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They also entertained those naval captains who successfully escorted convoys, rewarding them with presents and personally congratulating them in published resolutions in the newspapers.
The positive experience suggests that interactive graphics programs of this kind make good and entertaining programming exercises for functional programming courses.
Respondents striving for multilocal adaptation entertained relatively advanced ideals of mobility.
Clastres entertained many hypotheses through his life about what factors might have given rise to the state.
Even there, as our fundamentalist campaign poster indicated, diverse and sometimes contradictory values are not only entertained but also trumpeted before the general public.
The possibility of lower levels of nortriptyline equalling less adverse side-effects, without significantly reducing efficacy, was entertained.
The volume is entertaining in style and content, with a range of relevant and wellproduced illustrations.
Before considering a possible explanation for the present findings, we briefly survey explanatory schemes that are entertained for inhibition or facilitation of return.
The new festivals offer the same kind of regular festive setting for people to mingle, meet friends, be entertained and barter, buy, and sell goods.
As we will see later, only a few of the latter cultivars have been seriously entertained as staple foods.
Yes, it is an all-embracing change that will transform the way we do business, the way we are educated, and the way we are entertained.
No one entertained the soldier with bread or water.
Everyone should agree that natural language is a necessary condition for human beings to be capable of entertaining at least some kinds of thought.
Working class older people are expected by policymakers and practitioners to take part in activities and be entertained.
On the psychological side, revonsuo seems unaware of the sort of misgivings that might be entertained by behaviorists concerning his research program.

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