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I created these drag and drop games years ago and as they continue to be very popular I've kept them up for you to enjoy.
  • These dress up games are free for you to use; however, if you upload your dolls to a webpage, please link to where possible.

  • You should use Internet Explorer or an Internet Explorer based browser such as AOL to use my dollmakers, otherwise you may have difficulty moving the items around.

  • Please wait for the dollmaker to fully load before trying to move any of the props around.

  • If you've come from another website, click here to visit the rest of

  • If you want to recolour props, animate dolls, make backgrounds transparent or build your own maker, please visit the 'Tutorials' section of my site.

  • Please don't direct link to my images or take props for your own dollmaker(s). - Cartoon Dollmakers and Dress Up Games Instructions - Cartoon Dollmakers and Dress Up Games

  1. Click an icon below to open a dollmaker, then drag and drop items together to create a doll.

  2. Press the Print Scrn key, which is next to F12 on most PCs. This is effectively the same as 'copying' the whole screen, so it will look as if nothing's happened.

  3. Open up Paint (or another graphics program like Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop), and press Ctrl and hold down while you press V once, or right-click and Paste.

  4. Use the cropping tool (it looks like a dotted rectangle) to draw around your doll.

  5. Copy your doll (right-click the mouse in the middle of the rectangle you just made and select Copy).

  6. Paste it into a new file (don't save the other one).

  7. Save your doll!

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Below I've listed links to some great cartoon doll sites and directories. If you'd like to be listed here, please email me.