List of unsolved murders in Canada

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This is a list of unsolved murders in Canada. Hundreds of homicides occur across Canada each year, many of which go unsolved or end up as cold cases.[1]

Individual victims[edit]

Year Victim(s) Age Location Province Notes
1967 Salvatore "Sammy" Triumbari 34 Toronto Ontario One of Toronto's oldest unsolved mob murders. Salvatore "Sammy" Triumbari was an extortionist who belonged to the Siderno Group. On January 6, 1967, he was gunned down in the driveway of his residence in North Toronto by multiple shooters. Police say that Triumbari was killed out of revenge for disfiguring a rival gang member, a crime he carried out with fellow mobster Filippe Vendemini. Vendemini would be assassinated two years later in another unsolved homicide.[2][3][4]
1994 Marie-Chantale Desjardins 10 Rosemère Quebec [5][6]
1988 Mary O'Donnell 53 East Vancouver British Columbia On July 28, 1988, Mary O'Donnell was heading back to her home from a A&W Restaurant when she was robbed and beaten to death by an unidentified assailant. Her dead body would later surface on the premises of Templeton Secondary School.[7][8]
2002 John Francis Alquiros 31 Timberlea Nova Scotia 31-year-old John Alquiros was killed via inflicted bullet wounds he sustained after being shot at by an unknown gunman (or gunmen). On the late morning of April 19, 2002, three youths stumbled upon his body while walking in the rural area of the Greenhead Road extension off Nova Scotia Highway 103 in Timberlea. The Halifax RCMP were able to determine that the site where Alquiros was found is also the same location where the fatal shooting took place.[9][10][11]
2005 Melanie Dawn Geddes 24 Regina Saskatchewan The skeletal remains of Melanie Geddes were discovered in a field 50 kilometres north of Regina approximately four months after she had gone missing. Geddes, a First Nations mother of three, had been last seen alive leaving a house party that was only a short walk from her residence.[12][13][14][15][16][17][18]
1991 Lori Pinkus 21 Brockton High School Ontario While working in the area of Bloor Street and Lansdowne Avenue on the early morning of September 8, 1991, 21-year-old Lori Pinkus was assaulted, strangled, and left suffering from medical distress in the car lot of Brockton HS by an unknown assailant. After being discovered by a caretaker who alerted emergency services, paramedics arrived at the scene and attempted to save her life - but were unsuccessful in doing so.[19][20][21][22][23]
1970 Claire Gagnon 16 Dieppe New Brunswick [24][25]
1992 Mariella Lennie 17 Great Slave Lake Northwest Territories [26][27]
1990 Leah Salina Sousa 13 Cumberland Beach Ontario Shortly after midnight on September 1, 1990, an intruder broke into the home of the Sousa family while the household was asleep. The unidentified trespasser first entered the room of 39-year-old Lora Sousa, violently beating her into a state of unconsciousness before approaching the couch where 13-year-old Leah Salina Sousa was sleeping. Leah was then raped and dragged outside to the backyard of the house, where she was fatally bludgeoned with a blunt object. The family's 9-month-old baby, Michael Sousa, was also present at the scene - but left unharmed in his crib. While Lora survived the attack, she was unable to recall any details of the incident as a result of her sustained head trauma.[28][29][30]
1992 Marie-Ève Larivière 11 Laval Quebec [31]
2007 Fonessa Lynn Louise Bruyere 17 Winnipeg Manitoba Fonessa Bruyere was a First Nations teenager who worked as a prostitute in the Winnipeg area. At the time of her death. She had last been seen alive getting into a green, two-door truck with tinted windows - presumably, a curb crawler who was soliciting her sexual services. Over the course of the following two weeks, she would not be seen nor heard from. Just as the month of August was coming to an end, her remains were located at the edge of city limits.[32][33][34]
1997 Scott Steinert 35 St. Lawrence River Quebec [35][36][37][38][39][40][41]
1982 Delia Maria Adriano 25 Oakville Ontario On November 6 of 1983, a lifeless naked body of was located in a woodsy setting near Milton, Ontario. After examining dental records, the Halton Regional Police Service were able to identify the corpse as Delia Adriano, a 25-year-old Oakville resident who went missing six week beforehand.[42][43][44][45]
1933 George Anthony Lenhard 28 Regina Saskatchewan [46][47][48][49]
2005 Sherri Lee Hiltz 44 Kamloops British Columbia In the spring of 2005, a dead body was spotted in the backyard of a vacant lot located within the 800 block of Surrey Avenue. Using the forensic science technique of dactyloscopy (fingerprint identification) would soon reveal to pathologists that the corpse belonged to 44-year-old Sherri Lee Hiltz. Hiltz, a recovering drug addict, was known to work in the sex trade. Investigators have concluded that Hiltz was the victim of foul play, as her body had been severely beaten. [50][51][52]
2007 Diane Gloria Paul 54 Dauphin Manitoba Diane Gloria Paul, the late wife of former Dauphin two-term mayor Alex Paul, was shot and killed inside the home they shared. Although initially thought to have been a case of suicide, an autopsy revealed to investigators that she had been murdered. [53][54][55][56]
1981 Tammy Leakey 12 Dorval Quebec [57][58][59]
2002 Donna Marie Kasyon 20 Saskatoon Saskatchewan Donna Marie Kasyon was stabbed to death at a Saskatoon bus stop by an unknown assailant.[60][61][62]
1993 Jillian Blatchford Fuller 28 Vancouver British Columbia In the early morning of March 4, 1993, an individual delivering newspapers contacted emergency services to report an active apartment fire. Vancouver Fire Department personnel were subsequently dispatched to the scene, where they discovered the remains of 28-year-old tenant Jillian Blatchford Fuller after extinguishing the flames. The victim's death was found to be a homicide, and that her apartment was set ablaze in an attempt to conceal the crime. Fuller had last been seen alive at the Fraser Arms Hotel (a bar inside the Rock Cellar Pub) by a waitress working there. The waitress told investigators that Jillian had made contact with a man that evening and the two agreed to meet up later at her apartment. This individual has not since been identified, but is considered an important person of interest.[63][64][65][66]
1986 Mary Ann Birmingham 15 Iqaluit Nunavut [67][68][69]
1987 Lyette Gibb 18 Laval Quebec [70][71][72][73]
2007 Glenn Brian Bourgeois 37 Halifax Nova Scotia Halifax Regional Police were sent to investigate the area of Maynard and Woodill Street after gunshots were reported within its vicinity. The officers arrived at the location to discover Glenn Bourgeois suffering from multiple gunshot wounds that would end up being fatal.

Two African-Canadian teenagers were witnessed fleeing the scene, one of them wielding a firearm. These individuals have not since been identified but remain significant persons of interest.[74][75][76]

2000 Patricia "Patty" Real 46 Etobicoke Ontario [77][78][2]
1969 Teresa Martin 14 Montreal Quebec [79][80][81]
2008 Brianna Danielle Torvalson 21 Edmonton Alberta [82][83][84][85]
1999 Richard Chacon 31 Vancouver British Columbia [86][87][88]
2011 Graham Thomas and Jason Chapman 35 & 31 Ottawa Ontario Convicted felon Graham Thomas and Jason Chapman were left for dead in a pool of blood as they were closing up shop at Caribbean Exposure tanning salon in the Gloucester Centre. The shootings appeared carefully orchestrated, with a gunman walking into the mall at closing time surrounded by few witnesses, and making a speedy getaway out an emergency exit door. Cops seized $15 million in drugs linked to the double murder a year later.[89]
1953 Babes in the Woods murders (unidentified) 7 & 10 Stanley Park, Vancouver British Columbia The bodies of two boys were found concealed at Stanley Park in 1953, six years after the time they were actually murdered. 45 years later, upon DNA testing, the boys were identified as brothers. The police thought the boys to be between the ages of 7 and 10, and both were wearing aviation helmets.[90]
1977 Ivan Wheeler 27 London Ontario [91][92][93][94]
1978 Theresa Allore 19 Compton Quebec Champlain College student Theresa Allore went missing in 1978. It was not until the following year that her body was discovered.
1977 Barbara Maclean and Melissa Rehorek 19 & 20 Calgary Alberta [95][90]
2007 Angel Edna Carlick 19-20 Whitehorse Yukon [96][97][98]
2005 Cynthia Kudjick 35 Montreal Quebec [99][100][101][102]
2008 Lindsay Buziak 24 Saanich British Columbia Lindsay Buziak, a real estate agent, was stabbed to death after being lured to an empty home by a couple posing as prospective buyers.
2008 Jaumar "Maury" Carvery 21 Halifax Nova Scotia [103][104][105][106][107][108]
2020 Frantz Louis 50 Villeray Quebec [109]
1995 Nola Belisle 37 Regina Saskatchewan While participating in a charity walk from Moose Jaw to Regina, a truck speeding on the Trans-Canada Highway struck Nola Belisle with its wing mirror. She was immediately propelled in a roadside ditch as the driver continued on. Her accompanying companion, Laurie Acott, quickly sought for help. Right after the accident had occurred, the truck was reported to have allegedly pulled in front of a motor coach that had been serving as an escort for the pair. Suddenly, after coming to a brief stop, it fled the scene. Nola Belisle was promptly rushed to the closest hospital, where she would die as a result of the severe injuries she had sustained from the traffic collision. The driver of the truck responsible for Belisle's death has never come forward or been identified.[110][111][112]
1998 Bindy Johal 27 Vancouver British Columbia Bhupinder "Bindy" Singh Johal was an Indo-Canadian mobster and drug trafficker with connections to the criminal underworld of British Columbia. On December 20, 1998, he was shot behind the right ear while on the dance floor of the Palladium nightclub.
1976–1977 Gordon Sanderson ("Septic Tank Sam") 26 Tofield Alberta On April 13, 1977, a body was discovered in a septic tank on a rural property in Tofield, Alberta, after the property owner discovered a leg in the tank. The police spent an hour emptying the tank with ice cream buckets and retrieved the body. An autopsy revealed that Sanderson, then known as "Septic Tank Sam," had been beaten, burned with a butane torch and cigarettes, and sexually mutilated to the point where it took months for his sex to be determined, before finally being shot in the head and torso. His murderer(s) then dumped the body into the septic tank headfirst and filled it with quicklime to hasten decomposition, although it actually slowed it instead.

On June 30, 2021, 44 years after Sam's initial discovery, he was identified as Gordon Edwin Sanderson through genetic genealogy.

2020 O'Neill-Cius Williams 23 Montreal Quebec Longtime West Island resident O'Neill-Cius Williams was using drugs with another 23-year-old man in a parked vehicle in Pierrefonds-Roxboro when a car pulled up next to the pair and started shooting. Williams attempted to drive away but crashed into a fence outside a house on Dauville Street. O'Neill-Cius Williams was later taken to a hospital but died as a result of the wounds sustained in the shooting. The passenger who accompanied Williams was unharmed. [109][113]
1999 Raymond Paul Chase 34 Dartmouth Nova Scotia Dartmouth resident Raymond Paul Chase was shot in his vehicle as he pulled into the driveway of his residence at Cole Harbour.[114][115][116]

Chase had been a known drug dealer who was reportedly associated with outlaw motorcycle clubs, including the well-known Hells Angels.[117] It is still unknown who gunned him down, and why, but the homicide may have been gang-related or connected to organized crime.

1995–1996 Mary Lidguerre 30 Mount Seymour British Columbia [118][119][120][121]
1990 Henri Léger 70 Haute-Aboujagane New Brunswick [122]
2000 Gaetano "Guy" Panepinto 41 Toronto Ontario [123][124][125]
2012 Bernadine Leanne Quewezance 36 Saskatchewan Highway 16 Saskatchewan [126][127][128]
2011 Bad News Brown 33 Montreal Quebec Rapper Paul Frappier, better known by his stage name Bad News Brown, was found murdered near the Lachine Canal in southwest Montreal. Local police say that he had sustained injuries to his head with "clear signs of violence" on his upper body. So far, no arrests have been made and the motive for the killing is unknown.[129][130][131]
1962 Alexandra Wiwcharuk 23 City Park, Saskatoon Saskatchewan Nursing student and beauty queen Alexandra Wiwcharuk was found brutally murdered in a shallow grave on a Saskatoon river bank nearly two weeks after she went missing.[132]
1978 Manon Dubé 10 Ayer's Cliff Quebec Manon Dubé was a child from Sherbrooke, in southern Quebec, Canada. She went missing in January 1978, and was found many kilometres away, dead and fully clothed, about two months later. There was speculation that she might have been killed by a hit-and-run driver who then hid the body to conceal the crime.[133][134][135][136][137]
2005 Melissa Ivy Chaboyer 35 Thompson Manitoba The body of Melissa Ivy Chaboyer, a part-time taxi driver, was discovered beside her cab in the City Centre Mall parking lot.[138][139]
2008 Willene Wah Ying Chong 76 Vancouver British Columbia While asleep in her bed in the early hours of September 11, 2008, an arsonist set fire to the home of Willene Chong. Injuries that she sustained during this fire would end up taking her life. VPD investigators have noted that a number of fires in the vicinity had been set that same morning. The police are currently searching for a group of unidentified youths who were spotted around Ms. Chong's house and the scenes of the other fires.[140][141][142][143]
1968 Newton Harold Boutilier 81 French Village Nova Scotia [144][145][146][147]
1971 Alice Pare 14 Sainte-Clotilde-de-Horton Quebec [148][149][150][151]
2014 Tina Fontaine 15 Winnipeg Manitoba Tina Fontaine was a First Nations teenage youth who initially went missing multiple times throughout the early month of August 2014, but was later found deceased. She was last seen alive accompanying an individual who was soliciting a sex act from her. Fontaine's body was later found at the bottom of the Red River.
2009 Tanya Jean Brooks 36 Halifax Nova Scotia [152][153][154][155][156][157]
1984 Napanee Jane Doe 16-25 (estimate) Napanee Ontario The corpse of an unidentified white female between the ages of 18–25 years old was found in a ditch along a rural highway near Napanee, Ontario. It is believed that she was not local resident but had been murdered elsewhere, possibly in Quebec, and dumped at this location.[158][159]
2004 Rhoda Maksagak 49 Cambridge Bay Nunavut [160]
1988 Chantal Rochon 17 Blainville Quebec [161][162][163]
1962 Julian "Julie" Wolanski 16 Toronto Ontario [164][165][166][167]
1977 Louise Camirand 20 Magog Quebec [168][169][170][81]
2017 Michael Widner 39 Vancouver Island British Columbia The body of Michael Widner, a prospect for the Nanaimo chapter of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, was discovered near Port Renfrew in March 2017. Widner's homicide is believed to have been an assassination due to his involvement with the Hells Angels and organized crime.[171][172][173][174]
1993 Shelley Denise Connors 17 Halifax Nova Scotia [175][176][177][178][179][180]
2007 Eric Boateng 21 Toronto Ontario [181][182][183][184][185][186][187]
1998 Tara Singh Hayer 62 Surrey British Columbia East Indian newspaper publisher Tara Singh Hayer was killed via gunshot while getting out of his car in the garage of his residency. It was later determined that Hayer was murdered after reporting about terrorism, as this had not been the first attempt on his life. As of 2020, no one was ever charged with Tara Singh Hayer's murder and the case remains unsolved.
1991 Cartierville John Doe 30-49 (estimate) Cartierville Quebec On March 1, 1991, the remains of a naked unidentified male who had sustained traumatic injuries were discovered in Parc de Louisbourg in the Cartierville suburb of northern Montreal. The victim's hands had been severed and he had been stabbed 127 times in various parts of his body, including his face and genitals.[188]
1996 Bao Manh Le 27 Toronto Ontario [189][190]
1996 David Jon Malloy 44 North Vancouver British Columbia [191][192][193][194]
1985 Franklin Dimitrios Shoofey 44 Montreal Quebec Shoofey, a prominent criminal defense lawyer in Canada, was gunned down outside his Montreal law office on Cherrier Street.[195] The hit was carried out in a professional manner.[196]

Just shortly after his death, the Montreal Gazette received a phone call from a male individual who claimed to be affiliated with a terrorist group known as the Red Army Liberation Front. He spoke on behalf of the organization, proudly announcing that him and his "colleagues" were responsible for Shoofey's assassination. On the contrary, a representative for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service suggested that the call may have simply been an attempt to throw-off the investigation as this was the first that authorities had ever heard of such a group.[197]

A prominent theory regarding the Frank Shoofey homicide case names mobsters as the ones responsible for the crime. At the time of his death, Shoofey had reportedly been involved in a dispute with Cotroni crime family kingpin Frank Cotroni over the interests of Montreal boxer Dave Hilton Sr..[198][199]

1996 Samuel Lottery 17 London Ontario [200][201][202]
2001–2002 Laura Lee Cross 33-34 Dartmouth Nova Scotia Initially having been reported as missing over a year earlier, the skeletal remains of Dartmouth woman Laura Lee Cross were recovered in late 2002.[203][204][205]
2010 Nicolo Rizzuto 86 Montreal Quebec Godfather of the notorious Rizzuto crime family. Shot dead by an unidentified assailant while in his Cartierville residence.[206]
2010 Sultan Dailey 20 Parkdale Ontario [207][208][209][210]
2005 Samantha Tayleen Berg 19 Edmonton Alberta [211][212][213][214][215]
2010 Amber Tuccaro 20 Edmonton Alberta A First Nations woman who was last seen accepting a ride from an unidentified male. Tuccaro intended to hitchhike from Nisku to Edmonton, but police believe her driver took her to rural Leduc County. Her body was found in Leduc County in 2012. The driver has never been identified and the case remains unsolved.[216]
1999 Cathy Berard 61 Vancouver British Columbia [217][218]
1991 Asau Tran 38 Toronto Ontario Vietnamese mobster Asau "Johnny" Tran was fatally shot, along with his girlfriend, outside a Dundas St. restaurant in downtown Toronto. While his killer has never been named, his death was thought to be caused by a turf war between Vietnamese gangs as it was one of more than 10 murders at Chinese and Vietnamese restaurants that summer in 1991.[219]
1981 Kristin Gurholt 34 Vancouver British Columbia [220][221][222][223][224]
1975 Diane Déry and Mario Corbeil 13 & 15 Longueuil Quebec [225][226][227]
2005 Leon Anthony Adams 32 Halifax Nova Scotia [228][229]
2001 Cecil Hinds 33 Rexdale Ontario Cecil Hinds was a pharmacist who had immigrated to Canada from Guyana in 1982 with his six older siblings and his mother. The family initially lived in Rexdale, but later moved to Woodbridge, Ontario to escape the violence of the neighborhood. A few years after living in Woodbridge, Hinds returned to his former neighborhood in Rexdale for a visit. While sitting with a friend after watching a basketball game, three youths wearing ski masks came running from around the corner and opened fire. As Hinds dove for cover, he was hit by gunfire and pronounced dead at the scene.[78][230]

The young perpetrators were gang members who commenced the shooting as part of a conflict between the Mount Olive Crips and Jamestown Crips. Investigators believe that Hinds' killing was a case of mistaken identity.[231]

2012 Ranjit Cheema 43 Vancouver British Columbia In May of 2012, Indo-Canadian gangster Ranjit Singh Cheema was killed in a targeted drive-by shooting.
1975 Lisa Choquette 30 Vimont Quebec [232][233]
2008 Lucas Shortreed 17 Alma Ontario [234][235][236][237][238]
2013 Lisa Ann Zielke Elick 41 Surrey British Columbia [239][240][241][242][243]
1989 Michael Masson 27 Medicine Hat Alberta [244][245]
2016 Christian Saarah 28 Rexdale Ontario [246][247][248][249]
1989 Valérie Dalpé 13 Montreal Quebec [250][162][251][252]
2002 Phouvong Phommaviset 26 Richmond British Columbia [253][254][255][256]
2006-2007 Marie Lynn Lasas 19 Saskatoon Saskatchewan [257][258][259][260]
2000 Gaetano "Guy" Panepinto 41 Toronto Ontario [261][2][262]
1986 Kerrie Ann Brown 15 Thompson Manitoba On October 16, 1986, Kerrie Ann Brown disappeared from a house party. Her corpse was found sexually assaulted in a wooded area on the outskirts of Thompson on October 18.[90][263][264][265]
1979 Nicole Gaudreaux 31 Montreal Quebec [266]
2017 Clayton Benoit 51 Whitehorse General Hospital Yukon [267][268]
1924 Janet Smith 22 Vancouver British Columbia Janet Kennedy Smith, a Scottish immigrant who worked as a nursemaid, was found dead in the cellar of her residency in 1924. She had been discovered by a fellow suitemate with a gunshot wound through her temple and a .45 caliber revolver near her right hand. The fellow suitemate was a Chinese immigrant named Wong Foon Sing. He, too, worked as a domestic worker alongside Smith. On the night of the murder, Sing claims to have heard what sounded like a car backfiring and then went down to the cellar of the house where he saw Smith's deceased body. Although authorities and the coroner who examined her body both initially thought that Smith murdered herself, many believe that she had actually been the victim of murder.
1973 Pauline Ivy Dudley 17 Lakeshore Road Ontario [269][270][271][272]
1975 Sharron Prior 16 Longueuil Quebec In 1975, Sharron Prior left her home on the evening of March 29 to meet some friends and her boyfriend at a nearby pizzeria. However, Sharron never arrived at the restaurant and could not be located. Four days after her disappearance, her body was discovered in a beekeeper's field. [273]
1982 Atilla Altıkat 45 Ottawa Ontario Altıkat was a Colonel in the Turkish Armed Forces who had been operating in Canada as a military attaché. He was fatally gunned down on his way to work as part of a series of attacks on Turkish diplomats around the world. Although far-left Armenian militant group the ASALA claimed responsibility for these attacks, Altıkat's specific killer has not since been named.
1976 Rhona Margaret Duncan 16 North Vancouver British Columbia On the evening of July 16, 1976, Rhona Duncan and some friends attended a house party on East Queens Avenue in North Vancouver. Duncan's body was discovered the following morning behind a neighbor's garage. She was partly dressed and had been sexually assaulted and strangled.[90][274]
1956 Susan Cadieux 5 London Ontario [275][276][277]
1977 Katherine Hawkes 34 Cartierville Quebec In the early evening of September 21, 1977, the body of Katherine Hawkes was discovered at Montreal's Saint Laurent region by a pair of students.[278]>[279][280]
2000 Giuseppe "Joe" Racco 68 Toronto Ontario [2][281][282]
1981 Kelly Cook 15 Standard Alberta On June 28, 1981, the body of Kelly Cook was located in the Chin Lake Reservoir near Taber, Alberta. While Kelly's body was at a funeral home in Calgary, an unknown man demanded to see her body. Even though he claimed to be a family friend, he was denied and eventually left. This man has never been identified but authorities believe it may have been her killer.[283]
1981–1983 Theodore Frederick Kampf 46 Dawson City Yukon [284][285][286][287][288]
1994 Melanie Cabay 19 Mascouche Quebec [289][290]
2011 Nathan Ross Cross 21 North Preston Nova Scotia [291][292][293][294][295]
1993 Dino Bravo 44 Laval Quebec Italian Canadian professional wrestler Adolfo Bresciano, better known by his stage name Dino Bravo, was killed in his home by multiple gunshots in March 1993.
1979 Banff Jane Doe 24-25 (estimate) Banff National Park Alberta The name given to an unidentified homicide victim whose remains were discovered by hikers at Banff National Park, about 330 meters off the Trans-Canada Highway.[296]
1993 Sheila McIndoe Henry 26 Kitsilano British Columbia [297][298][299][88]
2001 Sudarsan "Maudo" Velauthapillai 21 Etobicoke Ontario [78][300][301]
1977 Jocelyne Houle 24 Saint-Calixte Quebec [302][303]
1996 Jane and Cathryn Johnson 36 & 8 Turner Valley Alberta Jane Johnson, along with her daughter, Cathryn, were murdered in their home on the evening of September 3, 1996. The culprit(s) set fire to the residence in an effort to conceal the crime. According to the RCMP, these killings were likely committed by an individual(s) who had been acquainted with the victims and was aware of their routinely day-to-day patterns.[304]
2001 David Buller 50 Toronto Ontario David was found murdered in his office at the University of Toronto on January 18, 2001. The case is unresolved.[305]
2014 Allan Donald Waugh 69 Whitehorse Yukon [306][307][308]
2000 Guylaine Potvin 19 Saguenay Quebec Cégep de Jonquière student Guylaine Potvin was found dead in the basement of her apartment on the morning of April 28th, 2000. She shared the apartment with two fellow female students, who were not present on the night of her murder. [309][310][311][312]
2013 Salvatore Calautti 42 Vaughan Ontario 'Ndrangheta hitman Salvatore "Sam" Calautti was shot dead outside a bachelor party.
1995 Chantel Gillade (Born: Robert Gillade) 28 Downtown Vancouver British Columbia [313][314][315]
1975 Nation River Lady 25-50 (estimate) Casselman Ontario On May 3, 1975, the body of an unidentified Caucasian woman was found floating along the Nation River. The autopsy report reveals that she had been strangled to death with coaxial cable television wire. Police suspect her body was thrown from the westbound lane of the Highway 417 bridge into the river.[316]
1983 Andrea Scherpf and Bernd Göricke 23 & 26 Chetwynd British Columbia A young couple from Germany who were visiting Canada. The pair hitchhiked a ride from an unidentified driver of a 1960s Chevrolet pick-up. The murder then shot the two, stole their belongings, and dumped their corpses 32 kilometers west of Chetwynd, near Highway 97 and the Pine River.
1977 Hélène Monast 18 Chambly Canal Quebec [317][318][319][320]
1981 Dana Bradley 14 St. John's Newfoundland and Labrador
2017 Honey and Barry Sherman 69 & 75 Toronto Ontario
2000 André Desjardins 69 Montreal Quebec On the morning of April 27, André Desjardins was shot 11 times in his back just moments after departing from a popular restaurant in Montreal. In the years leading up to his death, Desjardins had become one of the leading (and most successful) loan sharks in the city, with strong ties to organized crime.

There is widespread speculation that Desjardins' assassin had been a member of the local Hells Angels chapter in Quebec, or possibly a member of the Rock Machine. On the morning of his death, Desjardins had been scheduled to meet with Quebec chapter president, Maurice Boucher to discuss business matters. Boucher, however, did not show up.

Prior to the murder of Desjardins, Boucher had apparently asked him to "forgive" a $400,000 loan with 52% interest had been taken out by a friend of Boucher's. Failing to be intimidated by the notorious biker, Desjardins angrily refused to excuse the loan. As Boucher continued to ominously insist that the loan be forgiven, Desjardins told Boucher that he did not take orders from the Hells Angels, and reminded him that he had powerful friends in the Mafia, the police, and in Quebec politics, saying he was not afraid of Boucher at all. Following this brief argument between the two, Boucher asked Desjardins to meet him the following day for breakfast to further discuss the matter. Desjardins agreed, but Boucher did not show up as he had planned. It was on this same morning that André Desjardins had been murdered.

1998 Donna Ogilvie 24 Toronto Ontario [321][322]
1980 Gérald Lapierre 50-59 (estimate) Saint-Janvier-de-Joly Quebec [323]
2009 Cherisse Diane Marie Houle 17 Sturgeon Creek Manitoba The First Nations mother of an 18-month-old son, Cherisse Diane Marie Houle was last seen in Winnipeg on May 25, 2009, before disappearing without a trace. On July 1st of that same year, her lifeless body was found in Sturgeon Creek. Houle's death was ruled as a homicide and is undergoing investigation.[324][325][326]
1983 Paul Volpe 56 Toronto Ontario Nicknamed "The Fox", Paul Volpe was an Italian-Canadian Mafioso who belonged to New York's Buffalo crime family. Prior to his death, he had made a real estate financial transaction involving the Commisso 'ndrina, in which he cheated them out of. Additionally, Volpe expanded his organized crime operations from Southern Ontario to the State of New Jersey. This greatly annoyed the American Mafiosi as it violated the "Mafia Code". Volpe had also agreed to be on documentary films by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation about the role of the Mafia in Canada's economy, causing his fellow mafia members to become very angry with him. As a result of Volpe's behavior, the Commissos struck an arraignment with the Buffalo crime family to have Volpe killed. The Buffalo crime family ultimately agreed, hiring hitman Cecil Kirby to carry out the deed.

Unbeknownst to the mafia, Cecil Kirby had been working as a informant for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police at the time when the Commisso 'ndrina contracted him to kill Paul Volpe. Kirby told his law enforcement handlers about the plot to assassinate Volpe. Sgt. Al King of the Toronto Police Service then paid Volpe a visit, informing him that a contract had been placed on his life. King offered Volpe a deal where he would stage his death, to which Volpe agreed to. While being hidden from the public eye within the Toronto RCMP Building, Cecil Kirby visited Rocco Remo of the Commisso 'ndrina to tell him that he had killed Volpe. Remo believed the lie, but only gave Kirby a portion of his promised money for the crime, assuring them that he would provide him with the rest later. With proper evidence to convict the Comissos, its leaders were arrested by the RCMP in 1982. They were charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

The following year, Paul Volpe was found dead in the trunk of his wife's BMW at Toronto Pearson International Airport.

1989 Michael Masson 27 Medicine Hat Alberta On July 31, 1989, Masson's decomposed body was located in a shallow grave south of Medicine Hat, Alberta.[263]
1972 Ursula Schulze 19 Saint-Philippe Quebec [327][328][329][330]
1995 Craig Abrahams 28 Downtown Vancouver British Columbia [331]
1987 Naomi Leigh Desjarlais 21 Regina Saskatchewan [332][333][334]
1956 Susan Cadieux 5 London Ontario [335][336][337]
1982 Dianne Aubert 23 Quebec City Quebec On February of 1982, two unknown men entered the flat shared by dormmates Dianne Aubert and Maryline Grenier. Dianne, a transsexual, was stabbed to death while Maryline suffered severe (but non-fatal) injuries. The event is regarded to be a case of transphobic violence.[338][339][340][341]
2001 Gavin Hunter 22 Toronto Ontario [342][78]
1990 Alfred and Dolores Palmer 71 & 35 Medicine Hat (near) Alberta On December 30, 1990, Alfred Palmer and his Daughter-in-law, Dolores Palmer, were found west of Medicine Hat, having been shot with a .410 shotgun.[263]
1995 Ramona Lisa Wilson 16 Smithers British Columbia On April 9, 1995, Wilson's body was found in a bush area near the Smithers Airport.[263]
2009 Sherri Leigh Green 39 Wasagaming Manitoba [343][344][345][346][347]
2000 Hani Othman 16 Rexdale Ontario [348][78][349]
1977–1986 Claudette Poirier 15-24 Saint-Lucien Quebec [350][351]
2004 Janine René Wesaquate-Oakes 20 Regina Saskatchewan The charred remains of Janine René Wesaquate-Oakes were discovered in a burned-out house which police speculate had been deliberately set on fire.[352][353][354][355][356]

It has been suggested that Janine's murder may have been connected to street gang activity in the area - specifically, a notorious Aboriginal-based organized crime group known as the Native Syndicate.[357][358]

2002 Shizuo Kado 98 Burnaby British Columbia On or about September 9, 2002, Shizuo Kado and his 94-year-old wife, Tokuyo, were assaulted at their home by person(s) who unlawfully entered the residence.[263]
1983 Susan Tice and Erin Gilmour 45 & 22 Toronto Ontario Susan Tice was discovered by her brother to be sexually assaulted and stabbed to death in her own bed. A few months later, a short walk away from Tice's home, the body of Erin Gilmour was found having suffered the exact same trauma and injuries as Tice, also in her bed.[90][359]

Gilmour was the only child of David Gilmour, co-founder of Barrick Gold; David's business partner, Peter Munk, was the father of Erin's boyfriend.[359]

DNA test in 2002 showed that the same person had killed both women.[90] In November 2020, through genetic genealogy, police researchers successfully identified the great-grandparents of the unknown suspect.[359]

1988 Debbie Faye Pelletier 27 Regina Saskatchewan [360][353]
2006 Evan Garber 59 Vancouver British Columbia [361][362][363][364]
1977 Joanne Dorion 17 Fabreville Quebec [365][366][367]
2010 Albert Kiwubeyi 24 Toronto Ontario [368][369][370][371][372]
1959 Lynne Harper 12 Clinton Ontario Lynne Harper disappeared near a Canadian Air Force Base before her body was found two days later on a nearby farm.[90]
1999 Jason MacCullough 19 Dartmouth Nova Scotia On August 28, 1999, Jason MacCullough was shot in the back of the head at near-point-blank range while walking to his parents' home after a party.[373]
1978 Lison Blais 17 Montreal Quebec [374][375][376]
2000 Ruben Grant 19 Etobicoke Ontario [78][377]
2004 Shana Lee Labatte 30 Kelowna British Columbia [378][51][379]

Multiple victims[edit]

Unsolved murder cases where numerous victims are tied to an event/pattern or series of events (e.g., mass murders, serial killings).

Year Event # of victims Location Province Notes
1924 Canadian Pacific Railway train bombing 9 Columbia and Western Railway British Columbia On the early morning of October 29, 1924, an explosion on the remote Kettle Valley Railway in southeastern British Columbia ripped apart Canadian Pacific Railroad Car 1586, killing a total of 9 individuals, including: Peter Verigin (65); Verigin's female companion Marie Strelaeff (17); Grand Forks MLA John McKie; P.J Campbell; Hakim Singh; Harry J. Bishop; W. J. Armstrong; and Neil E. Armstrong.

The government initially (during investigation) stated the crime was perpetrated by people within the Doukhobor community, while the Doukhobors suspected Canadian government involvement.[380][381]

1968–1970 The Forest City Killer 8 London, Ontario Ontario [382][383][384]
1965 Canadian Pacific Air Lines Flight 21 52 100 Mile House British Columbia A scheduled domestic flight heading to Whitehorse, Yukon, exploded on July 8, 1965, killing all 52 passengers. This aviation incident was later discovered to have been caused by a bomb and is considered to be one of Canada's largest unsolved mass murders.[385]

RCMP investigators believe that the perpetrator was one of four suspicious passengers on board, classifying it as a suicide attack.

1969–2011 Highway of Tears 18≥ Highway 16, between Prince George and Prince Rupert British Columbia The Highway of Tears is the informal nickname given to the corridor between the cities of Prince George and Prince Rupert in British Columbia. It is utilized in a particular context that is meant to pertain to the location's notoriety of being a frequent area where many female aboriginal Canadians have gone missing and/or been murdered. These said occurrences have ultimately been grouped together as a single string of homicides, kidnappings, and disappearances.[90]
1980–1981 Toronto hospital baby deaths 7≥ The Hospital for Sick Children (Toronto) Ontario At least seven babies mysteriously died between the years 1980 and 1981, in what is believed to be a case of homicide.
1990–1993 Calgary prostitute murder victims 7 Calgary Alberta The murders of various prostitutes in Calgary in the early 1990s led many to believe that a serial killer was at large. These victims were found individually in shallow graves throughout Calgary.[90][386]
  • Jennifer Janz's (16) badly-beaten body was found on August 13, 1991, in a shallow grave at a construction site along the Trans-Canada Highway, northwest of Calgary.
  • Rebecca Lynn Boutilier (20) disappeared on February 2, 1993, in Calgary, and her remains were found the next month on March 11.
  • Joanne Shaver (17) was murdered in January 1990; her body was found sexually assaulted and strangled. James Arthur Link was charged with first-degree murder, but was later acquitted.
  • Shawna Vanderbasch's (20) naked body was discovered on the morning of June 20, 1991, beside a rural road about 4.5 km (2.8 mi) from the Priddis turnoff north of Highway 22X.[263]
  • Jennifer Joyes (17) disappeared in August 1991 and found on October 6 in a shallow grave.
  • Keely Louise Pincott (29) was reported missing in November 1991, her mother reported her missing. On March 10, 1992, Pincott's skeletal remains were found in a wooded area 2 km (1.2 mi) northeast of Cochrane, Alberta, off Highway 1A.
  • Tracy Maunder (26) disappeared on October 28, 1992, and was found three days later beaten and stabbed to death in a grassy field.

One possible suspect investigated in the Calgary murders was a pimp and convicted sex offender named Barry Thomas Niedermier from Lethbridge.[386]

1995 Hemlock Valley Murders 3 East Vancouver British Columbia Three murder victims were discovered in East Vancouver in 1995, all of whom were prostitutes that had worked in the same area of Vancouver. The three had all been murdered the same way and left in the same area.
  • Tracy Olajide (30) (aka Tracy Canfield): Olajide's nude body was found on August 12, on a trail adjacent to the Morris Valley logging road about 15 km (9.3 mi) north of the Lougheed Highway #7, Harrison Mills, near Agassiz.
  • Tammy Lee Pipe (24): Pipe's nude body was found on September 2 near Agassiz, in the middle of a side road in a remote wooded area about 10 km (6.2 mi) north of Highway 7.[263]
  • Victoria Lynn Younker (35) (née Laham; aka Nicole Johnson or Nicole Joseph): Younker's nude and partially decomposed body was located on October 21 near Mission, about 36 km (22 mi) north of Highway 7. The body was found laying about 7.6 m (25 ft) down an embankment at the dead end of the logging spur road.[263]

Police indefinitely jailed Ronald Richard McCauley but could not prove it was him. By 2001, police tested DNA samples, which did not match McCauley.[90]

2004 Mirage Spa Shooting 3 Markham, Ontario Ontario On February 8, 2004, the bodies of Zhu Xia Lin, 35, Yan Jun Liu, 40, and Yan Walter Xiao Chen Zhang, 40, were found bound and wrapped in sheets in the back of Zhang's red Ford Explorer behind Victoria Square United Church at Woodbine Avenue and Elgin Mills Road, after being shot and killed at Mirage Spa, a Markham massage parlour, located at 7170 Warden Ave.

York Regional Police believe Lin was the main target, and that Liu and Zhang were likely in the wrong place at the wrong time in the triple murder.[387]

2008 Lunness Road Shooting 3 Toronto, Ontario Ontario On July 20, 2008, Adrian Inglis Bannerman, 29, Aaron MacDonald, 20, and Kurt Charles, 27, were all shot and killed while driving in an SUV on nearby Lunness Road, in Etobicoke, the driver of the SUV abandoned the vehicle and fled on foot unharmed.

Toronto Police suspect two or more gunmen were involved in the drive-by triple homicide, and believe they were members of an Etobicoke gang.[388]

2010 Htoo-Maw Family Murders 3 Regina, Saskatchewan Saskatchewan On August 6, 2010, the bodies of 30 year old Gray Nay Htoo, 28 year old Maw Maw, and 3 year old June Htoo, were discovered murdered in their home on Oakview Drive, the family had lived in Regina for nearly two years, who formerly lived in a refugee camp in Thailand, Regina Police never released specific details about the triple murder. [389] [390] [391]


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