Urban Dictionary: Dam
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1.device used to block water
2.mothers against dyslexia
3.common misspelling of damn
1.Im'a go check out that beaver dam.
2.I support the D.A.M foundation.
3.Ya dam fool!
by steve June 07, 2003
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When a person tries to make you believe that both sides are equally responsible for something even though one is really, clearly, at fault.
Trump's bothsidesism about the alt-right and alt-left is ridiculous.
by seil40 August 17, 2017
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The same as damn only spelled dam in chat rooms and games so it doesn't regester as swearing.
by Jesse December 21, 2004
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a sheet of latex or plastic used as a barrier between the vagina (or anus) and the mouth during oral sex. Usually used for safer oral sex or more pleasure.
My girlfriend said the dam I used during oral sex tickled her.
by bgib April 26, 2006
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