Is a anteater a prey or predator? - Answers


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Both prey and predator, they are predatores to small insects such as ants but have predators such as pumas and jaguars

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Q: Is a anteater a prey or predator?
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What animals depend on the anteater?

The anteater is prey to large wild cats such as the lion and puma. The cats depend on the anteater for survival because the animal is an important food source to the meat eating predator.

Are giant anteaters predator?

They are insectivores, which means they eat insects (hence the name 'anteater'), so they 'prey' upon ants, their 'prey', so yes, they are predators.

What preys on an Anteater?

The Jaguar may prey on the anteater

How are cows predator and prey?

A cow is not a predator or prey

What is a predator of an anteater?

a snake

Is an shrew prey or predator?

What is the answer of this question is shrew a predator or a prey

Is a seal predator or prey?

predator and prey

Describe the relationship between predator and prey?

Predator is the hunter and prey is its food, predator eats the prey.

Is dog a prey or a predator?

its a prey sometimes or a predator

What is predator and prey relationships?

Predator < Prey

Are sea dragons prey or predator?

They are prey and predator.

Is a reptile predator or prey?

Reptiles can be predator or prey.

What is meant by 'predator-prey cycle'?

the predator-prey cycle is the increase and decrease in population size of the predator and its prey

What is a predator and its prey?

lion (predator] . zebra (prey] For the ocean ; theres a conger eel (predator] and a wrasse (prey] ( ;

What is an ant's predator?

Anteater... obviously.

What is the prey of an anteater?


What is the relationship between predator and prey populations?

There always has to be more prey than predator. If there is less prey, it will get eaten by the predator and then the predator will starve. If there are not enough predators, the prey may overpopulize.

Is a dog a predator or prey?

A dog is both a predator and prey. To cats, a dog can be a predator. To a lion, a dog may be prey.

Is a moth a predator or a prey?


Is shrimp a prey or predator?

a prey

What are the prey and what are the predators in the predator prey relationship?

the prey is that of which is hunted, the predator is the one who does the hunting

Are chimpanzees prey or predator?

chimpanzees can be both the prey and the predator

What is the relationship between a predator and its prey?

predator eats its prey

What is the relationship between a predator and prey?

a predator eats a prey.

Define predator prey?

A Predator Prey is what pedators eat. For example: a snake eats a little rat (the snake is the PREDATOR and the rat is the predator or snakes PREY)