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Priyanka Mongia

Priyanka Mongia

TikTok Star

Born - September 27, 1997 in Delhi - India

Nationality - Indian

Net Worth - Rs 40000 Monthly

Priyanka Mongia is a famous Tik Tok star from India and is one of the most trending personalities on the platform. She is a crowned muser and makes a lot of fun and entertaining videos. She is especially known for her lip-sync videos.

Priyanka Mongia biography and family

Priyanka Mongia was born on September, 27, 1997, in Delhi, India. She belongs to a Punjabi family and follows Hinduism. She presently resides in Delhi, India. Priyanka Mongia has not disclosed any details about her parents, although she has a brother Gaurav Mongia, who is also active on Instagram. While his career aspirations are not known, Gaurav also often makes lip-sync videos on his Instagram page. 

Moreover, Priyanka hasn’t revealed any information about her studies of educational background.

Priyanka Mongia personal life

Priyanka Mongia prefers to keep her personal details confidential and has never discussed about her dating life. As reported by several sources, Priyanka Mongia does not have a boyfriend and is currently single. 

Priyanka Mongia net worth

Priyanka Mongia is an up-and-coming star from Delhi. The young artist, however, has not divulged any details about her present net worth. But while her worth has not been disclosed, there are certain sources claiming she approximately earns 20-40k on a monthly basis. Priyanka Mongia is managed by Pratik Gaur, who is the founder of Celebistaan – a celebrity management agency. The agency manages many other popular TikTok stars apart from Mongia.

Priyanka Mongia modelling career

Priyanka Mongia is clearly one of the biggest Tik Tok stars which is evident from her immense following on the platform. However, the TikTok sensation also has a passion for modelling as there have been reports claiming that Priyanka is looking to venture into a career in modelling. Interestingly, her fans may soon get to see her in music videos, advertisements, TV Shows and more.

Priyanka Mongia Instagram

Priyanka Mongia enjoys a decent following across all her social media profiles. As of right now, Priyanka has over 194k followers, which is relatively much lesser than most of the counterparts. Nonetheless, she uses the photo sharing platform to the fullest and posts a range of photos while inspiring her fans with her fashionable and most stylish looks. Priyanka Mongia is also an Instagram influencer. She also occasionally reposts her lip-sync videos from TikTok and uses the photo sharing app as a means to boast her TikTok profile.

Priyanka Mongia Tik Tok 

Priyanka Mongia has gained a massive popularity on the platform quite recently. As of this writing, Priyanka has a staggering 11.1 million followers on her page with 195 million hearts. This certainly qualifies her to be regarded amongst the biggest Indian TikTok artists right now. Priyanka started to attract viewers mostly through her lip-sync videos to Bollywood songs. She also posts other romantic videos on TikTok. However, unlike most other TikTok stars, Priyanka Mongia generally makes solo videos and occasionally collaborates with other artists. He has collaborated with names like Jerry Burj and Pratik Gaur (who is also her manager). She has also used Jerry Burj’s music for some of her TikTok videos, whom she collaborated with.

Priyanka also has a YouTube channel which she mostly uses to upload her TikTok videos. She started her channel in the year 2019.

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