against their Autobot "friends", Scrapper gleefully tried to crush Bumblebee with his bare hands until Thundercracker blasted the Constructicon for a loop. After the new gestalt Menasor was defeated, Swindle escaped from Autobot and Skywatch custody along with some Constructicons, including Scrapper. Earthworks

I get a spotlight like the popular characters and you kill me off Costa?! Wait, what do you mean it's not a spotlight? DAMMIT!

Scrapper hid in a construction site, but Spike Witwicky knew about his hiding place. In reaction to Devastator killing a friend of his when he destroyed the New York tunnel, Spike tracked Scrapper down, blinded him with acid and trapped him beneath some steel beams. Scrapper tried to surrender, but Spike explained that he wasn't there to take him in, but rather to prove that a single human could defeat a Transformer and to put a stop to the threat of Devastator forever. He then used the helpless Scrapper's gun to blow his head off. Scrapper

When the Decepticons captured by Skywatch were broken out by the Decepticons who left Earth, Blitzwing was seen carrying Scrapper's body away. The Demolished Man They subsequently scanned his mind and viewed his final memories in life. In a confrontation with Optimus Prime, Megatron mentioned Scrapper's fate and used Witwicky's execution of a surrendered combatant (and the cover-up that followed) as a reason why no humans could be trusted, not even Prime's closest comrades. After the battle, Optimus ordered Prowl to investigate Scrapper's murder, apparently seeking truth and justice. Enemy Mine

Kings Constructicons.jpg

The other Decepticons brought Scrapper's corpse with them when Megatron summoned them to Cybertron, where the other Constructicons still proved capable of combining with it (sorry Spike). However, Devastator was left with a paralyzed right leg, which led to his defeat in a battle with the Autobots. Chaos Part Three: Kings

Even after the Constructicons were rebuilt into a more modular design with Hook replacing Scrapper as Devastator's right leg, Scrapper still lived on in the minds of his old team members. Quite literally as part of the gestalt process erodes the participants' individuality. As such, Prowl, who had become the sixth member of Devastator's components, had been unintentionally referring to other Constructicons as "Scrapper" after combining with them a few times. When Devastator saw Spike again, he was immediately overcome with homicidal rage at how Spike had killed Scrapper, "killing" Devastator's gestalt mind. ONoffON The Obliterati

Later, Starscream used the Enigma of Combination to upgrade the Constructicons and include his follower Scoop into the mix, resulting in Hook regaining his head and shoulders position and Scoop taking Scrapper's place as the (sometimes discolored) right leg. You, Me, and the Universe

Transformers vs. G.I. Joe

Scrapper and the other Constructicons formed Devastator to attack the G.I. Joe starship Defiant, successfully destroying one of its two modules. Devastator was blown back into his components when Wild Bill rammed the other module straight into him. Targetmasters

Transformers: All Spark

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Plans of the Emperor of Destruction

Prime Wars Trilogy cartoons

Scrapper, Long Haul and Scavenger all battled Megatron in the ruins of an old coliseum, but he easily overpowered them all. Upon overhearing Windbade say that Starscream possessed the Enigma of Combination, Long Haul signaled a plan to Scrapper and the other Constructicons, and they later formed Devastator in an attempt to take the Enigma for themselves. Unforgotten In the aftermath of the Combiner Wars, Scrapper was among those assisting with the reconstruction efforts. Aftermath and Rebirth He presumably died when Devastator was killed by Rodimus Cron. Volcanicus

Win If You Dare

Starscream press-ganged Scrapper and the other Constructicons into excavating a fallen cybertonium meteorite. After taking a beating from Grimlock, the team formed Devastator in order to grab a fragment of the meteor before the substance went critical, but the explosion knocked the combiner apart. The six Constructicons promptly made an embarrassing retreat aboard Astrotrain, bickering with Starscream all the while. Transformers: Bumblebee - Go For the Gold

Mazinger Z versus Transformers

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Mazinger Z versus Transformers


As Devastator, the Constructicons tried to battle Gozer, but found themselves outmatched and fatally ripped in half. Ghosts of Cybertron Part 2

2019 IDW continuity

First appearance: Galaxies #1

Born before the end of the War of the Threefold Spark, Scrapper and five other promising young builders formed the Constructicons, an ambitious construction team recruited by the visionary architect Termagax to help rebuild the ruins of Iacon. Eager to make a name for themselves, the team promptly clashed with Termagax's conservative second-in-command Wheeljack—for while Wheeljack sought to merely rebuild Iacon, Termagax saw the potential for something bigger and better to take its place. While excavating in Rivets Field, the team inadvertently discovered the Enigma of Combination. Urged on by Termagax, Scrapper and his team agreed to expose themselves to the energies of the artifact, transforming themselves into a new combiner: raw power which Termagax hoped to harness and reshape into the ultimate building tool. Constructicons Rising, Part 1

Despite this new strength and power, Scrapper and his team struggled to master their combination, fighting against a seventh, destructive personality that surfaced whenever the team combined... and whose love of indiscriminate destruction jeopardized their reconstruction efforts. Finally, however, Termagax encouraged the team to work with this anger, rather than against it, and harness the powerful emotion to unite them in their shared purpose of rebuilding Iacon. Although the team would eventually complete their goal of turning the ravaged cityscape into a beautiful metropolis, they would not enjoy the fruits of their labor for long—Wheeljack brought his concerns to the attention of Nominus Prime, and the Prime arranged matters so that the team would be reassigned to the distant colony of Mayalx to oversee the construction of a new energon refinery. Constructicons Rising, Part 3 There, the Constructicons labored for many years, deliberately kept under-fueled and tired so they couldn't combine, while they grew increasingly resentful of the world that had abandoned them while reminiscing about their glory days. Constructicons Rising, Part 1


With their future on Cybertron uncertain, Scrapper eventually came to believe that the team's future lay elsewhere and began training his teammates in the ways of combat, holding regular sparring sessions in an improvised gladiatorial arena. During one particular session, the team was interrupted by the Insecticon Bombshell, who, after a brief misunderstanding, told them his story: like the Constructicons, Nominus Prime had also banished the Insecticons for fear of their unique matter-eating abilities. Knowing that the team could be of use to The Rise, Bombshell manipulated the team into unknowingly aiding the cause, encouraging them to recapture their glory days. Constructicons Rising, Part 2

After some deliberation, the six builders agreed to help the Constructicons, and after filling up on Bombshell's provided energon cubes the team combined for the first time since their banishment—but instead of uniting based on their shared urge to create, the Constructicons combined to destroy Mayalx and everything it represented to them, a spiteful, destructive rampage that ended with every 'bot in the colony slaughtered and the statue of Nominus Prime toppled. Unaware that the Insecticons had deliberately goaded them into such wanton slaughter so that the energon they processed from the many remains could be secretly shipped back to Cybertron to fuel the rise, Scrapper told his team that, for the first time in their lives, they were finally free to do and build whatever they wanted. Constructicons Rising, Part 4

Commercial appearances

  • Scrapper and his teammates were masquerading as construction vehicles, when they suddenly decided to horrify their human operators by revealing their true nature. As their human drivers bailed out and fled, the team combined into Devastator, who crashed his fists together, creating a surge of energy that crackled all the way through his gigantic body. Constructicons commercial
  • After being upgraded into their "Generation 2" bodies, the Constructicons went about causing "really big destruction" by driving through a construction site and then merging into Devastator. Their fun came to an end when Grimlock emerged from the ground and trounced the combiner. Generation Constructicons and Dinobots commercial


The Transformers (PS2)

Scrapper is a non-playable character. He appears among the legion of Decepticon duplicates in the Autobot campaign.

The Transformers

Transformers Legends

At some point Omega Supreme was friends with the Constructicons, but they had a falling out. The Secret of Omega Supreme

The Constructicons, including Scrapper, ambushed an Autobot rescue team that was attempting to rescue Powerglide. For a short while, Scrapper found himself discussing construction techniques with Grapple, Hoist and Huffer, until a squad of Decepticons arrive to remind him he was supposed to be shooting the Autobots, not being friendly with them. The Master Builders

The Decepticon team took over an asteroid orbiting Earth, however when Omega Supreme got wind of it, he launched a massive attack and Scrapper was among the casualties. The Secret of Omega Supreme

Scrapper and the Constructicons built a Transfixatron, which they used to trap the Autobots in their alternate modes during a charity race. Unfortunately it turned out that the Autobots were still capable fighters even as cars, and the Decepticons were driven off. Autobot Run

Transformers: Devastation

Voice actor: Michael Bell

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The Game Full of Death and Suffering...!

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Transformers: Devastation

Transformers: Battle Tactics


Scrapper participated in battles against a variety of opponents, both Autobots and Decepticons. Sometimes there were many of him! He appeared in multiple different bodies:

  • Scrapper—This Super Rare character first appeared in the "Devastator's Demolition" event, and could be recruited by collecting 250 units of Cybermetal, 75 units of Transmetal, and 10 cores of this character.
  • Scrapper (G2)—This Super Rare character first appeared in the "Devastator's Metal War" event, and could be recruited by collecting 250 units of Cybermetal, 75 units of Transmetal, and 10 cores of this character.

Transformers: Battle Tactics

Transformers: Frontiers

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Transformers: Frontiers

Transformers: Earth Wars


Scrapper is a master of designing and building "stealth monuments": fortresses and power plants that blend seamlessly into the landscape, whether that landscape is on Cybertron or Earth.

This sly and malevolent genius is highly regarded by Megatron, and Scrapper takes all the praise he can get. His carbon-steel scoop can lift over 30 tons and he possesses a levitation wing that allows for solo air travel. Scrapper character bio

With Hook, Scrapper was on an operation with Starscream to claim a piece of the Fractal Map but failed to do so when Bludgeon stopped the operation under Megatron's command. Power Play Campaign

When the rest of the Constructicons came through the Space Bridge, Megatron eagerly combined the Combiner team to form DEVASTATOR! Combiner Wars Campaign

  • Class: Warrior
  • Lowest Star Rating: 1 star
  • Weapons: Scrapper uses his pistol on a target, then closes in and smashes it with his fists.
  • Ability: Defensive Rush - Put a protective shield that blocks 80% damage for 6 seconds (level 1), then charge the target.
    • Cost: 4 ability points +1 for reuses.

Scrapper at Transformers: Earth Wars Wiki


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  • The original The Transformers cartoon series bible contains a description of Scrapper typed with the name "Gravedigger", then crossed out by hand and rewritten "Scrapper". This name would actually appear in fiction, though applied to a different Constructicon.
  • The name "Payload" was used for Scrapper in the script for "Day of the Machines" (in a scene that didn't make it into the finished episode), but that may have been a misreading of his profile page from the briefing binder, rather than a legitimate pre-production name. His profile in the binder features the description for his alternate mode, "tractor shovel", crossed out with "payloader" written in its place, but the "-er" blends into the redaction line, and might have been overlooked by the writer in haste, leaving him to think the character's name was "Payload".
  • As noted above, Scrapper's original toy has a third mode called "Attack Payloader", formed by sticking the purple "Super Wing" that forms Devastator's chestplate on top of Scrapper's payloader mode. As his Marvel Universe entry notes, this allows him to fly at 60 mph over a range of 250 miles, although Scrapper has yet to use this ability in fiction.
  • Despite being the (nominal) leader of the Constructicons, Scrapper forms one of Devastator's legs, rather than his head and/or body. This contradicts the pattern established with most subsequent Transformers combining teams.
  • In recent years, toys sporting the name "Scrapper" require an additional prefix for trademark reasons, hence making the official name "Decepticon Scrapper" or "Constructicon Scrapper".

Foreign names

  • Japanese: Scrapper (スクラッパー Sukurappā)
  • French: Bricolo (Canada, Generation 1 toy), Bagaro (Canada, Generation 2 toy)
  • Hungarian: Boxoló
  • Italian: Ringhio ("Growl")
  • Mandarin: Chǎn Tǔ Jī (铲土机, "Scraper")
  • Portuguese: Despedaçador (Portugal comic), Retalhador (Brazil comic)
  • Russian: Skrebok (Скребок, "Scraper")
  • Ukrainian: Smittyar (ICTV dub, Сміттяр, "Trasher")