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And then when they do, carefully scraping the sand away, unscrewing the top, and delicately -- barely breathing -- jiggling the detonator to free it.
From NPR
When you scrolled over them, they jiggled slightly, as though they were, yes, giggling.
I don't want a single ounce of this slimy goopy jiggle on my body anymore.
From Gizmodo
Their jiggle isn't quite big enough to enable the particles to jump over the bumps in the board, so they don't diffuse much at all.
From Phys.Org
And he has to remove the engine and related parts without jiggling the vehicle too much, which will set off the explosives.
He rubs his hands together, purses his lips, and jiggles his legs like a restless kid waiting for school to end.
I lost a half a month's income to a teller who jiggled the deposit slip to make it disappear.
From Phys.Org
Then, if you vibrate one of them, somehow on the other end of the galaxy the other electron knows that its partner is being jiggled.
From NPR
I crave emotional release after hours of increasingly desperate nursing, jiggling, rocking, walking, and, my personal favorite, walk-nursing (all wriggling, self-torpedoing 22 pounds of her).
I resembled a hyena that suddenly took the form of a fat little fifth-grader jiggling in his seat.
So when it jiggles, it's like her whole world is moving, with the eyespots floating on top.
From Gizmodo
She had us do jumping jacks in front of her to see what parts of our bodies were jiggling.
Note how, when he sits, his leg jiggles up and down out of nervousness.
The other models and actresses suing these jiggle joints made similar accusations.
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Translations of jiggle

in Chinese (Traditional)
in Chinese (Simplified)
in Spanish
mover, sacudir, menear…
in Portuguese
in more languages
in Turkish
in French
in Czech
in Danish
in Indonesian
in Thai
in Vietnamese
in Polish
in Malay
in German
in Norwegian
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in Italian
sallamak, sallanmak…
bouger légèrement, agiter, sautiller…
trhavě (se) pohybovat, poskakovat…
เคลื่อนขึ้นเคลื่อนลง, เคลื่อนกระตุก…
xóc, lắc…
trząść (się)…
riste lett, lirke, rykke fram og tilbake…
качать(ся), трясти(сь)…
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