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雙親之一, 母親, 媽媽…
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(私の)母, お母さん, お母さん(子供が母親に呼びかけるときに使う ‘‘mom’’ ‘‘mum’’ より硬い)…
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anne, ana…
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mère, Mère, materner…
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أُمّ, أمّ…
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matka, mateřský, matka představená…
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mor, -mor, abbedisse…
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ibu, Pemimpin Biarawati, merawat…
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แม่, คุณแม่อธิการ, เลี้ยงดู…
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mẹ, Mẹ (tôn giáo), chăm sóc…
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matka, mama…
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ibu, pemimpin biarawati, mengambil berat seperti ibu…
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die Mutter, Mutter-…, Mutter…
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mor, abbedisse, passe på som en mor…
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双亲之一, 母亲, 妈妈…
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madre, usato per rivolgersi alla madre in modo più formale di “mum” o “mom”, mamma…
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madre, cuidar como una madre, criar…
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