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Meaning of foster in English

Examples of foster

A thing has dignity when it is not opposed to the higher and nobler virtues but rather accords with them and fosters them.
They also fostered new forms of commercial relations between individuals.
These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors.
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Slaveholders fostered misery amongst their slaves; they clearly did not act upon the precept of loving their neighbours.
Whether they fostered or hampered creativity depends on how one defines it.
The system itself fostered a constipated, inward-turning national posture, and attitudes of fear and hostility towards neighbours.
Because this object is not given by someone, a relationship with it incurs no obligation and fosters no dependency, as in gift exchange.
Theory posits cognitive processes fostering acquisition as well as how these processes are engaged through input that a task designer can manipulate.
At 36 and 54 months, two additional ratings, fostering exploration and intrusiveness reversed !, were added to the composite.
In the low-aggressive line, there are multiple behaviors affected by fostering and only a single behavior influenced by endotoxin, in interaction with the fostering condition.
A social context of this type may reduce a child's risk for depression by fostering a sense of meaning, belonging, and optimism.
Challenges at work are considered to be "steeling," fostering coping resources that alleviate the detrimental effects of subsequent stressors, especially those encountered in the workplace.
A climate of reductionism fostered the development of technologies that were applied to physiology and to the study of the nervous system.
Environmental policy, fostered by international agreements, gives a better explanation why pollution curbs downward at high income levels.
In the next section, we highlight the role of specific government policies in fostering these price changes.
They fostered a strong sense of community, and of belonging to some particular group.

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照顧, 收養,代養,撫育(他人子女,通常指有限的一段時間), 鼓勵…
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(fikir, durum, his) gelişmesine yardımcı olmak…
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élever, encourager, favoriser…
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starat se, vychovávat (cizí dítě), podporovat…
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passe, pleje, opfostre…
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menjaga, mengasuh, mendorong…
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เลี้ยงดูเด็กที่ไม่ใช่ลูกของตน, ให้กำลังใจ…
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nhận nuôi, thúc đẩy, khuyến khích…
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stymulować, wychowywać, brać na wychowanie…
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mengasuh, mendorong…
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pflegen, fördern…
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fostre opp, hjelpe fram/opp…
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아이를 맡아 기르다…
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criar, cuidar, acolher (na família)…
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照顾, 收养,代养,抚育(他人子女,通常指有限的一段时间), 鼓励…
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affiliare, prendere in affidamento, allevare…
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способствовать развитию, воспитывать (чужого ребенка)…
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acoger, criar, fomentar…
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