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Meaning of dam in English

Examples of dam

It consists of a small man-made dam surrounded by a recreational park, and is c. 16 km2 in area.
They then join with community members in participatory processes in order to evaluate dam planning.
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Each subfamily was obtained by crossing one sire with five dams.
In this pedigree only 7 dams were crossed with more than 1 sire while 6 sires were mated with more than one dam.
Because each dam was mated with only one sire, 146 full-sib families and ten half-sib families were produced.
This is a simple half-sib population, with each sire having 30 progeny and each dam only one progeny.
If s1 is chosen in this way, then the upstream dam will normally be larger, and the downstream smaller.
Canoeing took place on a farm dam which was filled by pump from the local river.
Locks allow vessels to move across dams, but may constitute a capacity bottleneck in the waterway network.
The lambs were the offspring of 37 sires and 491 dams.
It gradually reached the southeast and the north as large dams were also constructed in those locales.
When nursed by a control-fed dam, the pancreatic weight was comparable with controls by weaning.
The longitudinal sections extend up to two kilometers downstream of the dam.
They are the only groups who can know the immediate local impacts of the dam.
I began to teach them courses about environmental legislation and law and social and environmental impacts of big dams.

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(尤指旨在蓄水的)水壩,水堤, (dental dam), 在(河上)築壩蓄水…
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ダム, ダムを作る…
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barrage, construire un barrage, réservoir…
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presa, construir una presa sobre…
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سَدّ, يَبني سَدّا…
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hráz, přehrada, přehradní jezero…
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dæmning, dige, opdæmmet vand…
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bendungan, waduk, membendung…
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เขื่อน, น้ำที่กักไว้, สร้างเขื่อน…
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đập nước, nước ngăn lại, xây đập ngăn nước…
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zapora, tama…
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empangan, simpanan air, mengempang…
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der Staudamm, der Stausee, stauen…
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demning, demme opp, dike…
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댐, 댐을 건설하다…
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barragem, represa, represar…
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(尤指旨在蓄水的)堤坝,水坝, (dental dam), 在(河上)筑坝蓄水…
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diga, arginare, barriera…
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дамба, плотина…
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presa, construir una presa sobre, dique…
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