How can it be that 9 months has passed since I stepped off stage and into this pandemic. We closed PACK OF Lies on March 8th. And by the 13th we were being told to stay home.

I remember that same weekend being so disappointed that a friend's show was canceled. And the thought was - yes, we can lay low for 6 to 8 weeks or so.

Here we are. So many of my artist-friends not able to perform, sing, act, play - do the art they've dedicated their lives to. Some are going so far as move from the large cities, where they can no longer afford the rent. Some had established themselves in one aspect of show business or another, a lifetime of work, only to have it all disappear.

I'm doing alright because I'd been supporting myself with temp work as of late. In a smaller town. My heart goes out to all those who are making the hard choices right now. In other countries, artists were supported to take time off. Workers of all stripes were paid - to take time off. If only...

I decided to take a painting class at the end of last year. A form of art I've been able to keep at. And I just keep re-upping for a weekly zoom class. Plein aire, tonalism, abstract landscape. It's been sustaining my artist/self. Here's one of them. I hope to do more.

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Such an amazingly fun project.
Thank you, Bill & Lance.
You can hear me on (and yes, there's blood-curdling screams!)

TERROR TRAIN, Episode 2, ...
BURIED ALIVE!, Episode 8
And the upcoming VOODOO HORROR

Enjoy... if you dare.

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Excited to head up to Bethel today for an invited tour and reception for the Maine Gem and Mineral Museum. It opens to the public on 12/12.

My narration will accompany some of the interactive video exhibits, including the big bang installation.

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West Coast Maine is with Scott Vlaun.

It's difficult to summarize the amount of time and effort that's been expended to bringing the Maine Mineral and Gem Museum to life. Start by following West Maine writer Scott Vlaun as he gives readers a sneak peek behind the scenes of this world-class facility, and an introduction to the folks responsible for its creation. Read the story here, then set your clocks for the Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting, December 12 at 11am!

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Looking forward to being on stage with Good Theater in Feb/March of next year with the incredible drama PACK OF LIES by Hugh Whitemore.

Based on a true story. What do you do when you discover your best friends and neighbors turn out to be Russian spies? And what do you do when Scotland Yard wants to set up a sting operation in your house to catch them?

"This is a play about the morality of lying, not the theatrics of espionage, and, in Mr. Whitemore's view, lying is a viru...lent disease that saps patriots and traitors alike of their humanity." - New York Times
"Absolutely engrossing... an evening of dynamic theatre." - New York Post

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Presenting - a beautiful piece about women photographers in Idaho, with my voice as Jane Gay.

Thrilled to be giving voice to Jane Gay, photographer of the Nez Perce. I'll keep you posted when it's complete!

Happy Summer, everyone!
It's so green here. And the lilacs are all in bloom, some outside my kitchen window. Heaven.

Thrilled (I really am!) to announce I'll be doing a show in Good Theater's next season in Portland, Maine - with all the fabulous folks there. More to come.


Also, I've been hired by a PBS affiliate in Idaho for a piece they're producing about Emma Jane Gay, an American photographer. I'll be reading her letters and diaries.

From the Wiki page - Emma Jane Gay was an American woman who devoted her life to social reform and photography. She has become most notable for her photographs of the Nez Perce, which she took during a federal expedition led by American ethnologist and anthropologist Alice Cunningham Fletcher.

And lastly, our PortFringe show open in 2 weeks! LIGHTING MARTHA by Carolyn Gage - you can purchase tickets at this link.

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Looking forward to working on the play Lighting Martha by Carolyn Gage with PortFringe this June.

And I'll be doing voicework on some short horror pieces with Bill Dufris in Portland. How fun.

And also, coming up in May a workshop of a new play... More details about that soon.


I'd say moving to Portland Maine has been a good thing for my career. Such an amazing community here.

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It appears that it's been ages since I wrote a post. Thanks, FB for reminding me that I haven't been busy as an actor!

And speaking of which... I'll be transitioning out of NYC to a smaller city soon. Looking forward to this, as I jokingly, lovingly, achingly say that "I moved to New York City to stop acting". But it's the (sad) truth of it.

Not much of a joke, in the end. I've been acting in many forms, voice, stage, some TV, since the late 90s - and don't intend to stop! So I'm moving on.

Here's a photo of that younger me doing some wild theater-when I was first in LA.

I'll be in touch, and hopefully about a fun project or other.

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Denise Poirier - Stage & Voice Artist

And I'm here! Still kicking in the Big Apple. Mostly just watching some incredible stagework from the sidelines these days. (Three Tall Women, and the like) One of these days I'll jump back on the boards.

Recently did a narration for the big bang, and stars and planets - an interactive museum exhibit. I love this work! Intimately talking about he creation of the universe - nothing like it.

A friend just snapped this from my first TV gig (thanks, Robyn C) which was, incredibly and crazily, SEINFELD.

How many years ago?? I should be a professional by now, right?

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My upcoming show in NYC. 10 Performances only!

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Vivian Taylor

The Play I am producing- here is the flyer. Next will be The Cellar FB Page - stay tuned!

A lovely fellow named Jason Norman interviewed me for his book on horror films for my work on DEEP DARK - Behind the Screams! Here's a link -

Here's to old friends and keeping in touch!

I'll be doing a theater production in NYC in June. An old friend who was a casting director in LA wants to produce. A nice thing - to be asked to do a show. It hasn't much happened here in NYC thus far.

I'm so looking forward to being on stage again!


(oh, and it's going to be 67 degrees here in NYC today - how crazy is that??)

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Maybe I'll be a producer now!

Would you come see a sci-fi play based on a comic book that had strong (and fun) female protagonists, and was set mostly in a spaceship?

Facebook keeps reminding me I should write something on the page. Which, in turn, is a reminder of how much is no happening in my performing life of late.
So I'll write about that, FB.

Lately I've been trying to figure out how to exist in a world of my own creation where I don't act, do not have the opportunity to do my work.


This has been my challenge.
That, and just making enough money to live in this crazy, expensive city. I've just about got that down, but it's been 5 years, and the toll has been that it's taken so much of my energy and time resources to do so.

So, not much to talk about.
Except for the fact that I miss working. I miss being on stage, which is what I think I do best.

I'm getting to see some shows, like THE HUMANS.
With this one, I actually woke up having had some pretty crazy dream. The feeling of unease and darkness below the surface (and literal) came home with me, it seems. That's what I love about the stage, it enables the audience to feel something, in that moment, a shared experience.

Shared experiences are not the norm these days. We have our own little, insular worlds we create. Keeps us safe.

Still, it's fall, and it's a gorgeous day. I'm grateful for having the chance to live here. When I let myself be open to it, not let it get to me, it's a pretty effing amazing city, and world to behold.

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Looking forward to taking a train up to Pleasantville next week.
Axial Theatre company meets in the quaintest stone church to read plays on Sundays.

And you have to walk up the hill past the pretty houses to get there. It's always a breath of fresh air.

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