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MOORING, mar. law. The act of arriving of a ship or vessel at a particular port, and there being anchored or otherwise fastened to the shore.
     2. Policies of insurance frequently contain a provision that the ship is insured from one place to another, "and till there moored twenty-four hours in good safety." As to what shall be a sufficient mooring, see 1 Marsh. Ins. 262; Park. on Ins. 35; 2 Str. 1251; 3. T. R. 362.

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Facility includes moorage, boat ramp, picnicking, boat rentals, concession stand, reservable circles.
The harbors can provide protected moorage for 650 vessels up to 150 feet in length.
By the way, she says, shortly before heading off to swim, "We've got our same moorage spot back (at Fern Ridge).
But for many years, Davidson Harbor on the south side of the bay had little to offer in the way of moorage.
Otherwise, the pair would have had a nightmare of a time getting back out to sea, and would then face few options for moorage at other ports, where officials would be wary due to the ship's inability to make money and the likelihood that the Schafers wouldn't be able to keep up with the moorage rent.
The work, which has been ongoing in 2017 and will continue into 2018, includes a 51,000-square-foot, 150-slip vessel moorage float system for 40-foot to 100-foot vessels; a 90-foot by 90-foot drive-down float, and 117-foot by 17-foot transfer bridge; and upland facilities, including a harbor maintenance building with office space, restrooms, and laundry facilities.
Oregon Law 250-020-0221 states: Slow-no wake, maximum 5 mph for motorboats within 300 feet of boat ramp or moorage from river mouth to Highway Bridge of Mapleton.
The companies said they plan to consolidate their work forces and facilities to S3's 18,000-square foot facility, which offers moorage for vessels to 100+ feet.
Tenders are invited for harbor basin dredging; steel pile supported wave barrier, moorage pile replacement, upland parking area; dredging within existing inner harbor (additive a), sacrificial pile anodes (additive b) and wave barrier extension and additional basin dredging (additive c), erosion and sediment control, demolition, salvage and disposal, approx 8,690 cy of class a shot rock borrow, remove and reinstall navigation aid structure on breakwater; 625 lf of furnish and install 16" dia hdpe waste water outfall pipe, 170 ea of furnish and install wastewater outfall concrete anchor 170 lf of 12" cpp storm drain pipe, see attached file.
1) Fisheries Department, Swinomish Indian Tribal Community, 11426 Moorage Way, La Conner, WA 98221; (2) Department of Environmental Protection, Swinomish Indian Tribal Community, 11430 Moorage Way, La Conner, WA 98221
The ship is currently staying at its moorage in Murmansk and its crew is carrying out planned combat training measures.
The Port recognizes the value of this industry and works hard to attract commercial fishing vessels with competitive moorage rates, first-rate marine infrastructure, and a range of upland amenities.