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1.94931773879142 Australian Dollars 15.3918344519016 Austrian Schillings 45.1229306487696 Belgian Francs 2.4890 Brazilian Real 1.5405 Canadian Dollars 8.2768 Chinese Renminbi 8.3245 Danish Kroner 1.11856823266219 European Monetary Union 6.65070469798658 Finnish Markka 7.33732662192394 French Francs 2.1877293064877 German Marks 7.7992 Hong Kong Dollars 47.1700 Indian Rupees 0.880944071588367 Irish Punt 2165.85011185682 Italian Lira 121.9700 Japanese Yen 3.8000 Malaysian Ringgit 9.1240 Mexican New Pesos 2.465 Netherlands Guilders 2.35183443085607 New Zealand Dollars 8.9975 Norwegian Kroner 224.252796420582 Portuguese Escudo 1.7610 Singapore Dollars 8.2275 South African Rand 1284.0000 South Korean Won 186.114093959732 Spanish Pesetas 90.0000 Sri Lanka Rupee 10.2875 Swedish Krona 1.6918 Swiss Francs 34.6700 Taiwan Dollars 45.3000 Thai Baht 0.700623554963918 British Pounds 1 United States Dollar rate to the UK Pound or the Venezuelan Bolivar


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