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Meaning of domestication in English

Examples of domestication

Convergent domestication of cereal crops by independent mutations at corresponding genetic loci.
In addition, we examined the genetic relationship between cultivated and wild grapes to draw inferences about the history of domestication.
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Directives may be weakened by 'domestication' during transposition and implementation, either deliberately or through neglect, leading to synthetic forms of transfer.
Domestication of plants and animals then dominates the world, as more than six billion of us today place daily demands on food systems.
This domestication is connected with the history of dwelling.
To illuminate the concept of domestication, we have focused on three domains of appropriation of the mobile phone.
There is also a more general consideration of the criteria employed in distinguishing animal domestication.
The domestication of directives is exemplified by the liberalization of the utility sectors.
There is frequent disagreement on the beginning of domestication and the wild character of some species.
Only a few studies, however, have directly tested the hypothesis that susceptibility to an insect herbivore is associated with domestication.
Investigation of the bottleneck leading to the domestication of maize.
Has the book succeeded in its aim of promoting its selection, domestication and marketing?
No consistent relationship between resistance and level of domestication was detected.
Domestication, however, is not only about selection and breeding.
Over the last 10,000 years, crop domestication has been the single most important human cultural development.

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