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Meaning of harbour in English

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港口,港灣, 心懷, 心懷,懷有(想法或感情)…
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(英)港, 港湾…
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port, donner asile (à), nourrir…
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přístav, přechovávat, živit…
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havn, huse, skjule…
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bandar, melindungi, memendam…
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ท่าเรือ, ให้ที่พักอาศัย, คิด…
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cảng, chứa chấp, nuôi dưỡng (ý nghĩ xấu…)…
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pelabuhan, melindungi, memendam…
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der Hafen, Zuflucht bieten, hegen…
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havn, skjule, huse…
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porto, ancoradouro…
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港口,港湾, 心怀, 心怀,怀有(想法或感情)…
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porto, dare asilo, covare…
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гавань, порт…
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puerto, encubrir, esconder…
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