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Meaning of acclimatization in English

Examples of acclimatization

All snails were provided with an excess of clean boiled lettuce as food throughout the acclimatization and monitoring periods.
The mortality rates of these nonsymbiotically propagated, epiphytic orchids during the acclimatization phase, prior to these experiments, were high, between 60 and 90%.
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The section on acclimatization is too cursory; there is no reference to fever but presumably the author considered this was outside his terms of reference.
The planting material was kept in a glasshouse for acclimatization and establishment.
The gammarids were allowed 1 hour of acclimatization in the absence of the predator before the start of the experiment.
They are direct (without acclimatization pens) and grouped.
According to these instructions the explorers had to carefully and meticulously collect both botanic and animal specimens that could contribute to the development of acclimatization.
The experiment began after a 14-day acclimatization period.
The data suggest that conditioning or acclimatization had occurred.
The process of acclimatization caused high mortality rates for all species, between 60 and 90%.
Grafted plants were transferred to a mist chamber (> 95% rh) for eight days, after which the relative humidity was reduced gradually for acclimatization.
Protection from the effects of cold is certainly far more important than acclimatization.
They were kept at least 1 week in the laboratory for acclimatization before starting the experiment.
At first the expedition was thought of as an aid for the acclimatization program.
Before testing, animals were given a total of 10 - 15 min period for light adaptation, at maximal white light intensity, and acclimatization.

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sự thích nghi…
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