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Walter Brennan: Nadine Groot



  • Nadine Groot : Never liked seeing strangers. Maybe it's because no stranger ever good newsed me.

  • [Groot loses his false teeth to Quo in a poker game] 

    Groot Nadine : Now wait a minute, Quo. You really ain't gonna take a man's only set of teeth, are you?

    Quo : Uh huh.

    Groot Nadine : Yeah, but I gotta use 'em for eating!

    Quo : Come grub, you get 'em.

    Groot Nadine : What are you gonna do with 'em.

    Quo : My name now Two Jaw Quo.

    Groot Nadine : Two Jaw Quo. That's what I get for playing with an injun.

  • Thomas Dunson : Go ahead. Say it!

    Nadine Groot : You was wrong, Mr. Dunson!

  • [Groot complains about the dust] 

    Groot Nadine : Bet I ate ten pounds in the last sixteen days. Before this shenanigan is over, I'll probably eat enough land to incorporate me in the Union. The state of Groot.

  • Nadine Groot : [to Matt]  It's funny... funny what the night does to a man.

  • Nadine Groot : [Matt has his back to Groot; Dunson is walking away to his right]  Draw!

    [Matt turns completely around; he and Dunson both draw their guns] 

    Nadine Groot : [to Dunson, cackling]  He beat ya'! You knew'd it was comin' and he beat ya'!

    Thomas Dunson : [nodding and smiling]  He beat me, alright.

  • Nadine Groot : He didn't know about money, Matt. He never had none. He didn't know what to do.

    Matt Garth : You mean he just doesn't know who to fight.

    Nadine Groot : Yeah.

    Matt Garth : Well that's all right.

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