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Meaning of absorb in English

Examples of absorb

The process converges to a unique absorbing state in which all players cooperate.
In this process, the energy absorbed by the electrons during the interaction with the laser pulse is converted into both radiation and ion kinetic energy.
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Later they absorbed the surviving nomadic descendants of the authentic autochtons.
Possibly, this urban market absorbed part of the area's rural workforce, thereby lightening the pressure on those who sought access to arable land.
The shock breakout times for different targets were recorded at the same absorbed laser intensity.
To adopt such an idea would simplify the teaching of the vowels to learners, since you could absorb these so-called diphthongs into the simple system.
Unlike urban formations before the eighteenth century, these new towns absorbed nomadic and religious elements into their residential and secular spaces.
This is music that is unassuming and often undemonstrative, but that turns simple, elemental materials into drama that is absorbing and hard to forget.
Which was more easily absorbed, the illustrations or the text?
After a period of monopoly, the new processes diffuse to economies capable of absorbing, and often improving upon, the techniques.
In particular, the elderly may be hurt as their remaining lifetime is short and their capacity to absorb risk is small.
In the second type, particles perform large-radius gyromotions and absorb energy from the transverse electric fields; increases stepwise.
The person then absorbs the goal through a series of physical movements, repatterning and brain gym exercises.
Evidently, autarky is not an absorbing state for the agent in this regime at these parameter values.
We observe a qualitative agreement between the charge densities and the average energy absorbed per atom estimated with this primary model and the experimental data.

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吸收, (尤指逐漸)吸收, 消減…
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(液体・熱)を吸収する, 吸い上げる, (知識など)を吸収する…
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emmek, içine çekmek, gerçekleri anlamak ve hatırlamak…
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absorber, assimiler…
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absorbir, assimilar…
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يَمتَصّ, يَتَفَهَّم, يَسْتَوْعِب…
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vsát, pohltit, osvojit si…
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opsuge, absorbere, optage…
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menyerap, mencurahkan perhatian, memahami…
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ดูดซึม, ทำให้หมกมุ่น, เรียนรู้และเข้าใจข้อมูลใหม่ ๆ…
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thấm, thu hút, hấp thụ…
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wchłaniać, przyswajać sobie, wchłaniać się…
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menyerap, diambil perhatian, diserap…
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aufsaugen, fesseln, aufnehmen…
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absorbere, suge opp, fordypet…
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흡수하다, 받아 들이다…
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absorver, assimilar…
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吸收, (尤指逐渐)吸收, 消减…
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assorbire, capire, assimilare…
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впитывать, усваивать, поглощать…
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absorber, asimilar, Aprender…
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