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Bad movie, though Piper deserves credit
Wizard-822 January 2000
I admire Piper for trying something different than the usual action movies he appears in. Here he plays a more normal character who tries to avoid violence and confrontations. However, this movie is so weak in the storyline and execution, I was finally pleased when Piper started bashing heads together. Also, movie has some of the WORST editing techniques I have ever seen in a movie, with jiggily camerawork adding to the chore of looking at what's onscreen, despite some pretty photography.
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TEXICAN-28 November 1999
This is not your usual Roddy Piper action movie. He plays a multi-dimensional character who has a pretty messed up life. His "girlfriend" can't decide between him and his former buddy, Scott. Of course, Roddy can't seem to decide if he wants to settle down with her. Otherwise, he has a pretty simple life running boats for sale from point A to point B for people. Simple until Tawny Kitaen and her psycho husband Juan Fernandez come into his life.

Roddy shows his romantic, gentle side with both his girlfriend and Tawny. But, be assured that there is plenty of bone crushing, shoot-'em-up, fist fighting action in this flick.

If you would like a different Piper, this is a good show.
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Not swept away
DavidDev7 June 2002
In contrast to the alternative title of this movie (Swept Away) I was definitely not swept away by what was a pretty lame excuse for a movie. Really, the only spark (for me) was the highly attractive Camilla More: she's a real stunner. The acting, overall, was useless. The film editing was awful (as rightly pointed out by an earlier reviewer). What more can I say ? Try to avoid this one if you have any choice in the matter.
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Give Rowdy Roddy Some Props.....
Lexuses7111 April 2003
Hey, he will never get an Oscar for acting, but Roddy showed some humility, a bit of sensitivity and played a romantically confused boat skipper guy that wasn't the usual killing machine he normally plays.

Best part of this film, besides the nice ocean photography, is my main lunatic/drug dealer (will he EVER escape these kind of parts), the legendary Juan Fernandez. Don't think I have ever seen Juan in a film without an Uzi in one hand. This guy always plays these psycho/GQ smoov ultra violent gangsters. The type that will smile at you while he's sticking a knife in sideways. The idea of he and Kitaen as a married drug-running couple was laughable. The Aussie guy from "JAG" (Trevor something) plays his usual brute (who hated Piper for being with his ex), but chills out at the end. Roddy ends up with no one at the conclusion, except his boat and the water, feeling stupid for having done this drivel of a flick.

Late night C level STV (Straight To Video) erotic thriller. A little action/violence, but mundane for a Piper movie. But Roddy tried. And I will give him Mad props for doing the not so obvious thing...
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The Worst Movie Ever
pmulry19 September 2002
I'm not kidding. This movie is the worst movie ever. E-V-E-R. I'm not saying don't watch it, because if you stumble upon it on late night cable, you will not be able to stop yourself. It's like a train wreck or an automobile accident. You know you shouldn't look, you know you don't want to look, that the horror is so terrible as to be unspeakable. And yet, there you find yourself, looking, gazing, staring, in wide-eyed amazement, that something this putrid, that something so horrible in every aspect, could make it into distribution in any form. Simply unbelievable.
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Dead Tides - It's a Floater!!!
thescreamindevilles15 April 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Dead Tides review **Spoiler Alert** - Spoilers abound in thee review below. Arrghh!!

Dead Tides should've been titled Dead Boring, because that's what it was until the last 10-15 minutes. Roddy Piper is believable as a sailor (ex-Coast Guard and SEAL), Tawny Kitaen plays the cold hearted femme fatale to the "T", and Juan Fernandez has the ruthless, psychotic drug lord down perfect. The supporting cast (Camilla More, Miles O'Keefe) also did fine, except at times Trevor Goddard, who played the jealous boyfriend, seemed pretty stiff with his acting. If someone said a former wrestler was in this flick, he'd be the first one you'd look at. Of Course, Roddy P & The Rock have gone far beyond the stereotypical ex-wrestler/actor with their versatility and fine acting. I'd say the writing and the plot are the main culprits here. If you're waiting for action, you might as well watch the first couple minutes and then fast forward to the last 15 minutes or so of the movie,....unless you consider someone being thrown overboard into the ocean as action. Also, There's a couple "love triangles" going on, but they ending up just feeling confusing, and not authentic. And here's some just a couple continuity questions, Why wouldn't Roddy shoot Tawny after she had already shot him in the stomach? And how could he lose that much blood after being shot on the boat, lay out in the sun handcuffed for the rest of the voyage, and then come back and fight off all the guards/body guards on the island? I'd have to rate this a 4 out of 10. Some fans of Roddy Piper may enjoy his conflicted performance, but I felt they made his character just a little too laid back and too willing to get walked over by the other characters. Would I watch this again? Only if I had the remote handy for scanning forward or if I had Insomnia. Dead Tides was pretty much Dead on Arrival.
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Great film
stighelmer-6927229 August 2021
Really enjoyed the atmosphere, plot and beautiful women.
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